Tuff Guitar English Style

Wherein Al Caiola conducts his own 'British Invasion'

60's hipster Al Caiola has "long been acknowledged to rank high among the world's favorite instrumental maestros", according to the liner notes from "Tuff Guitar English Style". A featured studio musician on many of Enoch Light's albums, Caiola (shown here from a photo on the back of the jacket) must have been delighted by the chance to branch out on his own with this album of popular English guitar music by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dave Clark 5 and others.

Al Caiola You have to admire guys like Al Caiola. Whereas a big-name performer like Tony Bennett or Telly Savalas can get away with doing popular cover tunes just like they were originally recorded, Caiola really has to work hard to do something original with these songs (especially since the covers are all instrumentals). He pulls it off on several of the tracks, even including his own composition called "Liverpool Ferry".

They don't make many albums like this anymore, so enjoy this one while you can!

Tuff Guitar English Style
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(I can't get no) Satisfaction (MP3) He's tried. And he's tried.

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Al Caiola says:

Guitarnowski says:
Hey, that's kinda groovy, man. Reminds me of Mel Brown.

Or even the Jimi Hendrix stuff from before he went to England. Playing with King Curtis, or whoever that was (you know, where all the songs sound like "Walkin' The Dog"?) (03-05-2004)

Slowhand says:
Al Caiola ROCKS! A Good guitar tone. A Good Groove. The riff work at the end of "Satisfaction" is great too. It is up there with Alvin Lee & Jeff Beck!

Anyone heard Keith Richard's Arnabee Orchestra recordings of Rolling Stone songs? I have only heard the ones that are in the Peter Whitehead documentary "Charlie is My Darling"

This is that cool. (02-02-2004)

matthew caiola ( says:
Al Caiola is my 4th cousin and i can not seem to get in touch with him..can anyone help me out (11-11-2003)

jason says:
the harmonica does it all no good
love the guitar impressions of mick's lyrics though
sweet...brass section pumping farts...
who says bald 60s white guys are lame?!?!?! fffft. (03-26-2003)

lars ( says:

LongLiveRock says:
It's like a combanation of an organ grinder and a surf instermentalist, eat your heart out Jagger and Richards :-P (01-20-2003)

LongLiveRock says:
It's like a combanation of an organ grinder and a surf instermentalist, eat your heart out Jagger and Richards :-P (01-20-2003)

I have one of his other albums titled just "TUFF GUITAR" made prior to "T...G...ENGLISH STYLE" from the early `60's with different songs on it. It has a great version of The Bill Doggett Combo's "HONKY TONK" (that original 45rpm Parts 1 and 2 guitar riff was by Billy Butler) Al's version has a bit of a jazz feel to it. (01-06-2003)

jonaco ( says:
OK, let's hear it for those East Coast-bred Italian axe-men: Caiola, Mottola, Tedesco, Pizzarelli Sr. et al. They backed up everyone from Sinatra to the Beach Boys and did it well. Caiola had a knack for getting a softer take on the Duane Eddy-style twang, which is why he can sound decent even on a Stones song. Check out his Western-flavored hits, like "Magnificent Seven" (a/k/a the old "Marlboro Country" theme), too. (11-24-2002)

gannymede says:
Hmm, I was ready to rag on this dude but he's pretty damn good. But then greeks have always been good with stringed instruments. Wonder if he made any more albums? (10-12-2002)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
Al Caiola, of course, is best known for his recording of the theme from "Bonanza", which appears in the soundtrack of each episode with the famous opening credits (the map of Virginia City, Nevada burning to reveal the Cartwright clan and the title "Bonanza"). A slightly-lengthened version of the theme was a moderately-
successful hit single in the early sixties (1961 or 1962?) (08-13-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
Do I make you horny? Yeah, do I? Al sure does. He rox like no Brit before or after! Great job including this one. Really cooks, baby! Yeah! (08-08-2002)

F. Artlikadog says:
This LP is not in my own LP collection, but should be!!!!
top stuff. Top site too! (07-03-2002)

dude says:
this LP is the coolest thing ever.......... (07-03-2002)

Danny Brien says:
Pure Satisfaction with a capital 'S' (03-14-2002)

Mannie the Virgin says:
Yeah Robert, I remember tommy tedesco. These were the guys that always "sat in" and their names were buried on the jacket. If they were sold right we may have made em rich..... (11-06-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
The original title of this album: Dick Dale and The Ventures Get Satisfaction With Themselves While Playing the Hurdy Gurdy! (06-17-2001)

robert says:
okay folks, it's time ta take y'all back in da day. long before lindley, skunk, or buckingham...caiola, and tommy tedesco, were the hottest guitarslingers in hollywood studios. some of als' coolest stuff was recorded for the TIME label. remarkably good stuff. caiola was one of the first session guitarists to embrace r&r, and play it authentically. some cred is due. (04-28-2000)

SueBri says:
I think Frank Sinatra heard this and actually used a few tunes in some of his fab movies. (04-23-2000)

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