Whipped Cream and Other Delights

Ok -- raise your hand if you didn't own this record.

What record collection would be complete without this Herb Alpert masterpiece? Certainly not mine! It has been said that the thrift stores of any large city contain enough copies of "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" to wallpaper a house (I once found 10 copies in one small store in Cleveland, of which this one was in the best condition).

When I was growing up, "Whipped Cream" was one of only three records my parents had in their collection (the others were a Barbara Streisand album and a Johnny Mathis christmas record). My dad often dropped the needle on "Whipped Cream" over and over again during family gatherings -- and when no one was around, I'd spend hours admiring the cover art, attempting to discern exactly where the whipped cream ended and the young model began. You can do the same by clicking above for the extra hi-res version of the image. (Those of you that aren't inclined toward the female form can look for the way they used a drop-cloth to fake most of the cream, or if you're really bored, try to find the seam where I pasted the two halves of the scanned image together).

A record like this could easily have sold a billion copies on the strength of the photography alone, but "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" actually has some pretty snappy music on it. Pick up a copy today I can state with confidence that this album is available for $1.00 or less at a junk store or garage sale near you!


I used Paint Shop to create a great Windows Desktop Wallpaper out of the Whipped Cream cover art by shifting the model to the right, cropping out the text and extending the background to the left (see the thumbnail below). I made three resolutions, so download the one that fits your desktop:

Download 640x480 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (110k ZIP File)
Download 800x600 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (162k ZIP File)
Download 1024x768 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (203k ZIP File)

Whipped Cream and Other Delights
(click picture to magnify)
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Butterball (Real Audio) Mmmm... butter.
Bittersweet Samba (Real Audio) Sweet, sweet Samba.
Whipped Cream (Real Audio) Mmmm... whipped cream.

See Also: Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights

Your Comments:

Daryl ( says:
If you like music as a whole, reguardless if it's pop, rock, r & b, country, would have Herb Alpert in your collection. Like so may of you, I've got this LP, along with the remastered CD. It still sounds good as it did so many years ago. (04-05-2009)

Bozo ( says:
I can't raise my hand. I did have this record in my collection and played it to death. I used to play Love Potion #9 when I undressed for my bath...and I'm not even gay. Okay, maybe I'm a little gay for that. But, what I did to that album cover wasn't gay at all. What a picture. (03-13-2008)

alan says:
my best friend happens to have known "the whip cream lady" for years... infact her real name is delores (03-07-2008)

genebob ( says:
I made love to this woman MANY times in my aunt's bathroom.
She owned the album and I even listened to the record (09-02-2007)

Jared Landry ( says:
I saw this picture at my cousins house and i didn't know it was an album cover untill i watch The Big Lebowski and i saw the cover as the Dude was looking threw some albums. it's weird because i was just at my cousins house the day before i noticed it in the movie. (08-02-2007)

scott ( says:
you all must see this surreal clip of Arnold
Swartz on The Dating of the stranger
moments in TV history

The only clip that could possibly surpass that
one would be Andy Kaufman's appearance on the same. How and why he got on the show no one will ever know(or care). (04-20-2007)

scott says:
sorry frank, don't know where I got fred..... (04-20-2007)

scott says:
I just found out all about the Whipped Cream lady. She's been divorced twice, lives near
Seattle, where she's lived all her life,
and has been a painter for years as well. Her
artwork is actually for sale online. It looks like pretty much anyone with any passing touch
with fame is on the net these days, for what its
worth. Almost liked it better pre-internet when everything was a mystery, and you would almost have to hire a detective to find this stuff out.
Now I can do it myself in 5 seconds with two clicks of the mouse. So weird.

Here's her site, for what its worth.

This site looks a lot like fred's site here.
Fred, is that yours too? LOL. Sounds like
sone of yours anyway!....
-Scott (04-20-2007)

Scott ( says:
Jim Lange: Welcome to the dating game. and thanks
to herb alpert who was kind enough to provide us with a song cheesy enough to match Chuck Barris'
tacky concept of writing 100 variations of "If i was a banana, how would you peel me and eat me",
Bachelorette - Bachelor #1, lf I was a cheesy Herb Alpert song, which one would it be?
Bachelor #1 - It would be Tijuana Taxi, cause
your butt rides low to the ground.
Bachelor #2 - A taste of honey, cause every bee
in the hive is after you, baby.
Bachelor #3 - Spanish flea, cause that's what I'd
like to slip in your drink, baby. Or was that
Spanish Fly?
BTW, what's more amazing, that Alpert was able
to get the Spanish Flea/Fly double entendre past
the censors, or the WHIPPED album cover? Last
thought....the chick on the cover would be in her 60's. E should do a special on the search of
the chick from the WC album cover....... (04-20-2007)

Michael Sarge ( says:
I saw this beauty at my local Good Will store and promptly payed the 54 cents they claimed it was worth. Even a 21 year old like myself can see why this thing is a classic. (04-15-2007)


steve k ( says:
I can remember finding this album in a pile of records a friend gave soon as i saw the cover i thought wow that looks flash. I put the record on and instantly took a liking to the james bondish guitar at the beginning of a taste of honey along with herbs mexican sounding intro i can remember listening through the headphones and being mesmerised at the stereophonic gem i was hearing and in awe at the shaving cream covered angel on the cover i played it over and over. I recently bought the cd, but do miss the vinyl version as you see dolores in more detail on the album cover although the poster is nice to hang on my wall....the songs are great,but the cover is awesome.... (03-16-2007)

Elliott Irving ( says:
I host a radio talk-show in Central VA that is in it's 36th year. There have been hundreds of guests over the years, but the one that I remember the best is Dolores Ericson. Located her in 2002 and she is a lovely person. We have kept in touch and above all, she is as lovely of a person as she is beautiful on the album cover. Hers is the only record album cover framed and displayed in my office, plus it's autographed! (02-27-2007)

dblachman ( says:
Let us never forget Jim Lange on the "Dating Game" queing up the song with a cheerful "and here they are!" (02-20-2007)

Tracy ( says:
This is truly a classic of our time! I was born in 1961 and know every word (and note) by heart. It was my parents favorite! When my kids ask me what I first remember, I say, listening to this ablum and President Kennedy being shot. Period! (02-19-2007)

gregg says:
in 1967 i was five years old when i first saw the whipcream lady, i didnt know what was happing to me, id stare at the album for hours, dolores was my first love (11-23-2006)

Necia ( says:
My parents had this when I was a little girl, and this album cover nearly made me a lesbian. Holy sh*t. (10-02-2006)

asdf says:
i heard that the cream is actually shaving cream and not the type you can eat (or lick) unless you have a taste for it, which wouldve been a shame. (08-05-2006)

Chad says:
I own this record just for the cover. I detest the kind of music Herb Alpert makes, but the cover is classic. (07-10-2006)

Justin James ( says:
A classic album! I have bought two copies of this, but have never actually listened to it. In 12th grade, I needed large, lightweight, strong circular objects for a science project. My friend and I hit the local flea market, bought some records. We each got a copy of this, on the strength of the cover art. I also used a copy of "Screaming for Vengeance" by Judas Priest. In any event, I hung the cover on my wall for years, because I thought it was awesome. Interestingly enough, all of my teachers looked at the record, and most of them admitted to owning a copy of it as well. This is probably one of the most widely owned, yet least talked about albums in history. (05-24-2006)

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