Buddah's Dial-A-Hit

Hear 360 degrees of sound on this Buddah Records sampler!

You gotta love the pop music mavens at Buddah Records for putting out this sampler disc to showcase bands like Ohio Express, 1910 Fruitgum Co, Elephant's Memory, The Road, and many others. The album jacket is a real treat. It's two-ply cardboard with a wheel in the middle. See the exposed part of the wheel on the right-hand side of the jacket? As you turn the wheel, the name of the artist and their picture changes in the two window cutouts. Now that's innovation.

Inside the double fold-out jacket is a letter from Buddah Records vice-president Neil Bogart. I like his opening paragraph, which sums up Buddah thusly: "When Buddah Records was formed two years ago, most songs were about crime and war and depression. We felt there was a place for a new kind of music that would make people feel happy. So we got together two talented young producers named Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz who had an idea for music that would make you smile. It was called 'bubblegum music'".

Indeed, I smiled more than once while listening to this album. There are some well-known cuts here (Summer in the City, She's Not There) but it's the ones that didn't end up in the annals of rock music history that I like the best. My favorite is Hot Dog Man by Elephant's Memory. It starts off with a tape recording of the band chatting with a real hot dog vendor, and progresses into a delightfully diverse psychedelic trip in praise of this "real live hero". Now that makes me happy.

Buddah's Dial-A-Hit
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Hot Dog Man (MP3) Elephant's Memory celebrates that unsung hero, the Hot Dog Man.
Mr. Tambourine Man (MP3) Melanie delivers this Dylan hit with a style all her own.

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Pete Covitz says:
I like how they use the Hindu god Siva as the logo for Buddha records. Actually this company is still here and is pretty hip -they rereleased Woody Guthrie's DUST BOWL BALLADS. (03-05-2003)

misstee32715@AOL.COM says:

MISS TEE32715 says:

John Bambrick ( says:
Does any one have an mp3 of the rock and roll double puppy song Rock And Roll Music and it's B Side On A Summers Night, If you do PLEASE email me at this addy so we can work out how to send it.
Thanks John. (02-12-2003)

prisoner of the past ( says:
Hmmmm.... let your mind decide.... (02-01-2003)

MightyOrson ( says:
did them made guys produce some great stuff or what? wanna know who's behind those NYC hot dog vendors? read bill bonanno's book "bound by honor." (01-19-2003)

Craig ( says:
Glad that I checked back here again. Hot Dog Man
kicked ass! It kind of reminded me of a Richard and Mimi Farina song or two. Your time has not gone to waste. Thanks, Man! (01-13-2003)

looking for a group call the modulations 1975 (12-29-2002)

Betty L. Kime ( says:
I was looking for Waylon Jennings! His songs Have
to be here/ or near by! The address is on his latest album/or two C.D, Country Legends-RCA.
He was the GREATEST! WE Will Miss HIM SO MUCH!
NOW & FOREVER!!! (11-23-2002)

autodafe says:
*christian hippie (10-10-2002)

autodafe ( says:
i bought this about 10 yrs. back. this followed by a goddawful hippie record i have are THE party killers. (10-10-2002)

Coffee, tea, or me? says:
Melanie sounds like the Alanis Morrisette or Ani DiFranco of her time. Such a sad version of Tamborine man for a bubblegum album. (09-10-2002)

John L says:
Have it! I only bought it for the Smoke Ring's "No Not Much", a very pretty track which unfortunately was eclipsed on the '69 charts by a lousy version by the Vogues (who were nonetheless a pretty good band, of course). But "Summer in the City" is a classic, "Worst That Could Happen" was a hit and "Mercy" is maybe the best of the Ohio Express's singles. I have the "Yesterdays' Folks" LP by US69 too ... (08-31-2002)

e v e says:
yeah, hot dog man, gimme one red hot, with extra psilocybin. groovy..... (08-10-2002)

Steve Van kirk ( says:
I have this record!!!! It's easy, you place your thumb on the dial, select "Indian Giver", place the stylus on the appropriate track, sit back and listen, now that's total involvment! (07-27-2002)

Sunnyside Slim ( says:
I've been sorting out my record collection and found an unopened copy of Budah's Dial a Hit.
Does anyone out there have an interest in this record? Also, The Flamming Groovies put out an album (Flamingo) on Buddah. What a label! (07-11-2002)

Mike "Pinky" Semrad ( says:
The original Smoke Ring (appearing on Dial A Hit) will be appearing July 21, 2002 at Comstock Rock in Comstock Nebraska headlining along with .38 Special, REO, The Knack and Lynyrd Skynrd. Also, headlining at Nebraska Rocks in Norfolk, NE on July 26-27, Norfolk, NE "Nebraska Rocks" at Ramada Inn Ballroom with Don Sohl/Roadrunners, Dickey Lee, The Strollers, The Dynamic Drifers, and Rowdy The Band. For more info see: (07-11-2002)

Rob ( says:
YES! YES!! YES!!!!!!! Wonderful! Get your red hot dog dog dog dog!!!

Doo dododoodood dododo dododododododododo!!! YEAH! (07-06-2002)

clay pigeon ( says:
nice to see so much interest in bubblegum. feature alot of it on my show "mondo eclectica"
on WMNF/tampa weds nites (9:30-11pm est)
hear it on the
found three shrink wrapped virgin copies of elaphant's memory in thrift store recently (the one with the rotting carcass on the cover). love the archies song "suddenly susan" from the sunshine LP....jelly jungle/ lemon pipers
anyone remember a b-gum lp called "bubble gum music is the naked truth?" anyway....great site....i remain in the 1910 cotton candy castle on strawberry hill! (06-18-2002)

steven Armstrong ( says:
A highly enlightening experience, and i havent even listened to the record.

Peace on Earth brothers and sisters. (05-21-2002)

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