The Now Generation: Come Together

Supermarket rip-offs of the sounds of 1970.

Do you remember how television ads for Greatest Hits type albums always used to say "Original Hits by the Original Artist"? The reason is albums like this 1970 release on Spar Records featuring The Now Generation, as manufactured a band as you can think of, performing cover versions of Come Together, Little Bit of Soul, Sugar Sugar, Last Train to Clarksville and other top hits of the day. Designed to appeal to kids who didn't know better, these tunes (with one exception) are as lifeless as can be, and arranged to sound as close to the original hit recordings as possible (subject to the skills of the musicians, I suppose).

What makes this specimen even more laughable is the ridiculous way in which the Nasheville-based Spar records tries to pass this disc off to kids as a hip rock-and-roll record. Check out the hairstyle on that woman seated to the right -- she belongs in the Grand Old Opry, not on a rock and roll album.

The liner notes on the flip side of Come Together provide the requisite hyperbole for an album of this type. "We've come out of the golden 60's into the magic of the 70's and the magic of the space age that will accompany it... to help bridge the gap, here's a completely new collection of your favorite hit songs performed by the Now Generation. The year 1969 saw the creation of Now Generation as one of the more popular performing groups in Show Biz". Popular compared to who?

There is one bright spot on this album, though. As you might imagine, record companies have to pay royalties to the original artists when they put out a cover album like this, so they usually try to take up the slack with a few originals. Even worse, they may select to cover a traditional song that isn't subject to royalties. That's apparently what happened here. The last song is called My Bonnie, and it's a fancy rock and roll version of the tune we've all heard before (my Bonnie lies over the ocean...). Unbelievably, it's the best track on the album, full of great guitar rifts and inspired singing. If only the Now Generation had put together a whole album of tunes like this, they may have had something.

The Now Generation: Come Together
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My Bonnie (Real Audio) Bring back My Bonnie to me!
Last Train to Clarksville (Real Audio) A lame Monkees cover that sounds like it's missing a few tracks.

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The Lone Beatnik ( says:
It's weird. Their cover version of MY BONNIE, unknown to most of you, is exactly mimicking the early Beatles (i.e., the Quarrymen: Stu Sutcilffe, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Pete Best, George Harrison). If you ever hear the Quarrymen version (on bootlegs, possibly the anthology volume one) you will hear them do THIS VERY SONG in THIS VERY STYLE. What martin refered to in an eariler review. These are the fresh new sounds? The pre-Beatles recorded this in '53 people! The Monkees cover is very pathetic also. By the way, I can't see Jimmy Buffett. Frankly, I don't want to (this is as disturbing as Lou Reed w/ the Beats!.. I love both Reed and Buffett-- you gotta start somewhere, I guess).

P.S.: what's the deal w/ the blonde chick in a suit w/ a tie and a huge hair-do? (06-17-2001)

Elmos Woods says:
Hey! Is the guy in the center possibly a young John Larroquette??? (04-17-2000)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
Was the bass player's union on strike when they recorded this? (09-28-1999)

Martin says:
The Beatles -with Tony Sherriden- did a version of "My Bonnie" several years before this. So it's a cover of a cover. Spooky! (08-30-1999)

guy in the back says:
I'm that guy that you can barely see in the back ground.I'm not part of the band, I was just walking in the park, when I saw my gay lover was taking the photos for this lame ass group. Naturally, I had to get in on this scene, and grab Buffets ass. (02-20-1999)

George ( says:
I've seen lots of these over the years (for some strange reason, my parents have about five or six of the Now Generation's output), but I've never seen this one!! For further listening, look for their other albums to hear such classics as "Honky Tonk Women" and (if you want to believe this)...."Hair"!!!!!!!!!!! Far out. (01-01-1999)

Titus Groan says:
The grinning guy in the back has to be Buffett...he's got that Parrothead grin...and that babe on the left looks hot (nice pins). But you're right, the other girl looks like a country diva (Lynn Anderson or early Dolly Parton). (09-23-1998)

Brian Belovarac ( says:
I too have experienced the magic of The Now Generation, having come across their debut album "The Now Generation" in a thrift shop. I've seen quite a few "Now Generation" albums around, there's probably about five or six. Their versions of "These Eyes" and "Grazing In The Grass" are essential. (05-03-1998)

Noilly says:
Sorry, Frank. Even "My Bonnie" is a ripoff--it's a note-for-note imitation of the old Tony Sheridan version that featured a then-unknown band called...what was their name again...oh yeah! The Beatles. That's George Harrison's guitar work you're hearing--thought you'd recognise it. Marvellous stuff anyhow (04-07-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
This album was featured on "Mr. Rodgers Neiborhood", can you say, "Shooooot Meeeeee"? Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-22-1998)

taro tanabe ( says:
Come together,,,,,, Who want to come together?? ,,,,,,,Jimmy,,,,,,,Buffet,,,,,,,,,outrageous!! (02-07-1998)

Brian Linds says:
Anyone who likes a taste of truly hilarious bizarre records like this one MUST liten to my Radio show The Midnight Midway on CBC Radio 2 in Canada. It's on this Saturday the 29th and sunday the 30th from midnight until 5:00A.M. (11-26-1997)

Emmett ( says:
While searching for other info on The Now Generation, I have found out that Jimmy Buffett (yes THAT one) was in this band, and was featured on this album. Is he on the album cover? (11-12-1997)

Emmett ( says:
Hilarious. I have one of their other albums, that's self-titled. I think it may be their first album, even though it says: "If you possess any of the earlier albums by the Now Generation, you will remember them as a group who's ability to perform contemporary music is unquetionably the greatest." What a barrel of laughs (11-12-1997)

Dino ( says:
Oh my god. I think i blew my spleen listening to this crap. what a riot--please put up some more of the work of these gods of music! (10-18-1997)

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