The Village People as you've never seen them before!

You probably thought the Village People packed it in after disco was declared dead. Not quite -- producer Jaques Morali had one more try at it, updating the Village People into some kind of nightmarish techno-pop band for this unfortunate 1981 release, Renaissance.

Like Boy George run amok, the once dignified Village People dress up like you've never seen them before. Look carefully: those men in the ridiculous outfits were once the Cop, the Indian, and the construction Worker we all came to know and love.

Despite their producer's efforts to remake the Village People, some of the tracks on this release retain that classic Village People pop sound. Still others attempt to mix in the new sounds of the 80's with the old sounds of 70's disco -- a combination that doesn't always work as well as planned.

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Food Fight (MP3) Reminds me of a cross between the Ramones and Devo. Can you imagine?
Diet (MP3) Number two in the "food trilogy": what to do if you've eaten too much of it.
Big Mac From hit song to hit jingle in record time? I think not.

Your Comments:

Ron Burns ( says:
On second thought, I've decided to keep this record. It represents my gay pride-- the reason I bought it in the first place! (09-15-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

mistress bubba says:
I've been listening to this wonderful site for like three hours now. My parrots have been very quiet through it all, didn't even make a peep with Mrs. Miller. But as soon as I downloaded this, they started screaming like someone was torturing them. Everyone's a critic. Thanks so much for this site. Best day off I've had in ages. (08-04-2001)

These are Not the grogans you' says:
MAn this is fucking painful to listen to. How can you go in a studio and start recording shit like this without stopping at one point and say "this ain't music" !You know something's REALLY bad when you feel embarassed for the people actually performing the embarassing deed. (07-25-2001)

Brandi ( says:
Anyone else think the lead vocal on Food Fight sounds strangely like Weird Al Yankovic? (07-25-2001)

Ryan Downs says:
this has to be one of the saddest LPs since Mrs. Miller (07-10-2001)

Eric ( says:
Frank - you should be slapped for mentioning Ramones and Devo in conjunction with the friggin' VILLAGE PEOPLE! I actually like "Food Fight", though. I'm frightened. Someone hold me. (07-01-2001)

Neal ( says:
You just brought back a memory for me! I distinctly remember watching Tom Snyder's "Tomorrow" show (before it got cancelled and eventually replaced by Letterman), and seeing the Village People on there promoting this very album, and sporting the new wave look seen on the cover. I remember rolling my eyes and not paying too much attention, but they were going through the usual "Shift in direction but true to our original artistic vision" crap with Snyder. I seem to remember them 'performing' a song as well. (06-03-2001)

Please help me my is really intersted on the video best of village people please give my the news thank you. (05-17-2000)

Village is the great musicians and the best group and the century y.m.c.a in the navy macho man go west san francisco fire island hollywood is the formidable song . Village people is the millionair man . (05-16-2000)

Sammy Reed says:
No one here has made one comment about this song, so I think I will. OK. "Nothin's better than a big mac"? And the dern thing sounds like a commercial. Glenn Frey nothing! (05-08-2000)

Eric Anzalone says: guys...leather, leather baby (03-05-2000)

Tom Kidd ( says:
I own two copies of this album (somebody cue up the Twilight Zone theme :-) ). Now, how's that for being gay? (sucker for punishment is probably more like it) Seriously, though, a straight buddy of mine found one copy at a garage sale for 25 cents, and a former boss gave me his copy a few months ago. I play it to drive away unwanted guest at three in the morning. It works! (02-09-2000)

Lupe says:
OK ! Here is THE REAL DEAL: Gay or not; 2 of them were 3 weren't. The Indian was gay and so was another one who I don't remember. I was told very specifically, so please stop speculating now. (01-27-2000)

Dave ( says:
JEEESUS! For a second I thought you were going to trash the BAND Renaissance ... looks like I gotta put the flamethrower away, especially since it's just this old, putrid disco shit. And your site even treated the Moodies OK, too, when mentioning Deram's Stereo 4 and the London Fesitval Orchestra. Glad to see there's SOMEONE on the web with some common sense ... Pax. (01-11-2000)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
I was in my favorite second-hand record shop today and happened to look up from the record bins only to find Renaissance hanging on the wall. Upon further investigation I found this copy was still sealed and could be had for the UNBELIEVABLY low, low price of $3.00. Since my buddy Frank thought highly enough of it to include it on his wonderful website, I thought I'd add it to my collection - still sealed, of course! (10-25-1999)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
And I actually thought "Go West" was their last album. (09-28-1999)

Chris D says:
Renaissance was recently re-released here in Australia by a label known as Massive. The cd's slick has a different cover, however the guys are still dressed to the nines in that incomparable New Romantic garb. What can I say? This cd's great; Do you wanna spend the night, is pop/rock/disco perfection and what about that food trilogy that ends the cd in gut-busting style?!? Like all classic albums, Renaissance doesn't out-stay it's welcome (clocking in at under 30 minutes)with little to no padding present. I remember reading a review in Creem that slaughtered the LP upon it's original release - proof, if any was needed that critics are full of it. By the way, love your site... (09-01-1999)

Buzz says:
The Village People gay? Nooooo.... Let's read some song titles and see: Y.M.C.A., San Francisco, Key West, In The Navy, Fire Island, Hot Cop.... NOPE! Nothing gay here! Lots of heterosexual men dress up in costumes and sing about places where gay men congregate, without actually being gay themselves. Don't they? (08-15-1999)

Confused ( says:
Okay. Since I am biggest fan of Village People for twenty years, all I'm hearing the rumors about Village People are being gay. All I need to know. Who are really g a y and prove it? I am so confused cuz I'm reading somewhere said that three or four of them are married . So, please clear this up for me. (07-25-1999)

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