The Now Generation: Come Together

Supermarket rip-offs of the sounds of 1970.

Do you remember how television ads for Greatest Hits type albums always used to say "Original Hits by the Original Artist"? The reason is albums like this 1970 release on Spar Records featuring The Now Generation, as manufactured a band as you can think of, performing cover versions of Come Together, Little Bit of Soul, Sugar Sugar, Last Train to Clarksville and other top hits of the day. Designed to appeal to kids who didn't know better, these tunes (with one exception) are as lifeless as can be, and arranged to sound as close to the original hit recordings as possible (subject to the skills of the musicians, I suppose).

What makes this specimen even more laughable is the ridiculous way in which the Nasheville-based Spar records tries to pass this disc off to kids as a hip rock-and-roll record. Check out the hairstyle on that woman seated to the right -- she belongs in the Grand Old Opry, not on a rock and roll album.

The liner notes on the flip side of Come Together provide the requisite hyperbole for an album of this type. "We've come out of the golden 60's into the magic of the 70's and the magic of the space age that will accompany it... to help bridge the gap, here's a completely new collection of your favorite hit songs performed by the Now Generation. The year 1969 saw the creation of Now Generation as one of the more popular performing groups in Show Biz". Popular compared to who?

There is one bright spot on this album, though. As you might imagine, record companies have to pay royalties to the original artists when they put out a cover album like this, so they usually try to take up the slack with a few originals. Even worse, they may select to cover a traditional song that isn't subject to royalties. That's apparently what happened here. The last song is called My Bonnie, and it's a fancy rock and roll version of the tune we've all heard before (my Bonnie lies over the ocean...). Unbelievably, it's the best track on the album, full of great guitar rifts and inspired singing. If only the Now Generation had put together a whole album of tunes like this, they may have had something.

The Now Generation: Come Together
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My Bonnie (Real Audio) Bring back My Bonnie to me!
Last Train to Clarksville (Real Audio) A lame Monkees cover that sounds like it's missing a few tracks.

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Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
Please ram that pencil into my ear! (01-03-2004)

Jimmy Bucket says:
Hi Bill,

I can't get to in depth but I will give you a little background. My actual name is Skip Wiley. In the 60's I traveled the South, writing songs and playing guitar. In the a November night in 1963 I shared a bottle of rum with a young man in Cayo Hueso. He claimed that he was born on Dec 25th into a family of sailors. He was a friendly sort. He told a good story. I remember him having long blond hair and a moustache.

That's about all I can recall of that night and that sailor fellow. I do believe I had my notebook with me that night, the book I kept all my songs in. The next day I couldn't recall where I left it. When I checked back at Louie's bar, no one had seen it.

That Billy, is a little of how the world turns. (06-01-2003)

Bill Wood ( says:
Jimmy Bucket It sounds like you know something, could you explain your comments alittle more indepth!!
Thanks (05-03-2003)

Jimmy Bucket says:
I want everyone to know that Jimmy Buffett was doing a cover of me on this recording. LEt me ask how is it possible people have been responding to this for over 5 years? (04-04-2003)

Daredevil6 ( says:
They have great hair. I mean really great hair. That's it. (03-24-2003)

Dick Tater says:
Groovy music suitable for mental wards everywhere. (02-22-2003)

D. Kanehl ( says:
Dear Sir/Madam,

Do you have a historical musical background on this band - or any of it's members?

Yours truly, (02-16-2003)

James Botticelli ( says:
I must be really twisted. I actually enjoy the exploitative end of rock more than the actual stuff that was out then. At least I get a laugh from it. Like when the Ray Conniff Singers sing "Love Can Make You Happy" originally by Mercy. Its great schtuff, ain't it?? (01-20-2003)

LongTallSally says:
Did they kidnapp the Monkees put them in a giant tin can and make them sing that!, Meathead must be really evil (01-20-2003)

Janice ( says:
My Bonne sounds just like the one that was recorded with Tony Sheridan and the Beatles. (01-19-2003)

jimmy buffett is god says:
ummmmmmmmmm!!!!!! jimmy is the guy you almost don't see cuzz of the blond chicks hair... and id like to bone the chick on the left... she's hot.. like my mom (id like to bone her too) (10-11-2002)

Sammy Reed says:
I just got this very album at the Salvation Army store today, along with a Jeannie C. Riley greatest hits album that includes the infamous "The Rib"! (09-28-2002)

Canadian Vinylist says:
I think the guy on the right is Rob Reiner...
Maybe he should do a rockumentary on this band!
...This is... The NOW GENERATION! (08-28-2002)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
Three members of the group were wearing sunglasses in the cover photo. Were they doing so to keep the sun out of their eyes, to look cool...or were they so ashemed of the album they had recorded that they didn't want to be recognized?

"My Bonnie" was actually pretty good. "Last Train To Clarksville" sounded like it was being done by people who were singing to lyrics that they were reading for the very first time as they were singing them, and playing electric guitar for the very first time in their lives! (08-20-2002)

Ian Cress says:
I don't know why, but as the cover and the enclosed tracks are cheesy as f**k, why not call the album "Seven Songs By Sunset". It suits the tackiness... (07-23-2002)

Randy Saffell ( says:
I have 5 of the Now Generation LP's. If I can help anyone with research let me know. These are indeed strange LP's. (06-22-2002)

Smak a dilly says:
Umm, Can I go back to the methadone clinic now? (01-22-2002)

Davey Jones says:
Where the heck is clarksville?
What time is the reservation? (10-21-2001)

Jimmy Buffet says:
Hi - I'm Jimmy Buffet. Because of this album photo I became gay when another homo snuck up behind me and grabbed my ass. By the way - the women on the right is not only Trisha Yearwood's mother but was also dating Bobby Gentry at the time. (09-23-2001)

CHRIS! ( says:
Weird and hypnotic....If you enlarge the pic of the record and then move the mouse wheel up and down THE WORDS COME ALIVE...i must now masturbate and kill my mother (08-02-2001)

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