Whipped Cream and Other Delights

Ok -- raise your hand if you didn't own this record.

What record collection would be complete without this Herb Alpert masterpiece? Certainly not mine! It has been said that the thrift stores of any large city contain enough copies of "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" to wallpaper a house (I once found 10 copies in one small store in Cleveland, of which this one was in the best condition).

When I was growing up, "Whipped Cream" was one of only three records my parents had in their collection (the others were a Barbara Streisand album and a Johnny Mathis christmas record). My dad often dropped the needle on "Whipped Cream" over and over again during family gatherings -- and when no one was around, I'd spend hours admiring the cover art, attempting to discern exactly where the whipped cream ended and the young model began. You can do the same by clicking above for the extra hi-res version of the image. (Those of you that aren't inclined toward the female form can look for the way they used a drop-cloth to fake most of the cream, or if you're really bored, try to find the seam where I pasted the two halves of the scanned image together).

A record like this could easily have sold a billion copies on the strength of the photography alone, but "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" actually has some pretty snappy music on it. Pick up a copy today I can state with confidence that this album is available for $1.00 or less at a junk store or garage sale near you!


I used Paint Shop to create a great Windows Desktop Wallpaper out of the Whipped Cream cover art by shifting the model to the right, cropping out the text and extending the background to the left (see the thumbnail below). I made three resolutions, so download the one that fits your desktop:

Download 640x480 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (110k ZIP File)
Download 800x600 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (162k ZIP File)
Download 1024x768 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (203k ZIP File)

Whipped Cream and Other Delights
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Butterball (Real Audio) Mmmm... butter.
Bittersweet Samba (Real Audio) Sweet, sweet Samba.
Whipped Cream (Real Audio) Mmmm... whipped cream.

See Also: Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights

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Blair Cooke ( says:
I had the extraordinary opportunity to interview Dolores in 2000 after a two-year search. She was reticent about it at first as she was burned by a media outlet a few months earlier but finally agreed. It was quite possibly the best two days of my life. She was a total delight and couldn't have been more authentic, original, lovely and wonderful. Dolores, if you are reading this: I love you and may God continue to bless you, your family, and your exceptional talent.

Blair (04-28-2004)

jason sebring ( says:
found her official site at

if you are interested (04-23-2004)

Joe says:
Who is the girl on the cover? does anyone know her name? (04-15-2004)

Himin Stuff says:
i like your website...its was a pleasurle to find out things about whipped cream! (03-25-2004)

Ron Noel ( says:
I just unpacked a box of my father's things (he died in 1992) and found a copy of Whipped Cream and Other Delights still partly in the celophane. Does a perfect album jacket have any value to anyone? The disc probably is in pretty fine shape , too ( I do not have a turntable now), though it was probably played twenty or thirty times on the "hi-fi" without perfect handling. (03-14-2004)

Ronald Oxford ( says:
Hello all you fan's out there. I work for a Radio station in Washington. In response to Grant's Question. She currently Lives in the Northwest. We plan on having her on one of our talk shows in the near future. as far as anymore pic's I am not sure. (03-13-2004)

Andie ( says:
Like many of you, I was born a child of the 70's c.1971 and I recall this album with great fondness. Unlike anyone on this page, I think I may be the only goil... I would spin this album and the T-Bones "No Matter What Shape Your Stomach Is In" constantly. I must be a throwback, because my favorite CD's are compilations of 60's lounge. If you like lounge, check out I still have these LP's in my collection (need to buy a turntable), but would love to find "Whipped Cream.." on CD. Why IS it so darned expensive???

Neat. Yeah. Good Times. (10-24-2003)

fineworker ( says:
i dey here ooooo i beg una. (09-13-2003)

Luis ( says:
I was born in '71 but I remember seen this album in my household back in '76 along with Mendes&Brasil 67 Look Around. I personally kept the album which was bought in Panama city, Panama when it came out, so as you see, the album I have stayed in the family. I grew up with this and I just have to love it! (07-27-2003)

JT says:
Soul Asylum did a parody of this cover for their album "Clam Dip and Other Delights" in 1989. See the cover here:


Tom Patton ( says:
I have been in love with the whipped creme girl and the music since the 60's when my dad would always play it at parties. Does anyone out there know why the CD is so friggin expensive?? (06-09-2003)

Paul Minshew ( says:
Here's link that shows another picture from the photo session that wasn't chosen


Paul Minshew ( says:
Grant, check out this link for info on Dolores Erickson, the album's cover girl. Hope this helps


grant says:
where is the poster girl today and are there any pics? (05-26-2003)

Sean Burford ( says:
I just found this record at a thrift store. It's actually really cool. La la la la.... (05-07-2003)

BILL BOY ( says:
No vinyl museum would be complete without this great album...and, yes, I owned it too, but not so much for the music as for the visual effects, if you get my drift. ;) (04-18-2003)

Paul Minshew ( says:
I've been trying to locate WC&OD on cd. Anybody know where it can be bought for less than the $70 they're asking for on Amazon? What about The Lonely Bull? I like Susanna Hoffs too, Randy. (03-21-2003)

Randy Land says:
I recently started collecting copies for the purpose of eventually constructing an entire wall of Whipped Cream. During the process, I realized why I was so taken with Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. Does anybody else see the resemblance? (03-13-2003)

rob ( says:
This was a reoccuring joke between my friend and I. No matter how many Goodwills or discount record stores we went into we would find this album. Today I decided to buy it and it's pretty good. I was wondering if anybody else in the world new about this "conspiracy" and now, thanks to this site, I know that I am not alone. (02-14-2003)

Alex ( says:

Frank, you have no idea how happy I am to find the album in digital print on the net!
... as a child completely obsessed by this cover and 25 years later you realise that the love of your life is a copy of the whipped cream girl...
Couldn't find it, searched, searched more, A&M wasn't helping, kept on searching and by typing in the obvious words, I found my way to your site.
Thanks. (02-06-2003)

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