The Village People as you've never seen them before!

You probably thought the Village People packed it in after disco was declared dead. Not quite -- producer Jaques Morali had one more try at it, updating the Village People into some kind of nightmarish techno-pop band for this unfortunate 1981 release, Renaissance.

Like Boy George run amok, the once dignified Village People dress up like you've never seen them before. Look carefully: those men in the ridiculous outfits were once the Cop, the Indian, and the construction Worker we all came to know and love.

Despite their producer's efforts to remake the Village People, some of the tracks on this release retain that classic Village People pop sound. Still others attempt to mix in the new sounds of the 80's with the old sounds of 70's disco -- a combination that doesn't always work as well as planned.

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Food Fight (MP3) Reminds me of a cross between the Ramones and Devo. Can you imagine?
Diet (MP3) Number two in the "food trilogy": what to do if you've eaten too much of it.
Big Mac From hit song to hit jingle in record time? I think not.

Your Comments:

Doreen says:
Hi Flipper, you naughty boy, a 'loose man' indeed, that's certainly NO way to treat a lady of class and culture. Well, so you know who I am, that's interesting, you see you can't expose Doreen without exposing yourself and Auntie Doreen certainly has her eye on you! Play the game Flipper, tell Doreen what's really on your mind, I am only here to help. I am having some minor surgery on my hip next week so be quick with your response. If you want to send me flowers, I will be in the 'Princess Margaret' ward of St. Thomas Hospital, London. (10-27-2004)

flipper white says:
Doreen is a man. Although I use the term "man" loosley, we all know who he is. I do believe he has had his "tonsils tickled" however. (10-26-2004)

Doreen says:
Vince!, you naughty boy. A woman of my advanced years does not shag, she 'makes love'. So, yes I did make love to that leatherman chap back in '81 at a London club called 'Heaven'. It was a strange noisy place with lots of flashing lights and smoke, not too many young ladies to be seen. He pushed me into a darkened room, funny because it was called 'dark room', very apt. It was very hot and I could smell a strong aroma, funny because outside I saw a small bottle called 'strong aroma', gosh, this is sounding like Alice in Wonderland. Anyway, the leatherman was getting jolly frisky and whispered, 'get your laughing gear around this Doreen', gosh he could sure tickle an old ladies tonsils...he even drove me home, what a perfect gentleman he was. (10-26-2004)

Edwin Parks, son of Doreen says:
Mother will get your message and will reply personally to you Vince in the next day or so, she will be SO excited!! If you have any other sexual or emotional problems, don't be afraid to ask, we are here to serve!! (10-26-2004)

Reply to Doreen says:
Hi Doreen
78 and still sane? wow that's an achievement!! did you shag any of the VP, if so, who, how and when would be entertaining.

Vince (10-26-2004)

Edwin Parks, son of Doreen ( says:
OK you guys, now the truth as never read before, first time EVER this has been told to ANYONE,an absolute world exclusive ONLY posted on this truly unique site..................'this album is really quite nice to listen to, especially when enjoying a nice slice of homemade cake and a pot of tea, really jolly entertaining, they are such nice boys' these are my MUMS OWN WORDS, amazing!!! she's 78 and totally sane. I just wanted to share this very special and emotional moment in time with all you wonderful VP fans and admirers. In case you would like me to pass on any special messages of your own, please type your name as 'reply to Doreen' and I will make sure she gets ALL of them, however nice, rude,insulting OR complimentary. Thanks, from her loving son, Edwin Parks (47) - unmarried, stocky build, moustache and shaved head, keen rugby player/trainer and antiques collector. (10-26-2004)

Joli ( says:
Seriously... what's up with the album cover art? Ziggy Stardust Ft./Vs. Supersize? Some things just do NOT mesh. Sorry. Bzzzt. Wrong answer. Bye! Now mirror this... Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie, of course) sitting in a plastic booth of a McD's singing to everyone that they deserve a break today in between bites out of two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion all on a sesame seed bun. The dichotomy defies all logic & reason. Open sesame! (10-13-2004)

Joli ( says:
Why not "Nacho Nacho Man, I've got to be a Nacho Man?!" How could the Village People be so daft as to overlook the obvious like this. Geez. I mean, REALLY. Better yet "In the Gravy..." Or for those with a healthfood bent... We were "Tofu Fighting" (Even if the Village People did not do Kung Fu fighting, the song has their name written all over it). (10-13-2004)

Dave says:
Hi Mike

Yep the record shack had two copies left, got one Saturday!! Thanks!!

Dave (09-27-2004)

Mike Prowse says:
This has been re-released in the UK under a bootleg label last June 2004 on CD only with different picture insert and track listing, a shop in Compton Street, Soho still has 8 copies left. (09-22-2004)

ur all gay says:
omg i just wnna say ur so cool and o umm wow ur my ideal ur SO .........HOT, annnnd ooomg im a fagget
peace (09-05-2004)

munchie monster says:
I can't wait for their next release, entitled: Broccoli and Spinach Casserole. (08-29-2004)

munchie monster says:
It's beautiful! What better anthem for teens is there than the infamous "Food Fight"?!?!! What better anthem for concerned mothers than the infamous "Diet"?!? And let's not forget "Big Mac": the perfect mantra for all our favorite conglomerates! *sigh* I love '81... LONG LIVE FOOD!!! (08-29-2004)

Frank A says:
Their village called. Their _________ is missing. Insert your own joke. The funny thing is that these guys out-glam most glam-rockers but still suck. (08-06-2004)

Simon says:
The Village People should have faded away when disco died. (05-31-2004)

HAM says:
BASS (05-12-2004)

Homer says:
mmmmmm.....mary kate & ashley (05-10-2004)

Patrick Santos ( says:
Hi everyone my search vhs on recent village people show with the american band trash disco please contact me i love village people this band in very fun and amazing i love . (04-28-2004)

jennifer ( says:
you need to change your name it sucks (04-22-2004)

jennifer ( says:
you need to change your name it sucks (04-22-2004)

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