Arthur Fiedler "Superstar"

In the 70's, anyone could be a hippie!

Wow! Check out Arthur Fiedler, dressed up in his best 70's flower power, conducting the Boston Pops in a whirlwind tour of the music of the day. This all-hit lineup starts with Jesus Christ Superstar and delivers such favorites as Proud Mary, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Let It Be. Those might be standard fare on albums of this type, but you really have to hand it to Fiedler for covering the Partridge Family's I Think I Love You and the Piero Umilani tune Mah-Nah Mah-Nah, both of which are on this album.

Arthur Fiedler is no slouch. A lesser conductor might have taken the conservative road with tunes like these, but Fiedler gives real meaning to the word "interpretation". I particularly like the way he covers Let It Be, taking it all over the map with sudden changes in mood and tempo and extra notes thrown in during the bridge sections for good measure. I guess that's why Fiedler got to appear on album covers with beams of stars coming out of his forehead while his stuffier colleagues stuck to tuxedos and Beethoven. Bravo!

Arthur Fiedler
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Let It Be (MP3) A great interpretation of the Beatles hit!
I Think I Love You (MP3) Classical music meets the Partridge Family! Did somebody ask for this?

Your Comments:

AAAAH! says:
You're totally right about the bond vs chitty chitty bang bang.... OH DEAR LORD HELP (01-09-2004)

Oh dear oh dear says:
When does the singing start? (01-09-2004)

Ringo says:
Paul, you're right (also about being insane, but...), 'I think I love you' sounds like a cross between an intro to a Bond movie and something from Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang! (01-05-2004)

Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
Hey, am I totally insane or is 'I think I love you' kind of cool in a weird sort of way? Yes, I am but that's not what I'm asking. (01-03-2004)

Gail ( says:
Please!!! I'm desperately seeking Arthur's Superstar album in either cassette or CD. Is there anyone out there who has it? (11-12-2003)

Ryan ( says:
I've got an album called "saturday night fiedler" where he poses like John Travolta on a disco floor. They do this symphony version of staying alive and they disco-ify an old Bach song. Messed up stuff. Have you seen this? (10-31-2003)

Steve Miller ( says:
I have been looking for years for an Arthur Fiedler recording that was on an 8 track demo tape that came with a boat that my dad bought in 1967. I thought the name of the song was Brazilia or Brazilia! I would greatly appreciate any info on this. (10-03-2003)

some random person says:
hey. my last name is fiedler... (09-21-2003)

Michael ( says:
Arthur Fiedler was the best and nobody can beat him. He was better than Herbert von Karajan.

I have made a group on Arthur Fiedler because i think he was the best and i have that album at home and i think it's magnificent. I wish the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra would copy the Boston Pops Orchestra

Here is the Yahoo Group on Arthur Fiedler...

Please Join It.

Mike. (09-16-2003)

Elliot Lanes ( says:
Does anyone have a copy of You will be my music?
It is the Joe Raposo Songbook album.

Elliot (07-07-2003)

marrissa heath ( says:
we have a patient that is very interested in your music please send any information thank you (07-07-2003)

Carolyn ( says:
I have the album Arthur Fiedler Boston Tea Party
Boston Pops Orchestra RCA Victor LM-2213 Anyone know the value? (06-28-2003)

Neil Wahlert ( says:
An addendum to below: I forgot the YEAR of Fiedler's first three days of recording: 1935!! (06-01-2003)

Neil Wahlert ( says:
Wow.....I remember seeing this album cover for the first time in '71. My dad got a much bigger kick out of it than I did.
Actually, Fiedler was one of my early musical heroes--after CBS virtually quit putting on its "Young People's Concerts" with the N.Y. Phil, PBS's "Evening at Pops" was practically the only was a classical music lover could be entertained at the boob-tube. In '73 my mom got me the Longines' Symphonette set containg the best of his Polydor recordings (which has cuts from the above-mentioned LP, plus stuff from Fiedler's Neil Diamond, and Simon & Garfunkel discs). Though I scarcely listen to these recordings, I've developed over the last decade or so a passion for the CLASSICAL side of Fiedler. I've specialized in 78's: the Arthur Fiedler Symphonette recordings, and also that legendary batch of discs from Fiedler's first 3 days of recording activity--July 1, 2, & 3--which yielded the million selling "Jalousie." I've gathered together enough sides to burn a CD of these amazing sessions.
Personally, I think it SUCKS that PBS won't re-broadcast the Arthur Fiedler episodes of "Evening At Pops," and also that, up to his death, he got paid the same meager salary as Pops director that he first got in 1930 (barely over $30,000 a year, as I recall). When you stack this up against what John Williams and Keith Lockhart have received, it's PAINFUL to contemplate. (06-01-2003)

I got classical gas in my ass says:
Aurthur I think I hate you (05-28-2003)

Lance Goddard ( says:
I'm trying to locate an orchestration of Bach's violin partita #3 (I believe - not sure of the number). If memory serves me correctly it was a Boston Pops recording of Fiedler's. The orchestration was by what my ear tells me is Siegesmund Bachrich or something like that. I heard the recording a number of years ago on a now-defunct San Francisco classical radio station. Any ideas out there? (05-08-2003)

Lance Goddard ( says:
I'm trying to locate an orchestration of Bach's violin partita #3 (I believe - not sure of the number). If memory serves me correctly it was a Boston Pops recording of Fiedler's. The orchestration was by what my ear tells me is Siegesmund Bachrich or something like that. I heard the recording on a now-defunct San Francisco classical radio station a number of years ago. Any ideas out there? (05-08-2003)

Esben Bay-Andersen ( says:
I am the proud owner of Symphonic Bach by Boston Pops (1976 on Deutche G and distrib by Polydor in UK. Cannot find CD version anywhere - was it ever released as CD? Love to know! (05-05-2003)

George Patterson ( says:
I have Fiedler w/BP in a ca 1967 performance in Boston of 1. "Peter and the Commissar (Allen Sherman narrator.)
2. Kousevetsky on the double base (1929 version--what its doing on here is complete mystery.)
3. "variations on 'How Dry I am' w/ Allen Sherman."
4. ditto
5. "End of a Symphony." (w/Sherman)

I recorded this on reel-to-reel about 1966-1967. It is now on CD. I believe this is the only recording of this concert in existance.

Anybody who want (03-25-2003)

Ajwine ( says:
Iam looking to download or buy Arthur Fiedlers' interpretation of "Simon and Garfunkel" music. In particular "Scarborough Fair". I have only heard it a few times, and it moved me greatly.
If anyone knows where to get it, please inform me. Thank you (02-13-2003)

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