Whipped Cream and Other Delights

Ok -- raise your hand if you didn't own this record.

What record collection would be complete without this Herb Alpert masterpiece? Certainly not mine! It has been said that the thrift stores of any large city contain enough copies of "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" to wallpaper a house (I once found 10 copies in one small store in Cleveland, of which this one was in the best condition).

When I was growing up, "Whipped Cream" was one of only three records my parents had in their collection (the others were a Barbara Streisand album and a Johnny Mathis christmas record). My dad often dropped the needle on "Whipped Cream" over and over again during family gatherings -- and when no one was around, I'd spend hours admiring the cover art, attempting to discern exactly where the whipped cream ended and the young model began. You can do the same by clicking above for the extra hi-res version of the image. (Those of you that aren't inclined toward the female form can look for the way they used a drop-cloth to fake most of the cream, or if you're really bored, try to find the seam where I pasted the two halves of the scanned image together).

A record like this could easily have sold a billion copies on the strength of the photography alone, but "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" actually has some pretty snappy music on it. Pick up a copy today I can state with confidence that this album is available for $1.00 or less at a junk store or garage sale near you!


I used Paint Shop to create a great Windows Desktop Wallpaper out of the Whipped Cream cover art by shifting the model to the right, cropping out the text and extending the background to the left (see the thumbnail below). I made three resolutions, so download the one that fits your desktop:

Download 640x480 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (110k ZIP File)
Download 800x600 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (162k ZIP File)
Download 1024x768 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (203k ZIP File)

Whipped Cream and Other Delights
(click picture to magnify)
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Butterball (Real Audio) Mmmm... butter.
Bittersweet Samba (Real Audio) Sweet, sweet Samba.
Whipped Cream (Real Audio) Mmmm... whipped cream.

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Your Comments:

Paul Minshew ( says:
Don't know if you folks have seen this, but WC&OD is being re-released by Shout Factory and will be available April 19th! See the following links: (04-12-2005)

Paul Minshew ( says:
A couple of years ago I wrote the pinheads at A&M records to ask them why the catalogue of one of its founders (in his TJB incarnation)is not available for purchase on CD. Haven't heard back from them yet. That seems unforgiveable to me.

I don't think it will help, but it might be a little cathardic if everyone else not wishing to fork over $65 dollars for a used copy on Amazon wrote to A&M to ask that them "what the hell are they thinking?" They might get a hint that there is still a demand for this and other TJB albums. Can't hurt to try. (03-30-2005)

Robert says:
My Dad Had all there records yes I loved da da ba da da badadadaaaaa da dada da (02-16-2005)

rod says:
this takes the whipped cream bikini trick to a whole new level. i bought this record for the cover alone, the music is vaguely appealing depending on my mood but really not very challenging or profound. (01-20-2005)

Vinyl Chick says:
If it is covers you are looking for, I got plenty of them and more coming, alot with the "cheesecake" shots you guys are foaming at the mouth over, lol!

I have become obsessed with old vinyl, and appreciate groups like this that discuss the "old ways". I also love sheet music, mostly because of the art work on the covers, (I am an artist), so come check out things at the URL below and shoot me an offer, if you are so inclined!
Thanks for allowing me some space to talk about something we all love!

check out-
"Ice Originals II" (01-19-2005)

Uncle Albert ( says:
Does anyone know if this will be re-released on CD soon? I listened to this 8-track when I bought my brand new Olds 442 Cutlass in 76.Sunroof black leather buckets yellow with 442 black lettering along the bottom....uuuummmm.., um, those were the days. (01-19-2005)

Jason Voigt ( says:
Hi, I wrote on this back in '99 (has it really been that long?) and everyone was good in providing up-to-date info on the whipped cream lady. My next question is where could I find a source that talks about all of the 60s album cover models? Any books or websites? I'm 23 and a longtime album collector and I noticed that most 60s instrumental artists put beautiful ladies on the covers (maybe to buy the albums?). Not only was it Herb Alpert, but it was also the Ventures (there's a blond ditzy lady on the cover of 'Let's Go'), Ray Conniff (a lot of beautiful swinging chicks on his covers that are probably now grandmothers today) and Paul Mauriat (is that really Julie Newmar on the cover of 'Blooming Hits'?). Anyway, does anybody know any info on what I'm looking for? Thanx! (01-11-2005)

Katie says: is selling this CD for $65.00!!!!! (12-08-2004)

Ivory Joe Fezzewig ( says:
I was only one of three people in the world who
DIDN'T OWN THIS RECORD. The other two were former
Nigerian heads of State. (12-07-2004)

joewasright ( says:
I says: I didn't notice your notice? (12-06-2004)

B.D. says:
This crud was a milestone in bad taste in popular music.Alpert laughed all the way to the bank.But he was discerning enough to release Phil Ochs''Pleasures Of The Harbour''on A&M and a few other gems. (12-03-2004)

Sappho says:
This album cover changed my life!I am now a 350 pound lesbian with a serious Cool Whip jones! (12-03-2004)

Katherine ( says:
Help! I'm trying to help pay for college by selling my old record collection. I have the following Herb Alpert Records:

Foursider (2 Record set),
Whipped Cream, and
Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass Treasury (box set, 4 records).
All of them are in good shape. I have records by many other artists, please contact me if you are interested!

Thanks! (11-30-2004)

Cover Lover ( says:
Whipped Cream (and please, let's not forget 'South of the Border' and 'Going Places') was one of my father's favourite LPs. After 'The Lonely Bull' came out (in 62 or 63, I think) he turned into a total TJB freak. As a pre-teen in the mid-sixties, my tastes ran with the Who, Small Faces, Yardbirds, Dylan etc.. so we didn't exactly see eye to eye on Herb Alpert. My folks used to own a guest-house/hotel at a seaside town in Australia. To entertain the folks (older folks, might I add!) while they were trying to eat lunch and dinner in the dining room, my old man (he would be the House DJ these days) would pump out out a good serve of Herb and the TJB. He used to make up reel-2-reel tapes of his fave toons (as well as Frankie, Dino, Baja Marimba Band, Mitch Miller...) and loved playing them to a captive (or should I say captured) audience. I have all his old LPs (he went to Tijuana heaven a few years ago) and I'm listening to 'Whipped Cream' as I write this. A blast from the past, for sure!!!
Thanks Frank, this is a great site!! Keep up the good work! (11-17-2004)

Lenny says:

In the 60's, Stereo turntables were a fairly new phenomenon, so you had the choice of purchasing records that were mixed either in stereo or mono.
As I recall, the Stereo records usually cost a bit more. I can remember as a kid being absolutely thrilled when my Dad bought me "Beatles VI" and "Headquarters" (Monkees) in glorious stereo, and listening to them with headphones (also a novelty at the time...they were like wearing huge conch shells....not like the little pods the kids shove down their ear canals today).

Because of the popularity of this particular LP, yeah, it would seem that EVERY thrift shop in North America has ten copies or can easily build a Herb Alpert/TJB collection in a month or so....

Peace!.... (11-17-2004)

Kevin Herr ( says:
I've just recently started collecting vinyl, mainly classical records. When I came across this Tijuana Brass record, I could not pass it up. In the last 6 months I have found three copies of this record at the same pawn shop. Quick question though. One of the covers has a stereo symbol on the top left corner and A & M SP 4110 in the top right corner of the cover. On the other two copies there is no stereo symbol or A & M SP 4110, but just A & M LP110 in th bottom right corner. Were these just produced at different times, or is there any important significance to it. (11-16-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
Just as a point of interest - Herb Alpert built A & M Records into a 70's and 80's powerhouse and got very wealthy off the 1960's TJB records. The A & M (the initials of Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss) label was surprising hip and had a boatload of major, major artists. Yeah, just stack the tens and twenties over there please! And Herb continues to make records - though minus Julius Wretcher and the TJB. They sound a bit more on "smooth and sophisticated" side nowadays, as opposed to "jaunty and swinging" (alas, no more bicycle horns honking). I saw him at the Hollywood Bowl about ten years ago and it was reasonably entertaining musical prozac. Herb may not have had the best trumpet chops in the business - but he took them a very long way. Whadda guy! (11-10-2004)

The says:
Notice this notice:

If you notice this notice you will notice this notice is not worth noticing. (11-09-2004)

Me says:
mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm (11-09-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

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