Arthur Fiedler "Superstar"

In the 70's, anyone could be a hippie!

Wow! Check out Arthur Fiedler, dressed up in his best 70's flower power, conducting the Boston Pops in a whirlwind tour of the music of the day. This all-hit lineup starts with Jesus Christ Superstar and delivers such favorites as Proud Mary, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Let It Be. Those might be standard fare on albums of this type, but you really have to hand it to Fiedler for covering the Partridge Family's I Think I Love You and the Piero Umilani tune Mah-Nah Mah-Nah, both of which are on this album.

Arthur Fiedler is no slouch. A lesser conductor might have taken the conservative road with tunes like these, but Fiedler gives real meaning to the word "interpretation". I particularly like the way he covers Let It Be, taking it all over the map with sudden changes in mood and tempo and extra notes thrown in during the bridge sections for good measure. I guess that's why Fiedler got to appear on album covers with beams of stars coming out of his forehead while his stuffier colleagues stuck to tuxedos and Beethoven. Bravo!

Arthur Fiedler
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Let It Be (MP3) A great interpretation of the Beatles hit!
I Think I Love You (MP3) Classical music meets the Partridge Family! Did somebody ask for this?

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gary jensen ( says:
I am looking to buy the complete TIME-LIFE fiedler boxed sets collection from the early 1980s
Please email me a price if you have this entire collection (i beleive each box had 3 lps and there were approx 20 or more boxes). I am only interested if these items are in mint unscratched condition. (02-08-2003)

Edward Ruwaldt ( says:
I have been looking for the Boston pops Arthur Fielder "Fernando's Hideaway and can't find it anywere. does any one know were i can get it (02-02-2003)

Bob Lawler ( says:
Have a near mint Boston Symphony & Boston Pops, 75th Anniversary. Just started recording some great old -- in fact, rare stuff. Have post 1950 Una Mae Carlisle NM disc from her radio broadcast. If you'd like to do business, just give me a call.

(949) 699-0449. If not there, leave message or e-mail back.

Great site, and good luck.

Bob (01-20-2003)

aaa says:
help me (01-09-2003)

melissa ( says:
I have a RCA Victor Red Seal #SRL-12-11 75th anniversary of Musical HIstory of The Boston Symphony & The Boston Pops and was wondering what it's value is(without insert sleeve) but in really good condition? (12-28-2002)

Sandra ( says:
We had the Saturday Night Fiedler 8-track long ago. I no longer have an 8-track player (or the tape)but I would love to be able to have it on CD. (12-27-2002)

RG ( says:
I am selling Arthur Fiedler's records entitled:
Gaite Parisienne
All the things you are
Gershwin (3 records) (12-15-2002)

Larry ( says:
I've listed on ebay a rather unusual LP I've never seen before. In case you're interested, it's FIEDLER PLAYS CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR ALBERTANS (AND PEOPLE WHO WISH THEY WERE ALBERTANS) WHO HATE CLASSICAL MUSIC.

I don't know if this LP is available anywhere except Canada.

To find it, go to, then click Arthur Fiedler in the search. (11-25-2002)

Tara says:
I was just wondering if someone could help me track one of Arthur Fiedler's albums-we had the 8-track that had Arthur Fiedler wearing a white suit and sitting on or next to a stool--it had the song Aquarius on it---does anybody know which album this is and if so where should I start looking to find it. Please e-mail if you have any information. Thank You. My e-mail address is: (11-03-2002)

Nobody Special says:
Do you post these comments immediately, or do you censor them? (10-27-2002)

Tim Leahey ( says:
Of all the fantastic celebrations of our nations bi-centennial, I think without comparison, the party on the James River, with Mr. Fieldler and the Pops, playing the 1812 Overture, Stars and Stripes Forever, the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, was without a doubt the highlight of the entire day! The crowd was roaring, the band was playing and Arthur loved every second-it was magic that I wish we could all share again! God the Bless the Pops and Mr. Fieldler, for bringing such fond memories to so many, for so long! (10-10-2002)

Aleksandar Gagacev ( says:
Hi everyone
I have a beatiful collection of 10 lp from Arthur Fiedler and the boston pops called pops festival produced by RCA in 1972 FOR SALE
I also have a 10 lp collection FRONT ROW CENTRE with artists like Andy Williams Barbara Streisand Johnny Cash and many others from 1972 columbia records FOR SALE
if interested e mail me (10-10-2002)

larry S. ( says:
Here's a record that I bet nobody's come across that I just picked up at a thrift store. It's called "Fiedler Plays Classical music for Albertans (and People Who Wishe They Were Albertans) Who Hate Classical Music. I'll probably sell it on ebay in the near future. Anybody ever hear of it? (09-06-2002)

Fran Snoeyenbos ( says:
I've been searching for quite a while for a CD version of an LP I have from an RCA 1966 release called "The 'Pops' Goes Country" featuring Chet Atkins, the Boston Pops, Arthur Fiedler conducting. It's the best record I've ever had but with turntables being practically extinct, I have no way to listen to it. Any suggestions? I've tried all the obvious places: and e-Bay to no avail. (07-27-2002)

steve ( says:
His music had class, style and tons of art. He was a talented pro, the best in his league, and put a lot into each song. He was hip and kept up with the times. The guy never aged. Two thumbs up for Arthur! Thanks for all songs! (05-26-2002)

Richard Jessen says:
To Colin Weissmann: I don't think so. I did some research into Benjamin Fiedler and found out that he became a member of the Boston Symphony in 1897 and stayed there in the first violins until the middle 1940's. The other off the wall comments are false especially Tourette's Syndrome. (05-17-2002)

sandy planet says:
sandy planet says i like 101 strings (05-16-2002)

Colin Weismann ( says:
Arthur Fiedler was a gay alchoholic who had a fetish for things furry. His took his comedown from the brief success in the music business quiet badly, and suffered depression for years afterwards. THe tourets disease didn't help either. He was a nice dude though. How do I know this? I am his brothers grandson.


Richard Jessen ( says:
This is definitely one of those albums that make record collectors cringe! I have been a huge Fiedler fan since I was a small one, even having seen Fiedler conduct in person. He was too great of a musician to be thought of as playing this kind of garbage. It's quite well known that both Fiedler and the Bostonians hated playing this sort of drek and one can hear it. "Disco Fiedler?" It's actually better than many here have said. But I should tell everyone that it's not Fiedler conducting. According to Harry Ellis Dixon, Fiedler was too ill to record the album (he eventually died weeks after signing his name to the sleeve notes) and it was up to Dixon to save the session. Fiedler's real last album was recorded in fall 1977 in "Capriccio Italian" and "Capriccio espagnole." (03-14-2002)

Bob Moyer ( says:
Hey, John Wayne, they are called "the Boston Pops" for a reason. Think about it...if you can. (01-06-2002)

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