Super Slab Hits

All the excitement, danger and romance of the big trucks and the open road.

I have an enormous weak spot for Truck Driving music. There's just something about the lure of the open road, the excitement of the big rigs, the freedom, the danger, the women... well, you get the picture.

Super Slab Hits delivers a bevy of gritty truckin' mantras. You won't find me on a long road trip without the likes of these tunes available to keep the tempo up and add that extra flavor to the long haul.

You have to wonder whether they make records like this for truck drivers themselves, or if they're really intended for city-boy wannabes like me. After all, it would be pretty hard to keep the needle down when you're doing 65 MPH in an 18 wheeler on Interstate 80. (Perhaps an 8-track tape version was available at truck stops for the mobile crowd).

Super Slab Hits
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Pinball Machine (MP3) What truck drivers "shoot" when they want to blow all their money and mess up their lives.
Six Days On The Road (MP3) Spend six days driving (like I did one summer) and you'll be singing it, too.

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moonlight ( says:
I don't know what super slab hits is exactly. But I do know something about truckin music. I drove those rigs for 7 years. I wanted to my whole life and I finally got my dream of owning my own truck and trailer. It was short lived though. The stresses today's O/O has to go through, were just too much to bear for me and my new family. I'm just 27 and I had to give up my dream of the open road for the truth in Family. I hope that whoever reads this, will give any driver they meet the highest respect. You will never meet any people on this earth, like the genuine Old Skool Chicken Haulers. Woop Woop!!!
God Bless those who write these tunes that I'll never forget. All I need is to hear Smokey Mountain Rain, or the Pinball Machine, and I can be in a place most have not. I can see what most have not seen. I can remember what I'll never be able to explain to anyone. The Pinball Machine was a favorite song of a great Uncle of my. He took a trip with me once and I remember this song in his memory. He was know to sing this song as well as the original recording artist who sang it. Now I try to sing it when the opportunity comes around "Oh Lord, if I could live my life over....and then he fell dead, the victim of an old truck, and a pinball machine.
moonlight (08-27-2003)

Marty Densmore ( says:
I drive A truck an i was wondering how can i get my hands on all the tuck driving songs i've been looking for? an can yal help me find them? (08-25-2003)

Fred ( says:
"Peterbuit Mama" The only place I ever heard it was on WRVA 20 years ago - Big John? Anyone konw where I can find an .mp3 ? (08-24-2003)

Anna ( says:
This was one of five truckin' records put out by Gusto Records, which were sold on TV as a set, in about 1979. Super Slab Hits has the greatest name of the five, but the others are Forty Miles of Bad Road, Road Runner, How Fast Them Trucks Can Go and Truckin' On. The commercials were awesome. (08-06-2003)

truckmusic says:
Amerind, there is another song about two truckers and change in voice by Rod Hart "CB Savage" (08-05-2003)

truckmusic says:
Amerind, the song you are looking for is Cledus Maggard "The White Knight" (08-04-2003)

Amerind says:
Trying to find the name of a song abt 2 truckers driving and listening to the CB when this "strange voice" came over the radio ... it turns out at the end that the strange voice was a trooper tailing them. Its kind of a comedy I think. Looking for song name & artist. Any one knows please let me know... Thanks (07-23-2003)

dan hayes ( says:
I've written and recorded a CD called "Truckin' Tunes". Please go to my site and click the link. That'll take you to a truckin' music site where my CD tracks are posted alongside Dave Dudley, Red Sovine and others. I'm trying to get distribution for it. Thanks...Dan (06-20-2003)

greg ( says:
The best hit on the road today is the new board game
TRUCOPOLY. Check it out!! (06-14-2003)

Marty Densmore ( says:
I drive a truck A centry class frightliner to be exact an nothen gets me down the road quicker than good old songs about truck driving i gess it's becouse i can in some way relate to the songs (06-07-2003)

Daniel ( says:
I have this CD with Six Days on the Road called "On the Road again" Which has the song "Lookin' at the World through a windshield" and "Convoy"... But 6 Days on the Road is good too... like all truckin music! :-) (05-22-2003)

Daredevil6 ( says:
Great album! There is something special about truck driving music. It reminds you of when the world was young, and people felt free and open, and the times we shared with friends meant everything to people who blah blah blah..... (03-24-2003)

melrose ( says:
I'm after the lyrics to diana williams's teddy bears last ride please email tthem to me if anyone has them.
thanks melrose (03-05-2003)

truckmusic says:
"Overloaded Diesel" was recorded by Jimmy Griggs amoung others (02-22-2003)

Sid says:
Does anybody know who sang the song Overloaded Diesel? "This overloaded diesel's hauling too much freight, we're rolling into Memphis with an Olds 88....." (01-28-2003)

Sid ( says:
Holy crap! My best friend used to make me listen to all his truck drivin' tunes when we were kids and I used to think it was extra sucky Country and Western (he wasn't completely loopy, his uncle drove a rig and took him along sometimes). The poor guy was obsessed with 18 wheelers, he even got a tattoo of a Kenworth on his shoulder when he joined the Navy. I haven't heard Pinball Machine in over twenty years, I can't believe I didn't like it. Oh, my friend became a plumber, but he still flaunts his tat with pride! (01-28-2003)

sohibeisanasshole says:
same to ya sohibe (11-08-2002)

sohibe ( says:
fuck you asshole sluts (10-27-2002)

beautiful_jewell ( says:
I tried for a month or so to find the Pinball Machine song. I even sent into a request site to see if they could find it. Thank you for the song. And as far as the dude that said 'THERE SHOULD BE A SEPARATE ROAD FOR TRUCK DRIVERS, Well, He should think of how everything that he relies on to survive, is brought to him by a truck. Cars need to respect Trucks, and realize that it takes the length of a football field, in order for them to stop. That person is just another inconsiderate person that lets his Ego do the thinking. Anyway, thanks again for the song.. PINBALL... I am learning it on the guitar. (10-21-2002)

Thinker ( says:
GamePro sent me here, and I like the site! Keep it up. Hehe, love Pinball Machine. (10-09-2002)

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