Super Slab Hits

All the excitement, danger and romance of the big trucks and the open road.

I have an enormous weak spot for Truck Driving music. There's just something about the lure of the open road, the excitement of the big rigs, the freedom, the danger, the women... well, you get the picture.

Super Slab Hits delivers a bevy of gritty truckin' mantras. You won't find me on a long road trip without the likes of these tunes available to keep the tempo up and add that extra flavor to the long haul.

You have to wonder whether they make records like this for truck drivers themselves, or if they're really intended for city-boy wannabes like me. After all, it would be pretty hard to keep the needle down when you're doing 65 MPH in an 18 wheeler on Interstate 80. (Perhaps an 8-track tape version was available at truck stops for the mobile crowd).

Super Slab Hits
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Pinball Machine (MP3) What truck drivers "shoot" when they want to blow all their money and mess up their lives.
Six Days On The Road (MP3) Spend six days driving (like I did one summer) and you'll be singing it, too.

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Gear Jammer Records ( says:
We've started a new indie label looking for modern day artists doing new trucking music. Anyone know of any? Are you trucker who sings? writes? If so please email me!

M Bailey
President (08-25-2002)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
Was this album an attempt to cash-in on C.W. McCall's smash-hit single "Convoy"?? (08-21-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
Wonderful songs and wonderful times. Great selection for this site. (08-09-2002)

Eric ( says:
For those of you record collectors with Playstation 2, check out the game "18-Wheeler American Trucker." Loads of fun as you careen down the highway (with jammin' trucker-type tunes on the radio) running over police cars and other hapless motorists. The songs aren't as cool as these, but what do you want? The thing is made in Japan. (08-01-2002)

wandaroo says:
Oh my god both of these songs suck so bad. I love it. (07-15-2002)

Pamela ( says:
if you need any lyrics just write to this email address (06-10-2002)

lora sims ( says:
i used to have the supper slab hits album it is a great album i think that it tells a lot about truckers i know it sure would get me to thinking about what truckers really go through being out on the road a lot and being lonely i thought i was lonely till i actually heard the album and realized that truckers are pretty lonely people to (03-11-2002)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Hey Gang,
I am back. Nice to see that somethings never change. Even this album. I still have gas from eating at all those truck stops many years ago. So, if you please excuse me, I have some match lighting to do. (02-23-2002)

BillyBOB*Ranger. ( says:
Pinball Machine is a beautifful song 'bout this cat that gets his life damned by a pinball machine....the tender poetics that run through the mans lines makes my gums bleed.
Amen to that.. (02-05-2002)

Sissy ( says:
Hey well I just want the lyrics to the songs, Giddyup Go By Red Sovine and the one called Teddy Bears Last Ride by Diana Williams. I love them songs. Oh yeah and Little Joe by Red Sovine to. I use to listen to them songs when I was growing up and know I can't find them anywhere. (11-06-2001)

Ariel Cornell ( says:
I need the lyrics to the song boyfriend is over-seas..and he loved that song....i cant find it anywhere....PLEASE HELP ME! (10-09-2001)

john clark ( says:
who sings the song on your site pinball machine,
and where can I get it on tape or cd or even lp.
thank you (08-06-2001)

the Lone Beatnik ( says:
Pinball song: A redneck buys another redneck a "li'l ol' piece of pie. An' he wiped a li'l ol' tear from his pitiful face." Ok, if some slack-jawed backward-ass yokel spends all his dough and leaves his wife to play PINBALL? This isn't a very well-written or well sung song. I hope this man rots in the bleakest darkest pits of hell. HELLO-- LISTEN TO TOMMY by the WHO if you want songs about pinball. God, this is the song that makes me hate rednecks. And for the other song... six days on the road and I want to kill him. Super slab my arse~!~ And to think that Mr. "badwolf" found some wallpaper on this site. lol. How quaint, just like this nugget of shit. But shitty albums are the funnest to hear! (06-17-2001)

Roman Pativ says:
In the 70's I actually worked at a truck stop in Cedar Rapids called Tubbs(now defunct). Oh what a fun job that was, working nightshift with all those cranked-up, mulletheaded, truckdrivin' cowboys. The truck drivin' muzak was very popular as I recall, songs like "Teddybear" and "Whiteline Fever" were popular. Oh, and "Convoy"... we got a great big convoy. Right. (06-16-2001)

steve ( says:
anybody know the lyrics to "I'm a truck"? I need 'em! (04-28-2000)

chris ( says:
2 words Red Sovine!thats the stuff... (12-04-1999)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
"...Diesel's runnin' like never before, not a cop in sight,..." sounds like 18-wheeled euphoria to me. Question: has Gusto EVER sold a new album through a record store? (09-28-1999)

Jimmy Heighton ( says:
Truckers should have their own highways, where no cars are allowed. And vice-versa, no trucks would be allowed on the normal highways. Then innocent folks wouldn't get killed by lethargic long-haulers behind the wheel of a semi. Plus, all that shit flying off the backs of flatbeds and woodtrucks would only fuck up other TRUCK's paintjobs and windshields. Then the fuckers can pass each other all they want and slow each other to grinding halts on hills. (12-09-1998)

Captain Beyond says:
This site totally rocks. The comments that the clueless internet trekkers make is almost as entertaining as the thrift store fodder that is being peddled here. I've come to the conclusion that there are two types of people who post here: people who simply don't get the joke and people who have not yet discovered the miracle of prozac. Then there's that friggin' DJ from Bungsville, Canada who keeps plugging his lame radio show. Two words for you mister: shut up! (11-23-1998)

Bad News ( says:
I still have this tape and lots of others.I have worn a couple of panasonic tape decks (If you drive a Freight Shaker then you know what I mean) plum out listening to them. I don't drive anymore but I still have my CDL.I had an accident 3/98 so I am taking a leave of absence from the road,yeah,it scared me pretty good. Anyway,I'll be back out there shortly.To those of you who do drive,keep your greasy side down and those who are wanting to drive,don't give up,it's just hard to find a place to start. AND WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHO THIS "DROOPY DRAWERS GUY IS AND IS IT JUST ME OR DOESN'T HE SOUND A LITTLE LIKE A CB RAMBO,ONLY WITH A COMPUTER? (11-22-1998)

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