Tuff Guitar English Style

Wherein Al Caiola conducts his own 'British Invasion'

60's hipster Al Caiola has "long been acknowledged to rank high among the world's favorite instrumental maestros", according to the liner notes from "Tuff Guitar English Style". A featured studio musician on many of Enoch Light's albums, Caiola (shown here from a photo on the back of the jacket) must have been delighted by the chance to branch out on his own with this album of popular English guitar music by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dave Clark 5 and others.

Al Caiola You have to admire guys like Al Caiola. Whereas a big-name performer like Tony Bennett or Telly Savalas can get away with doing popular cover tunes just like they were originally recorded, Caiola really has to work hard to do something original with these songs (especially since the covers are all instrumentals). He pulls it off on several of the tracks, even including his own composition called "Liverpool Ferry".

They don't make many albums like this anymore, so enjoy this one while you can!

Tuff Guitar English Style
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(I can't get no) Satisfaction (MP3) He's tried. And he's tried.

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scott says:
I want to know who was wailing like a sax banshee
in the middle of the song...did they let Jr.
Walker in the studio or somethin'? And don't you think the harmonica at the end sounds the the Beatles in "I should have known better", when Lennon was still playing it like a 4th grade
schoolkid? Even poor Bob Dylan couldn't do much to improve JL's Harp playing....... (04-21-2007)

Phil McRevis says:
In addition to the information presented by Joseph Gallant, I have even more info, nobody gives a crap. I'd like to introduce my foot to your posterior, but I must go apply it to the posterior of my lazy butler. If I told him once I told him a thousand times, you can't keep up proper appearances if your creases are not crisp. I've got more wit in my fore-brain than all of you have in the whole of your cortices. If you see that I know to pluralize cortex correctly, you'll know that I'm right. Keep on keeping on big Al. (09-26-2006)

Benlu 66 ( says:
If Al didn't know that Keith Richard actually wrote Satisfaction with a harmonica in mind, then his including a harmonica is pure lucky genius. It's very typical of the time. I prefer The Ventures!
(However, the one version of Satisfaction that even Mick Jagger prefers is Otis Redding's. Mick later made the most of Otis' refinements to his song). (07-03-2006)

christian oliva ( says:
It`s an exciting tune. If some f you are interested in changing al caiola material just let me know it. Musically Yours (04-30-2006)

jonathan becker ( says:
caiola's version of satisfaction really isn't all that bad. he gets a genuine "rock" sound out of his guitar, an authentic rock tone. (albeit more of a dick dale tone than a keith richards tone.) the track has some good rhythm and blues sax blowing. the only thing really distracting about this cover is the brassy "horn" section. all in all, the rolling stones classic sounds as if it had been performed by a minor beat group. caiola may have been from an "older generation," yet on some level he did understand rock. and, it goes without saying, he was more technically proficient than many of the "rock" guitarists........... (02-23-2006)

florasid says:
actually, this pleased me no end. however, i should point out that i've been dead for several weeks now. finally: satisfied. (08-08-2005)

hannibal ( says:
There isn't a person alive that this song could even potentially please. (04-01-2005)

whitebeard ( says:
If I ever feel bad about going DEAF, I'll just remember this CUT! (01-17-2005)

Bongotone says:
Al had almost a keg of Britsh Lager when his agent told him the recording session was in one hr. not next Tues. Tis a waist! (01-08-2005)

J says:
Bow, wow...
I mean, that sucked so much it made my stomach churn. (12-02-2004)

Nigel Tufnel says:
Yes, I've got something to say about Tuff Guitar English Style: howza bout, when you post your comments, giving them a few minutes to show up before posting them THIRTY MORE TIMES? (11-25-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

Joli ( says:
I meant "on" his album cover. I really need to snap out of it. (10-14-2004)

Joli ( says:
Caiola ain't nothing but a bulldog, trying all the time. He's RUFF & TUFF. Watch out, he might get a vice grip on you if you listen too long. No, really, the cover he does, I think is well done. As to the image he projects putting a bulldog in his album cover... I wonder if he's trying to compensate for something? (10-14-2004)

musiclover says:
Thanks, Del, for the nice comments. As a major Three Suns fan, I was thrilled that a member of the touring Three Suns posted a comment on this site. I hope you will visit this site again and tell us hard-core Suns fans what it was like to work with Artie Dunn and the rest of the Suns crew. Thanks Del! You made my day today! (09-02-2004)

del casher ( says:
Nice site. I toured with the Three Suns and introduced my ecco-fonic tape echo to Japan during the tour. The gentleman who rented the organ wanted to buy it and I refused. He is now the founder of Roland Music Corp., Mr. Taro Kakehashi. He has become my life long friend.
Al caiola had the hit single on Bonanza, but it was my friend Tom Tedesco's guitar that was played on TV every week. In an interview Al noted that fact.
Del Casher (09-02-2004)

musiclover says:
In addtion to the information presented by Joseph Gallant, I have more info on this awesome studio guitarist. This guy was a session guitarist who, like Vinnie Bell, played electric guitar on several sessions where hit singles were produced. He played the guitar solo on Eddie Fisher's "Dungaree Doll", and plays guitar on Frank Sinatra's "Drinking Again", which you can find on his "World We Knew" album. Don't let Mr. LaRosa fool you. This guy made several other albums for United Artists, including "Songs For Spies and Private Eyes", and "Guitar For Lovers". This album is a British Invasion follow-up to "Tuff Guitar", and they recrutied Spike from the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons to be the "cover dog" on this LP. (I know that last statement is false, but oh, I can dream). He also had a major hit version of "The Magnificent Seven" that is AWESOME! He, along with the late Tony Mottola, was one of the two guitarists on Johnny Mathis' classic LP, "Open Fire, Two Guitars". The only LP I have in my collection at the moment from him is "The Best of Al Caiola Volume Two" that has a wonderful version of "A Man and A Woman" on it. Plus, he was the mastermind behind those Living Guitars LP's on RCA Camden (Dedicated to the One I Love, Let It Be and Other Hits, and The Big Guitar Sound are three to definitely hunt for in that series because they are AWESOME), plus he arranged & conducted RCA Camden's Living Trio Three Suns style albums. If you are a Three Suns fan,you have got to pick these albums up because these are the kind of albums that Al Nevins would have been produced had he lived longer. An exceptional Living Trio LP is "Come Saturday Morning" which contain awesome Suns-style versions of "Everything is Beautiful", "The Wonder of You", "Hitchin A Ride", and "The Long & winding road. And if you want to know more about The Three Suns, go to or The Three Suns are AWESOME!! (08-24-2004)

Dr. Cross says:
English people are faggots. Just as all men from the UK are. (07-24-2004)

Chuck Kelley ( says:
YOU REALLY GOT ME is the best track on the album. (04-21-2004)

Peanut Hed ( says:
dis Al Crayola is da bomb, baby!!....and dat song "Liverpool Ferry" da title was changed cuz he was writin' bout one of da Beetles...
Al is sooooo cooool....jest check out da pic of him....sorta like Grampa Munster but not as good lookin'

....gotta mommy's calling me!....bye (04-08-2004)

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