Whipped Cream and Other Delights

Ok -- raise your hand if you didn't own this record.

What record collection would be complete without this Herb Alpert masterpiece? Certainly not mine! It has been said that the thrift stores of any large city contain enough copies of "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" to wallpaper a house (I once found 10 copies in one small store in Cleveland, of which this one was in the best condition).

When I was growing up, "Whipped Cream" was one of only three records my parents had in their collection (the others were a Barbara Streisand album and a Johnny Mathis christmas record). My dad often dropped the needle on "Whipped Cream" over and over again during family gatherings -- and when no one was around, I'd spend hours admiring the cover art, attempting to discern exactly where the whipped cream ended and the young model began. You can do the same by clicking above for the extra hi-res version of the image. (Those of you that aren't inclined toward the female form can look for the way they used a drop-cloth to fake most of the cream, or if you're really bored, try to find the seam where I pasted the two halves of the scanned image together).

A record like this could easily have sold a billion copies on the strength of the photography alone, but "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" actually has some pretty snappy music on it. Pick up a copy today I can state with confidence that this album is available for $1.00 or less at a junk store or garage sale near you!


I used Paint Shop to create a great Windows Desktop Wallpaper out of the Whipped Cream cover art by shifting the model to the right, cropping out the text and extending the background to the left (see the thumbnail below). I made three resolutions, so download the one that fits your desktop:

Download 640x480 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (110k ZIP File)
Download 800x600 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (162k ZIP File)
Download 1024x768 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (203k ZIP File)

Whipped Cream and Other Delights
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Butterball (Real Audio) Mmmm... butter.
Bittersweet Samba (Real Audio) Sweet, sweet Samba.
Whipped Cream (Real Audio) Mmmm... whipped cream.

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Tom Tuerff ( says:
Boy, does this cover bring backa memory! The year this Album came out, my mother was looking for the right Christmas present for one of my cousins, who was seven years older than I was. He had requested that somebody buy him the Whipped Cream album, and my mom did just that. She was clearly uneasy about leaving the record sitting around, so I offered to keep it in my room. My mom, apparently thinking that I couldn't POSSIBLY be interested in women in THAT WAY (I was only about 8 or nine at the time), said sure, keep it your room, just don't open it and play it. Of course I didn't play the record but I sure did spend a lot of time perusing the woman. When the time came for mom to wrap the presents I damn near cried. On subsequent visits to my cousin's house, I would play that album every chance I got just to have an excuse to take the cover out and look at it! My only hope is that the model on the cover went on to live a very happy life and that she has some idea of how many little boys "grew up" looking at that album cover! (06-07-1999)

Whats this shit says:
I thought this was gonna be about using whipped cream for sexual pleasures (05-20-1999)

Michael Douthitt ( says:
I go to Taft College and the computer lab technician has a Huge CD collection which includes Herb Alpert's "Whipped Cream" and "Greatest Hits" albums. At my grandmothers house My late grandfather liked Alpert so he had "Volume one" on vinyl and "What now My Love" on 8-Track. I wonder if he had the "Whipped Cream" album (03-18-1999)

Mike Carew says:
I am a big fan of Herb and TJB, but a relative newcomer to the band. Recently I picked up a copy of Whipped Cream that was unopened at a local Goodwill! (03-02-1999)

Leslie Gavin ( says:
Wow, I can finally come out proudly and say that I listened to Herb Alpert every day when I was growing up. I wasn't as fascinated with the cover art as everyone else. I worked out little musical routines to all the Herb Alpert albums. Great web site, Francesco! (02-24-1999)

Zoran Vidic ( says:
Hello from Canada! It,s nice to see a record forum (02-23-1999)

Lori Grills ( says:
My father raised me on Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. I've been looking at this cover since I was 3 years old, and all that concerned me about it was how does she keep the whipped cream from melting. I spent much of my youth experimenting with different brands of whipped cream. Then a couple of years ago I found out it wasn't whipped cream at all -- they used shaving cream for the shot. What a ripoff. Then I thought, ewww, I hope she didn't ACTUALLY lick it. (02-22-1999)

Chick Willis says:
Forget the catchy tunes. This chick is stacked. Stoop down for Chick baby, just one time and let yo daddy see. Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmmmmmmm. Like sweet potatah pie!!! (02-20-1999)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
This album cover, reminds me a little bit of Monica and Bill. Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me and my cigar is burning. (02-19-1999)

John P. Marshall ( says:
As a fellow Bad Music Collector I did indeed have that Herb Alpert album. An interesting note though. I was digging through a garage sale pile of old albums and came across another copy, but what made it so special was it was a mono copy. I gave the lady at the sale I haggled her down to a dime because it was a mono record then went straight away to my local rare album collector. He snatched up from me for $25 bucks. Wow! He in turn put the album in his new letter for bidders and got $70.00 for it. You Never Know, but I do know the good that comes usually happens to the other guy. But that's changing. (01-22-1999)

Matt says:
I cannot tell you how many copies of this album I have run accross at flea markets while trying to find twelve inch singles that have some value. I just wonder if she used to date John Holmes. (12-30-1998)

Dave ( says:
Ahh...yes...Whipped Cream...I still have my second copy of this LP, and the CD. I'll have to admit though it was the music, not the cover, which was the reason I bought the album when I was 14. BTW, it's interesting that you chose, out of all the copies to buy & scan, an original release, prior to the hit status of the album and A Taste of Honey. All subsequent releases had "A Taste Of Honey" highlighted in yellow.... (12-26-1998)

Paul says:
It's kitschy and for that reason I love it. I don't know why such a fuss is being made over the album cover, though. Maybe it was a big deal when it came out. The first time I saw it was around 1990. One underrated song on the album is Peanuts. The slow buildup and beautiful tune is quite moving. The guy who mentioned this as sounding like music from The Dating Game is right on the money. But few albums will allow you to travel back to the swingin' bachelor-pad 60s better than this one. (12-24-1998)

Rick Figgy Figgy fin co. ( says:
I sent Jon limmar lyrics to (This Guys ) Hope he got it. (11-07-1998)

Tralfaz ( says:
And I thought I was the only follower of Father Herb and his Brothers of Brass. Stop by the Archives for more album cover art. (10-02-1998)

fil says:
thanks, great wallpaper. (09-24-1998)

Ricky Nielsen (RICKYN@LOR.NET) says:
A middle aged nieghbor lady seduced me to this record when I was 14. I babysat her kidsall evening and diddled her for awhile after she got home and then went home fore her old man got home from work for a whole summer.and this record was always playing. (09-08-1998)

stolf ( says:
back in the 60s, my mom would buy the newest TjB record, and lean it against the wall on top of the washing machine, along with the mail, so we kids and dad would see it when we got home...when she bought WC...she stood it up with the front cover to the wall...she was embarrassed...but that was nothing compared to what was to cousin was a member of Mom's Apple Pie, the group who's first LP is often cited as the grossest cover: the pie-slice vagina?...this was in the early 70s...took a little of the fun out of them having an LP out....they put out a revised cover with the pie-slice bricked up & cops peaking thru the window... but back to WC... look at WC cover...doesn't it look like her right boob can i put this..not there?...its just smooth, flat...a lower shadow in the shaving cream assures us it really is there...but i always wondered about this...some sort of air-brushing censorship gone awry?...---stolf--- (08-23-1998)

Wendell ( says:
"Whipped Cream & Other Delights",the most licked album in history.But seriously this album is a time capsule from the mid-sixties.When you hear "Lollipops And Roses" you automatically want to hear the voice of Jim Lang,of TV's Dating Game back then,describe the person who will pick from 3 people to be their date.And "A Taste Of Honey" is probably the best pop-instrumental of all time.This album made Herb Alpert a household name. (08-11-1998)

Shin ( says:
I never had this album myself but the library back home used to have it in their collection. Taking a gander at it was the finest diversion from homework that the Oak Ridge Public Library had to offer. Solely based on how beloved this album cover (no, I never listened to the album itself) was to me, I recently bought a Soul Asylum CD called Clam Dip and Other Delights. The songs are mostly crap--p.s. STUCK MOJO RULES--but anyone planning a trip to the record store soon should compare the covers. (08-09-1998)

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