Buddah's Dial-A-Hit

Hear 360 degrees of sound on this Buddah Records sampler!

You gotta love the pop music mavens at Buddah Records for putting out this sampler disc to showcase bands like Ohio Express, 1910 Fruitgum Co, Elephant's Memory, The Road, and many others. The album jacket is a real treat. It's two-ply cardboard with a wheel in the middle. See the exposed part of the wheel on the right-hand side of the jacket? As you turn the wheel, the name of the artist and their picture changes in the two window cutouts. Now that's innovation.

Inside the double fold-out jacket is a letter from Buddah Records vice-president Neil Bogart. I like his opening paragraph, which sums up Buddah thusly: "When Buddah Records was formed two years ago, most songs were about crime and war and depression. We felt there was a place for a new kind of music that would make people feel happy. So we got together two talented young producers named Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz who had an idea for music that would make you smile. It was called 'bubblegum music'".

Indeed, I smiled more than once while listening to this album. There are some well-known cuts here (Summer in the City, She's Not There) but it's the ones that didn't end up in the annals of rock music history that I like the best. My favorite is Hot Dog Man by Elephant's Memory. It starts off with a tape recording of the band chatting with a real hot dog vendor, and progresses into a delightfully diverse psychedelic trip in praise of this "real live hero". Now that makes me happy.

Buddah's Dial-A-Hit
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Hot Dog Man (MP3) Elephant's Memory celebrates that unsung hero, the Hot Dog Man.
Mr. Tambourine Man (MP3) Melanie delivers this Dylan hit with a style all her own.

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pops says:
what the hell is buddahs dial a hit? (05-27-2000)

Mike "Pinky" Semrad ( says:
Can anyone tell me if "Buddah 360 Dial-A-Hit album was ever released on: Cassette, 4-Track or 8-Track? If so - I'd like numerous copies (any condition) for our band and/or Hall of Fame archives. Thanks Mike Semrad 402-727-4943 (04-12-2000)

Mike "Pinky" Semrad ( says:
The "Original" Smoke Ring will be appearing in 2000 at Hastings, NE July 4th at Brickyard Park, (tent), At "Nebraska Rocks" - Norfolk, NE (Ramada Inn Ballroom) with Max Carl Gronenthal (Jack Mack & HeartAttack, 38-Special & Max Carl & Big Dance (tent) and possibly late August in Columbus, NE with The Echo's. Tune in: for additional information or contact me by EMail. Mike Semrad The Smoke Ring (on Buddah Dial-A-Hit Album - '69) Nebraska Music Hall of Fame (Advisor/Director) (04-12-2000)

Shady Dealings ( says:
Ah, Melanie, you were simply far too ahead of your time. Do her vocal stylings remind anyone else of Cerys Matthews from Catatonia? (01-20-2000)

seere ( says:
ce sbavo!! E' fantastica! (12-03-1999)

Jonathan says:
Anyone that would like to see any of Buddah's classic bubblegum albums finally reissued should email BuddHA and let them know. While they've been reissuing some of Buddah's catalog, they've been neglegting the classic bubblegum albums. I recently emailed them about this, and recieved a reply saying that I have been the only one so far to email them about this and that they're not convinced enough people would buy the reissues, so anyone interested in seeing reissues, let them know. Send emails to (11-22-1999)

Gary Flinn ( says:
I'm surprized that no one had mentioned the newly revived Buddha Records (note that Buddha is now spelled correctly) which BMG formed this year. It's now a reissue label which has full access to a century of great music put out on the various global BMG labels dating back to the Victor Talking Machine Company. Buddha's URL is (10-30-1999)

Glen ( says:
I'm still desperately searching for a place where I can buy a copy of Kasenetz Katz singing 'quick joey small' Can anyone help me, please? Imports to the uk are nopt a problem. Thanks in advance. glen (10-16-1999)

SueBri says:
Kewwwlll! (10-01-1999)

Fred Clemens ( says:
I'd be very much interested in knowing the first 10 single releases on Buddah, especially their date of issue. Please e-mail me with any info. Thanks... (09-30-1999)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
Melanie ROCKS!!!! This is awesome. Pardon me while I follow her in my jingle-jangle mornin'... (09-28-1999)

Panchito Productions says:
Does anyone know how to locate cd- Best of Buddah? The CD is on several catalogs at various music stores, but no one seems to be able to order one for me. Any help will apreciated! (07-15-1999)

Lisa A Jones ( says:
I need to find a copy of MONGOOSE by Elaphant's Memory. My friend was an artist on that song/album, and would like the momento (07-02-1999)

John Milne ( says:
I was a big fan of "Mongoose" by Elephant's Memory but was never able to find it. Does anyone know what album it appeared on and if it is out on CD. Thanks. (06-23-1999)

Mike "Pinky"Semrad/Smoke Ring ( says:
For more information on Buddah Recording Artist "The Smoke Ring" - who is on "Buddah Dial A Hit Album - see (The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Web Site) (06-10-1999)

Green Eyed Scorpio ( says:
The Tokens' "She lets her hair down.." is on "Sunshine Days - vol. 4" on "Varese/Sarabande" records. All volumes of this great series are excellent and worth the 12 or 13 affordable dollars. (03-20-1999)

Eric Sweenor ( says:
I have this, and if anyone wants it it's theirs for $7. (03-12-1999)

Agave ( says:
John, Yoko, a hot dog vendor....why doesn't this surprise me? *sigh* "I'm stuck inside of a lexicon with the Roget's Thesaurus blues again" -J.L. (12-23-1998)

Roger J. Haynes ( says:
I am searching for a copy of the "Best of Bubblegum" in a CD version which I believe was released in 1994. If there is a location or if someone at Buddah Records could assist, I would greatly appreciate it. (09-12-1998)

joy gay ( says:
i have free creek double album from 1973. there seems to be no mention of this fab group of performers (is it a legal problem?) (09-10-1998)

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