Arthur Fiedler "Superstar"

In the 70's, anyone could be a hippie!

Wow! Check out Arthur Fiedler, dressed up in his best 70's flower power, conducting the Boston Pops in a whirlwind tour of the music of the day. This all-hit lineup starts with Jesus Christ Superstar and delivers such favorites as Proud Mary, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Let It Be. Those might be standard fare on albums of this type, but you really have to hand it to Fiedler for covering the Partridge Family's I Think I Love You and the Piero Umilani tune Mah-Nah Mah-Nah, both of which are on this album.

Arthur Fiedler is no slouch. A lesser conductor might have taken the conservative road with tunes like these, but Fiedler gives real meaning to the word "interpretation". I particularly like the way he covers Let It Be, taking it all over the map with sudden changes in mood and tempo and extra notes thrown in during the bridge sections for good measure. I guess that's why Fiedler got to appear on album covers with beams of stars coming out of his forehead while his stuffier colleagues stuck to tuxedos and Beethoven. Bravo!

Arthur Fiedler
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Let It Be (MP3) A great interpretation of the Beatles hit!
I Think I Love You (MP3) Classical music meets the Partridge Family! Did somebody ask for this?

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william ( says:
I have stumbled across 7 black and white photos from rca victor studios, one of which is arthur fielder, they are all 8'x10'. if anyone is interested or know anything about them please get back to me. thanks (12-17-2008)

trubee ( 9048497092) says:
i have an oil painting of arthur fielding, his grandson plays on a football team, if anyone knows how i can find him or anyone wants to buy the painting it is for sall. my husband has cancer and medicare dosent care and ss does not give us all we need to go back and forth to hospitals and he has 2 more surgerys coming up so you can see why i really need to sell. will take a couple hundred for it . thank you (11-13-2008)

Richard ( says:
Does anyone out there have some VCR tapes (or DVD discs) of the TV programs Fiedler did with guest stars such as Ella Fitzgerald, Roberta Flack, etc.? (05-14-2008)

Joe S. says:
There's a cd out called "Arthur Fiedler legacy: SuperStars and Songbooks: pops by Arrangement" (not on amazon) that has I believe all the songs on this albums plus a whole bunch more. Also, peace love and pops has many, though not all. Both are Deutche Grammaphone. (11-24-2007)

trubee ( says:
i have a one of a kind oil painting of arthur fielding by artist j,d, for sail. will go to the highest bidder. do not have a pic at this time (11-02-2007)

Ronnie ( says:
Hello. I am in possion of 16 boxs of Arthur Fiedler Time Life collection. My set include boxs 1 through 16. There are 3 records in each box and I would bet they have never been out of there covers. If there is any information I could supply, please ask. All I would want to know if I have the complete set. Thank you. Ron Callahan. 760-744-733 (05-08-2007)

Michael says:
Arthur Fiedler on DVD

There is a documentary about the life of Leroy Anderson on DVD and it includes small clips of Arthur Fiedler, John Williams, Leroy Anderson and Keith Lockhart conducting the Boston Pops. To find out more go to the Leroy Anderson offical website and click on the DVD to get the info about seeing Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops on DVD video? Does anyone have any more information about Mr. Fiedler on DVD??


Michael Day (03-17-2007)

jocelyn caron (rio59@hotmail) says:
I was 4 or 5 year old when I first heard, jesus christ superstar album. 30 years later it`s still one of the album that i refer as something very special for me. My Father use to work for London rec. in Mtl. He still have the lp version at home and it`s steel in mint condition. Once or twice a year we sit down and listen to hit. And every time i have the same ¨frisson¨. Hope one day it will be in cd, so i could share that with my son !

jocelyn caron (02-03-2007)

Fthflshp ( says:
Does anyone know if a cd was ever made of the Fiedler in Rags album? I have my grandmother's LP (which I will have to give back to her if she ever gets another turntable.)and I have been looking for it everywhere on a cd, to no avail. If there is one out there somewhere, I would love to surprise my grandmother with it. (and buy a copy for my self while I'm at it.) That was such a good album! If it isn't on cd, they should put it on cd.


tmarkj says:
My wife loves Arthur Fiedler and would like to have a DVD of one of his performances. Does anyone know if any DVD's exists? And where to get them? (12-18-2006)

Mike ( says:
I have been trying to find the "Arthur Fielder and the Boston Pops Play Neil Diamond" song book. Anybody that can help please email me at

Thanks! (10-21-2006)

Phil McRevis says:
Oh, if only I could shoot stars out of my head I would make all you people pay. (09-26-2006)

Peggy ( says:
I have my recording of " Fiedler in Rags" Thank so much. Pegy (03-27-2006)

Dave ( says:
Have this album on an old reel to reel,would like too get it on CD,where is it available? (11-28-2005)

Jerry Garcia says:
Art and me are havin a great time. He brought some a that lysergic he did when they made that record cover. (07-20-2005)

Adrienne Barton ( says:
I have this HUGE tape collection from my father's estate that is all Arthur Fielder and the Boston Pops? I believe he bought it from Life back in the early eighties. Peter and the Commisar is the only one I ever listend too. I'm looking to unload them, I either sell it or donate it. Help? (06-02-2005)

Michael Day ( says:
I have that LP at home and I think it's great. I have created a Yahoo Group on Arthur Fiedler if anyone is interested in joining.

Arthur Fiedler is one of my favourite conductors and the Boston Pops is one of the greatest orchestra's in the world. He came to New Zealand in 1966 and 1968 and gave a wonderful series of sell out concerts right thoughout New Zealand.

I own quite alot of Arthur Fiedler LP's including his Polydor albums which I think are better than his RCA albums. His Paul Simon and Forgotten Dreams LP's are excellent. I am surprised that Universal have not released all his Polydor albums on CD. They are excellent recordings and they have great clear sound quality.

Michael (05-31-2005)

Alicia ( says:
I have been a Partridge Family all my life, and I have never seen this cover, or heard the Pops do "I Think I Love You". I'm grooving to it now, and THANK YOU!! It's great!! I must now scour the world for this album! I must have it!! (05-24-2005)

Pardon Me While I Rock You says:
Looks like either Arthur has obtained some sort of zen utopia enlightenment on the cover, or some well-minded aliens have shot a laser beam through his skull for having the audacity to dress in hippie clothes while pushing 70. (03-25-2005)

Johnny says:
I found this at a local record shop and LOVEd it! My needle wore out a couple years ago and the turntable kind of sucks. When I upgrade to a Technics with audiophile grade cartridge, this will be one of the first records I'll dive back into. (01-19-2005)

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