Arthur Fiedler "Superstar"

In the 70's, anyone could be a hippie!

Wow! Check out Arthur Fiedler, dressed up in his best 70's flower power, conducting the Boston Pops in a whirlwind tour of the music of the day. This all-hit lineup starts with Jesus Christ Superstar and delivers such favorites as Proud Mary, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Let It Be. Those might be standard fare on albums of this type, but you really have to hand it to Fiedler for covering the Partridge Family's I Think I Love You and the Piero Umilani tune Mah-Nah Mah-Nah, both of which are on this album.

Arthur Fiedler is no slouch. A lesser conductor might have taken the conservative road with tunes like these, but Fiedler gives real meaning to the word "interpretation". I particularly like the way he covers Let It Be, taking it all over the map with sudden changes in mood and tempo and extra notes thrown in during the bridge sections for good measure. I guess that's why Fiedler got to appear on album covers with beams of stars coming out of his forehead while his stuffier colleagues stuck to tuxedos and Beethoven. Bravo!

Arthur Fiedler
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Let It Be (MP3) A great interpretation of the Beatles hit!
I Think I Love You (MP3) Classical music meets the Partridge Family! Did somebody ask for this?

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Peggy ( says:
Yes, I am still looking for the 1974 LP of the Boston Pops titled Fiedler in Rags on Polydor lable. (12-22-2004)

Tim ( says:
We all know that Fiedler and the Pops made a recording of "Sabre Dance", but did they do all of "Gayaneh"? I know I heard a version of the Act III/Conscience/Mens Dance somewhere that sounded like the Pops, but I can't find it anywhere. (11-13-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
This type of thing was a last-ditch attempt make classical music hip and appealing to the "young crowd." Didn't work. Classical music was MUCH better off as an elitist old-foggie endeavor. Now the classical labels go out and look for hot babes who can play some Bach on the cello and who are not adverse to getting naked for the CD jacket. I'm not complaining - mind. But in an age where you can get hot nude girls streaming unnatural acts on your computer 24/7 - a naked blond cuddling up to an over-sized violin doesn't seem to have the impact it used to. (Man, I must be getting OLD.) No, the classical world was better off as the exclusive old-guard intellectual club it used to be. There's always people who wanna be exclusive old-guard intellectuals, and now they have nothing to aspire to. Pity.

You heard it here first,


Not. (11-10-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Joli ( says:
The covers Arthur did as well as the artwork he had done for this particular album cover is "absolut groovacious." Not to mention over the top psychedelic for a man of his years. But that's a good thing. He 'psyches' with the best of them. (10-12-2004)

musiclover says:
Yes,Warren Robert, Fiedler did make an album of Simon and Garfunkel hits. It's called "Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops play the songs of Paul Simon". It's on Polydor Records and it's got an awesome symphonic treatment of "A Hazy Shade of WInter" on it. It's another one of my "Fiedler favorites". Thanks for asking! (08-21-2004)

warren robert says:
Did fiedler make an album of simon and garfunkel hits (08-18-2004)

musiclover says:
this is one of his better pop albums. This album is worth picking up for their smokin cover of tom jones' "Love Me Tonight". Get it and you won't be disappointed! (08-07-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Yes, Peggy...

Tomorrow, go to da store dat sells all dem CDs an ASK DA WAITER FOR IT!!

I will cum an hold yer hand fer ya so's ya don't gets losted....

Instead, why doncha spend yer money on da JAMMY OSMUNDT CDs?....Peggy, he iss DA BOMB!!!!

Never mind wid dat ARturd Feeled-Her...he too old anyhow now, Peggy.... (06-27-2004)

Peggy ( says:
I am looking for Fiedlers recording titled "Fiedler in Rags", can you help 6-26-04 (06-25-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Hey, tanks dere Sam!!

I luv dis cover....Arturd looks like Alpert Einsten on LSD!!!! He wearin' da payslee shurt and stuff....

I still waitin' fer Frank Larosa ta put sum JAMMY OSMUNDTD LPs on dis website....HE ISS DA BOMB, Sam!!!! No shite......howcum his brudder and sister (Donna & Mary OSMIDNT) have a LP on dis site???

NO!!! Instead, got GRASS PRISON and udder bands, BUT NO JAMMY OSMUNDT!!! A cryin' shame...

Oh well....rawk on Sam...spark a spliff for me..and don't go when Mommy calls fer ya....

Bye.... (06-23-2004)

Sam (Http:// says:
I Think I Love You is a great cut! It's got that cheese factor combined with bubblegum that makes it work. Maybe they should subtitle this cut "Tracy Partrige's Revenge".

Peanut Head Rawks!!!! (06-23-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Awww, c'mon FRan....why you write doze tings 'bout me, huh??

You jess jealus cuz I gud friends wid JAMMY OSMINDT...he DA BOMB, Fran....when I lissens ta JAMMY's CD, my head explode jess like Arturd's onna cover dere....

So lissen Fran....c'mon over for some liquor an smokes....we put on da JAMMY CD and git address is:

Mr. P. Nut Head
402 Frandontwritenicetingsboutmydik DRive
Butthum, CansAss

C'mon, me pull my Mommy wants me...bye... (05-18-2004)

Fran says:
Mr. Peanut Head must be tired of masterbating. (05-12-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Shit, Stu....wazz yer lass name...PID??

Who gives a fuk bout da grandson o' dis old dem JIMMY OSMUNDT LPs....HE rocks and kicks Arturd Feelher's LP da shit...

Get nekkid first....spark a spliff...den grab ahold of yer dik Mommy is calling me...I haveta go...bye.... (04-29-2004)

stu says:
hey i went to high school with this guys grandson, wonder if he rocks this record (04-20-2004)

jigawut ( says:
ya, i have the saturday night fiedler too. Crazy stuff. hey Frank put that one on the site....if you see this. Keep up the site. I appreciate this site Frank, its awesome-great resource for vinyl heads. thanks again (04-12-2004)

Ray P ( says:
Having met Arthur Fiedler a number of time, I found him to be a very interesting man,a man who loved what he was doing. I will miss him and his wonderful music (03-10-2004)

Hailey says:
FYI: Bond and Chitty were written by the same guy! (02-07-2004)

John Lennon ( says:
I'm rolling in my grave right about now. (01-24-2004)

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