Arthur Fiedler "Superstar"

In the 70's, anyone could be a hippie!

Wow! Check out Arthur Fiedler, dressed up in his best 70's flower power, conducting the Boston Pops in a whirlwind tour of the music of the day. This all-hit lineup starts with Jesus Christ Superstar and delivers such favorites as Proud Mary, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Let It Be. Those might be standard fare on albums of this type, but you really have to hand it to Fiedler for covering the Partridge Family's I Think I Love You and the Piero Umilani tune Mah-Nah Mah-Nah, both of which are on this album.

Arthur Fiedler is no slouch. A lesser conductor might have taken the conservative road with tunes like these, but Fiedler gives real meaning to the word "interpretation". I particularly like the way he covers Let It Be, taking it all over the map with sudden changes in mood and tempo and extra notes thrown in during the bridge sections for good measure. I guess that's why Fiedler got to appear on album covers with beams of stars coming out of his forehead while his stuffier colleagues stuck to tuxedos and Beethoven. Bravo!

Arthur Fiedler
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Let It Be (MP3) A great interpretation of the Beatles hit!
I Think I Love You (MP3) Classical music meets the Partridge Family! Did somebody ask for this?

Your Comments:

mister x says:
I think this is all bullshit. Fucking waste of time is what you are doing guys. why donīt you turn out to something more interesting? (09-13-1998)

Chris ( says:
I'm looking for any info on the Arthur Fiedler & the Boston Pops play the Beatles album...... Any leads would be helpful... e-mail to Thanks (04-30-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
He had a great line of Fish & Chips restaurants! (03-18-1998)

Ted from TOSA ( says:
Arthur Fiedler, one of the great conductors, who enjoyed his work. Your WEB page is starting to have some very good person who enjoy good music, even though the music was not recorded on CD's. (03-01-1998)

Guest says:
WE MISS YOU, ARTHUR !!!! (02-07-1998)

schwei ( says:
I have this album buried somewhere on AMPEX open reel!! I recall the album mostly had great arrs. (12-27-1997)

Ian says:
I am a very keen Fiedler collector with 78's, LPS and CDs. I am also interested in music directed by Richard Schory (percussion ensemble recorded on RCA Stereo Action) and Felix Slatikin (especially Liberty recordings which I have not been able to find on CD.) Any ideas? Great page. (11-10-1997)

David Hiles says:
I have about 4000 old elpee's including this one. Ray Coniff made some real "interpretations" in his day as well, but few top my collection of Paul Mauriat(remember Love Is Blue?). You should hear his raving renditions of Oh Happy Day, Aquarius, Get Back, and Let the Sun Shine In. And I won/t even mention Don Ho, Trini Lopez, and Leonard Nimoy! Talk about interpretations! (07-27-1997)

Walter ( says:
How about? Fiedler, Arthur+BP Boston Pops Play The Beatles RCA Red S LSC-3117 Fiedler, Arthur+BP Boston Pops Saturday Night Fiedler Midsong Int. MSI 011 1979 I really like your site. I thought I was the only one who collected records like this. Here are some examples of the sort of thing I have: Jonathan Livingston Seagull Harris, Richard 1973 Dunhill DSD 50160 excerpts Richard Chamberlain sings Chamberlain, Richard MGM T-90512 (TV`s Dr. Kildare) Stuart Margolin+angel sings Margolin, Stuart 1980 WB BSK 3439 promo Grand Prix 17th Monaco G. P. 1959 Lloyd, Neville 1959 SS LP553 vroom-vroom Evel Knievel Trascontinental Recs. 1974 Amherst AMH-1001 self-absorbed? Limbo Party Ivy Pete&His Limbo... Somerset SF-17600 ...Maniacs Moog Power Montenegro, Hugo 1969 RCA LSP-4170 SEALED NY Lottery New York`s Winning #`s Various 1986 CBS SP P 18958 It`s a Fun Game Plant Music Baroque Bouquet 1975 Amherst AMH 9001 SEALED Ventriloquism Nelson, Jimmy 1966 Juro JCR 102 with Farfel Wrestling The Wrestling Album WWF 1985 Epic BFE 40223 (06-24-1997)

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