The Village People as you've never seen them before!

You probably thought the Village People packed it in after disco was declared dead. Not quite -- producer Jaques Morali had one more try at it, updating the Village People into some kind of nightmarish techno-pop band for this unfortunate 1981 release, Renaissance.

Like Boy George run amok, the once dignified Village People dress up like you've never seen them before. Look carefully: those men in the ridiculous outfits were once the Cop, the Indian, and the construction Worker we all came to know and love.

Despite their producer's efforts to remake the Village People, some of the tracks on this release retain that classic Village People pop sound. Still others attempt to mix in the new sounds of the 80's with the old sounds of 70's disco -- a combination that doesn't always work as well as planned.

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Food Fight (MP3) Reminds me of a cross between the Ramones and Devo. Can you imagine?
Diet (MP3) Number two in the "food trilogy": what to do if you've eaten too much of it.
Big Mac From hit song to hit jingle in record time? I think not.

Your Comments:

Doreen says:
Hi Oehj2

Goodness me, is that a name or a virus? Anus, male penetration?? My dear, you have been watching too many Gay porn DVD's - Doreen indeed has fully functioning female genitals, I wouldn't take it up the back door for any man, not even my own son. Getting back to the album, would you like me to send you a copy? It comes free with a full frontal of me on Miami Beach, June 1987, check out the bioligy boy!! (11-15-2004)

-0ehjt2 says:
Although your anus may recieve male penetration, that does not make it a vagina Doreen! (11-14-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
These guys must have been listening to a buttload of Oingo Boingo when they recorded this record. Did I say Buttload? Er, I meant BOATLOAD... Anyway, somebody is doing a MEAN imitation of Danny Elfman(and is there ANY other kind?)there. Kinda makes me want to wear plad pants amd spike my hair...

This stuff is proof that lightning doesn't strike twice - and it's really a shame because the world desperately needs more gay men in costume. If the world had more gay men in costume - it would be a better place. Or at least - more tidy and color coordinated.

Speaking of the world (I was - you weren't) it sure is a puzzlement, ain't it? You have fundamentalists grandmas who wouldn't spit on a gay man if he were on fire (and who says he's not, honey?!) - but she'll get her flabber white pseudo-christian ass out on the floor and do the "Y-M-C-A dance" - created by flaming queens in costume. There's a certain disconnect going on there. And here in the USAR and USAB - we are nothing, if not - disconnected.

Anyway, I recognized all the synthesizers they used in this music. This was before the cheap synth novelty wore off and we all came to our senses. (Can you say - OMD?) I had the same JX-3 they used all over this record and MAN does it sound annoying now. WHAT were we thinking?

Oh, yeah...

Drugs... (11-11-2004)

Doreen says:
You NAUGHTY penis, get back between my legs, now you really have given the game away!! (11-11-2004)

Doreen's penis says:
Stop tucking me between your legs and walking around looking in the mirror. (11-10-2004)

Doreen says:
I was just sitting here knitting a new muff for the winter staring at the front cover of this lovely and much celebrated album Renaissance when I recalled a conversation I once had with Glenn Hughes, he saw a really cute guy standing near him in a London Disco and he whispered in my ear 'Nice Ass Near' - we laughed and then I suddenly thought, hey that's an anagram of 'Renaissance', Glenn said, 'Wow, so it is, that's what I will call our next album'. Now you all know. (11-10-2004)

Doreen says:
Hello Roger
Welcome aboard!! calm down dear!! this isn't crap, this is utopia, a place where you can chill and relate to other VP junkies. So, how old are you, what are your hobbies, do you like tea? (11-04-2004)

roger says:
goodgodwhatawfulcrapsavemejeebusarrrrrgggh (11-03-2004)

Fan of Frank Larosa says:
No, not GAY, maybe bi-curious, well...maybe more bi than curious, well maybe very bi, maybe more bi-gay but more leaning towards the gay side, OK OK OK I am a faggot!! (11-03-2004)

Doreen (79 next week!!) says:
This is simply too much for an old lady to take, all I am looking for is a little kindness in what has become a dangerous and changing world. I am popping out for a while to cast my vote, the queue seems to have dropped a little so hopefully I won't have to wait in the cold too long, now will it be Bush or Kerry? I'll let you know. I have forgiven you Flipper, you are really a good man at heart, still not sure why Vince wants to talk to me, maybe because he wants to put a bullet through poor Doreen's head? Speak to you all soon, keep smiling. Today's thought 'he who fishes in anothers man's pond will only catch crabs', my father was a keen fisherman but was always scratching himself? Time for tea. (11-03-2004)

Patrick P. White (Flipper) says:
Doreen. Doreen. Doreen. He's light on his feet if you know what I mean. (11-02-2004)

Vince Ream says:
Fan of Frank Larosa? Ummm, Gay........

Doreen, how's it going man? I think you and I should have a little talk somewhere. What do you think? (11-02-2004)

Fan of Frank Larosa says:
Vince sucks!! (11-02-2004)

Doreen says:
Come on boys, put your toys back in the pram, maybe you should visit the Rosemary Clooney site and post your filth there, this is a respectable site for respectable people, not trailer trash, you know who you are. (11-02-2004)

Vince Ream says:
Hey Doreen. You remember me don't ya? I remember you. I've got the goods on you fella. (11-01-2004)

flipper says:
Anything of mine you wanna ride faggot bitch? (10-29-2004)

Doreen says:
Flipper, do you have a love for motorbikes? (10-29-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

flipper white says:
Um hum. (10-27-2004)

Kaz Omar says:
YEHAAAA!!! at last, some real news!! go for it Doreen!! are you British? An English Rose?
Luv Kaz
xx (10-27-2004)

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