Super Slab Hits

All the excitement, danger and romance of the big trucks and the open road.

I have an enormous weak spot for Truck Driving music. There's just something about the lure of the open road, the excitement of the big rigs, the freedom, the danger, the women... well, you get the picture.

Super Slab Hits delivers a bevy of gritty truckin' mantras. You won't find me on a long road trip without the likes of these tunes available to keep the tempo up and add that extra flavor to the long haul.

You have to wonder whether they make records like this for truck drivers themselves, or if they're really intended for city-boy wannabes like me. After all, it would be pretty hard to keep the needle down when you're doing 65 MPH in an 18 wheeler on Interstate 80. (Perhaps an 8-track tape version was available at truck stops for the mobile crowd).

Super Slab Hits
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Pinball Machine (MP3) What truck drivers "shoot" when they want to blow all their money and mess up their lives.
Six Days On The Road (MP3) Spend six days driving (like I did one summer) and you'll be singing it, too.

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Jerry Peed says:
Greetin's y'all, I'm Jerry Peed, Sir Droopy Drawers got it half correct. It wuz called Super Slob Hits '75. It wasn't just 45 minutes of burpin', belchin', crotch scratchin' an' fartin', heck - I made it a double album set. I did it back in, uh, um, errr, oh yeah, 1975! Why? I needed da money? Da good folks at Backdoor Tunes wanted to make it a 45 rpm. But I said, I need da money and I had alot of material for 'em. Now, some 23 years later, my creative juices still continue to flow, my next album will be called "When Nature Calls", if you have any ideas for the materal, drop me a line or two. (06-07-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Hello again "M"! I see that you are a great fan of mine. Here is some advice for you. Please go back under the rock that you came from and brush your tooth! Thank you, Thank you very much, Sir Droopy Drawers has left the building!!! (04-06-1998)

m says:
look sir droopy drawers youre not funny. give it up dumb ass. (03-30-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
(Yes, It is me again!) It was recently discovered that there was a companion LP that went with this album. It was called "Super Slob Hits". 45 minutes of: Burpin', belchin', fartin', nose pickin', & crotch scratchin'. The advertisement read, "Amaze your friends, Amaze yourself! Guaranteed to kill any party and legal committments, i.e. marriage! All for one low price!" Now that is what I call ENTERTAINMENT! Let's see Jerry Reed top that! Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-23-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Hey, Don't make fun of Juice Newton! Did you ever see the cans on her? She makes me put my "stick shift" into overdrive! I cannot remember to much about the 70's. It was a big blur. Drugs you know. But Juice Newton will soon see what Sir Issac Newton was doin' with gravity. If I die now, I want to come back as Juice Newton's bra. Hallaluya! Lord Have Mercy! (03-18-1998)

The Milkman says:
On a related subject, I have what is quite possibley the most aurally offensive (even more than Juice Newton) LP of all time. It's an early sixties mono record called Stock Car Race/ Demolition Derby. I think it's RCA, but my memory's shot. Anyhow, it is, you may have guessed, a split: side a is a 15 minute recording of an asphalt stock car race, with nothing but the sounds of engines roaring (back in the day of the huge, low compression Chevy V-8) and a decidedly Kentuckian announcers play by play (lap-by-lap?). Side b is a corresponding recording of the Demolition Derby which rounded out (up?) the evening, with, yes, the sound of cars in various state of terminal engine failure ramming each other at high speed, and, yet again, the announcer's "holler". The real joy of this album comes from the surprisingly crisp sound, which begs the question: how does one correctly mike a car crash? (03-11-1998)

Ben Good ( says:
A damn great site. Great to share our love of this big rig music!! Are you familiar with Trucking albums on Gusto records ! Keep that big rig rollin' cowboy Ben Good (10-21-1997)

gary b ( says:
for me, the classic truckdrivin tune is still "Girl on a Billboard" (or whatever it's called) - the one where the truckdriver describes all the attributes of the beautiful woman pictured on a roadside billboard ("wearin' nothin' but a smile and a towel" among other things) - this is one of my father's favourite songs to sing while he is driving anywhere (I've heard it a FEW times), altho over the years he would sometimes start singing words from other completely different songs? (10-08-1997)

G Man ( says:
This site kicks some serious ass. You need more music though I saw the Indian Giver cover. I get into the politcally incorrect shit. There is a sound track for the movie JOE called joe speaks. Incorrect and funny as shit. Keep up the site! (07-28-1997)

T says:
hey Glen I know your way to cool for this shit and to much of a pussy to realize that there are many big gay truckers out there who are diggin some truck driven music and would be more than happy to kick shitty metal ass. Don't so fuckin high and mighty your next album could be next on the list for shit cheese metal (07-28-1997)

T says:
sorry I have to quit huffing paint (07-28-1997)

Glenn Danzig ( says:
Who here knows where some GOOD music is??? I'm Fucking pissed at this crappy site (07-10-1997)

Greg Taylor ( says:
You know-nothing hack, If it weren't for the fact that you're the only truck driving music site on the web, I wouldn't have wasted my time. Where is the Red Sovine, Red Simpson, Dave Dudley and Jerry Reed? You likely list "convoy" among the greats. I'll get back to you later. (06-18-1997)

badwolf ( says:

Toni says:
Cool ! Got MY juices going ! (05-21-1997)

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