The Village People as you've never seen them before!

You probably thought the Village People packed it in after disco was declared dead. Not quite -- producer Jaques Morali had one more try at it, updating the Village People into some kind of nightmarish techno-pop band for this unfortunate 1981 release, Renaissance.

Like Boy George run amok, the once dignified Village People dress up like you've never seen them before. Look carefully: those men in the ridiculous outfits were once the Cop, the Indian, and the construction Worker we all came to know and love.

Despite their producer's efforts to remake the Village People, some of the tracks on this release retain that classic Village People pop sound. Still others attempt to mix in the new sounds of the 80's with the old sounds of 70's disco -- a combination that doesn't always work as well as planned.

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Food Fight (MP3) Reminds me of a cross between the Ramones and Devo. Can you imagine?
Diet (MP3) Number two in the "food trilogy": what to do if you've eaten too much of it.
Big Mac From hit song to hit jingle in record time? I think not.

Your Comments:

SueBri says:
i have the village people on 8 track. hahahahahahahahahahahahah! and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but what is this stuff??? it is the village crack people...right???? see ya at the Y (06-24-1999)

Thomas Kaiser says:
I'm sorry! The bandmemberlist is wrong. It should say Randy Jones (1977-80/87-90) (05-19-1999)

Thomas Kaiser says:
This is a members list of Village People: 1. Victor Willis (cop/ 1977-79 + 82) 2. Felipe Rose (indian/ 1977-this day) 3. Alex Briley (G.I./ 1977-this day) 4. David Hodo (constr.worker/1977-82/87-this day) 5. Glenn Hughes (leatherman/ 1977-95/will be back) 6. Randy Jones (cowboy/ 1977-81 + 87) 7. Jeff Olson (cowboy/ 1981-85/87-this day) 8. Mark Lee (constr.worker/ 1982-85) 9. Miles Jaye (cop/ 1983-84) 10.Ray Simpson (cop/ 1979-82/87-this day) 11.Ray Stephens(cop/ 1985) 12.Eric Anzalone (leatherman/1995-this day) Albums: 1. Village People 2. Macho Man 3. Cruisin 4. Go West 5. Live & Sleazy 6. Can't Stop the Music 7. Renaissance 8. Fox on the Box (In the Street/CD) 9. Live:Seoul 10.Sex over the Phone 11.(In the making at the moment) Singles (not on any album): 1. America (bonus track on In the Street CD) 2. Living in the Wildlife 3. Far Away in America/United We'll Go Documentary on its way on Australian Channel 9: Village People Goes North Down Under. New Song as soundtrack to documentary. Any questions, write to: Thomas Kaiser, Haugane 60, 3408 Tranby, Norway. (04-20-1999)

Tom.A. says:
At least three of the members on tour now are gay. Four of the original members were gay. (04-20-1999)

giorgio moroder says:
heard an awful rumor t'other day that some of the blokes in the group may be gay. say it aint so!! (04-19-1999)

"Renaissance" is far from the best VP album, but it is, let's say, interesting! I have a lot of VP collectibles, and would like to trade with other VP fans. Write to: Thomas Kaiser, Haugane 60, 3408 Tranby, Norway. (04-13-1999)

mike hollin says:
i bought the lp in rocks!!!! (04-07-1999)

Scott R. Vaughn says:
I want Munch's ass! (03-21-1999)

Eric Sweenor ( says:
I actually own a couple Village People albums - some of 'em had a good beat no matter how flaming they were. You've inspired me to go to the local comic store and get a used copy for $3. Thanks. (03-12-1999)

shadow says:
Just plain FRIGHTENING!!! Enough already. (02-07-1999)

fontor ( says:
I'm not a fan, but I went to see the Village People live one Valentine's Day, and I gotta say I had a great time. They really do a good show (still). Ciao (01-06-1999)

Paul N. ( says:
This is a farce of a recording. As a long time lover of the VP, I bought this one, too. When you love em, you gotta buy the stuff. I still dig their music; and for those who get bent out of shape about it all, just "get" the joke and enjoy it. Sheesh. Anyone know whether they're coming out with anything new? Long live the VP! (10-01-1998)

ccooolll says:
i need some info so i came here a this sucks (09-25-1998)

Dwyn Talon ( says:
I had the album on vinyl years ago. Did it ever make it to CD format? Let me know. I' be interested in buying it. (08-08-1998)

T.G.V. "Lucy" says:
...So, after the rebirth, what are they going to recommend listeners to join to? Sure it is not Army,..mmm, what about "In the Beauty Parlor"...? Or, "Macho Woman"?? We would love to cover it. (07-21-1998)

Tom C. ( says:
Hey!! The village people rule!!!!!! and theres nothing else to say.And if anybody has any problem with them,there gonna have to answer to me!!! so if you got a problem,mail me! p.s. DAVID HODO RULES!!! (07-14-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
This "Album" sets gay rights back about 20 years. They had no right releasing this nightmare on our innocent little society. Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me.... (06-27-1998)

Tommy Coffey ( says:
RENAISSANCE RULES!!!!!! Even though the village people did better than this,any music that the village people made was truley perfect in evrey way.The music today sucks!and deserves no recognition at all. The spice girls are a bunch of sluts who's master recordings should all be burned!!!I hate rap,I hate alternitive,and I hate rock and roll,besides the people are my alternitive.Save the music and keep DISCO alive (06-25-1998)

Guest says:
I am an Action Man ! Always a need to Party ! Always a need to Party - so won't you Party too ? These boys will go down in History as one of the most significant influences on Music in the latter hald of the Twentieth Century . . . after all - Nothing's Beter than a Big Mac ! (06-22-1998)

The 7th VP: The Instructor ( says:
FINALLY located 'Renaissance' on CD in a Tower Records on Broadway! YEEEHAAAAH! for those of you Generation X-er's who can't handle the Disco/Technopop/NewWave/Funk GO WHINE FOR KURT COBAIN ! ! ! A QUESTION: I saw the 'Boys' perform in Minneapolis at the Mill City Music Festival. They did 'Iko-Iko' did they ever record that INCREDIBLE OUTRAGEOUS FUNKY version ? ! ? Where is it ? ? PLEASE post an ANSWER ! The Instructor ; )x (06-22-1998)

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