Tuff Guitar English Style

Wherein Al Caiola conducts his own 'British Invasion'

60's hipster Al Caiola has "long been acknowledged to rank high among the world's favorite instrumental maestros", according to the liner notes from "Tuff Guitar English Style". A featured studio musician on many of Enoch Light's albums, Caiola (shown here from a photo on the back of the jacket) must have been delighted by the chance to branch out on his own with this album of popular English guitar music by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dave Clark 5 and others.

Al Caiola You have to admire guys like Al Caiola. Whereas a big-name performer like Tony Bennett or Telly Savalas can get away with doing popular cover tunes just like they were originally recorded, Caiola really has to work hard to do something original with these songs (especially since the covers are all instrumentals). He pulls it off on several of the tracks, even including his own composition called "Liverpool Ferry".

They don't make many albums like this anymore, so enjoy this one while you can!

Tuff Guitar English Style
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(I can't get no) Satisfaction (MP3) He's tried. And he's tried.

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Vynyl Junkie ( says:
Yet another album on this site with a cartoon british dog on the cover. Oh, well. At least this one plays guitar instead of barking- er, singing! (09-28-1999)

Chick Willis says:
Yeah!!! But can he play and stoop at the same time? (02-20-1999)

Jason ( says:
Al needs to spend less time in department store elevators and more time in the spa (12-09-1998)

Agent Orange ( says:
This is an interesting site, but what about Brittish punk? There were tons of punk bands U.S., British, amd Dutch that put out on vinyl and still do. (09-21-1998)

joey says:
nice site, but where's the hardrock, or metal music? (09-09-1998)

gary b says:
also cool is an al caiola record entitled - "City Boy(Guy?) Plays Country", in which he covers, you guessed it, c + w (10-08-1997)

CiM ( says:
I have this old Al Caiola LP - "Al Caiola and his Islanders" with some cutting edge Hawaiian slide guitar music next to some sounds of seagulls. The cover isn't half as good as the one above unfortunately. Kudos for the site! (08-26-1997)

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