Jesus Is A Soul Man

When Christians attempt to be 'hip'

I don't buy a lot of Christian records, but this one from the Sego Brothers & Naomi had just the right hook to catch my interest: Jesus is a Soul Man. Get it? I love the way bible-belt Christians will co-opt almost any aspect of secular culture to get their word out. One day Jesus is a Soul Man, and the next thing you know, there are Christian heavy metal bands playing at your local football stadium. Watch out!

This is pretty much a one-joke record (unless you count the subjoke included in the title song, I'm sure SOULed on him). I suppose the idea was to get the kids interested enough to listen to the more serious Jesus tales later on the album.

Interestingly enough, Jesus Is A Soul Man comes to us from Nashville-based Spar Records, the same recording geniuses behind The Now Generation. I guess when you're hip, you're hip!

Jesus Is A Soul Man
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Jesus Is A Soul Man (Real Audio) Oh they say that he is a square...

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frank says:
Naomi dress was in style in the sixties and I guess that is when this was recorded. Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn also recorded this song, or was it Johnny and June? My mother had this album - wish I still had it cause I love the song, I have searched Ebay for it and so far come up with nothing. (06-02-2005)

Red Angel ( says:
Soon a cleansing....... (05-31-2005)

Turd Ferguson (turd ferguson gets serious) says:
It's too bad that Terry Schiavo had to die, but its even worse she had to live as a vegetable for 15 years. She's in a better place now, no matter how you look at it. (04-04-2005)

hannibal ( says:
Ever notice how rude and intolerant these people who "prize human life" are whenever they relate to someone who actually has a functioning neo cortex? So much easier to fight others over what you believe in rather than try to live up to it. (04-01-2005)

Pardon Me While I Rock You says:
Well, you owe Frank a dime now, don't you? And your long-winded and ANGRY rant is exactly why this nation needs to be frightened and worried that religious zealots like yourself are quick to impose their beliefs and opinions on everyone else as if they should be law. Jeb will NOT go beyond his legal power in this case, because he can't. And every time I turn on the television, there's another "Entertainment Tonight asks: Do you think Terry S(c)hiavo's feeding tube should be reinserted? Press 1 on your cellphone for Yes..." and it SICKENS me that every yenta like yourself gets involved in what SHOULD be a private and personal case between a daughter and her family. Stay out of our lives!!! (Whew, I almost got as angry as a bible thumper there! And this is supposed to be an LP cover forum!) (03-28-2005)

Pardon us while we pity you says:
I was right about everything I said, except being certain that my post would not make it here. Protecting people who are defenseless does not make you "inbred". But that other fellow may know more on the subject than I. (03-27-2005)

Pardon us while we pity you ( says:
You couldn't rock a rock. "Misspelled signs"? Like "Terry Shiavo", instead of Terry Schiavo? It's always the most ignorant people like you who come out swinging at nothing and pointing the fingers at others when they should be looking at themselves. While we are on the subject of Terry S(c)hiavo, what makes your sick mind think that people are bad because they value human life and have enough compassion to not want her to suffer? And maturity. Wow how mature can you get to throw in that bit about "crossed eyes"? All decent people have "crossed eyes"? Well then look at what I have typed straightly genius. Oh, and let's not forget about the "Bible thumpers". You are so lucky that I don't have the time to really talk about how stupid you are and people like you. Keep in mind that the same people who are trying to keep Mrs. Schiavo from suffering are the same people who are mourning with the family whose little girl was kidnapped from her own home and raped and murdered (also in Florida). And the sick and evil mutant who killed her is someone whose level of thinking you share. It's strange that your post was deemed worthy of posting after frank larosa "checked it for his approval". Makes me feel that frank either shares that sick view or made the post himself. I will bet every dime to my name that my post never makes it here (03-27-2005)

Pardon Me While I Rock You says:
Yeah, and I bet you $500 that all five of these inbred bible thumpers are out protesting for Terry Shiavo in Florida as we speak, with their misspelled signs and crossed eyes. (03-26-2005)

Lizette says:
Didja notice, the pattern formed by the plump (pregnant?) Naomi's blazer over her white skirt, crossed by the white "belt" on the blazer, forms an UPSIDE-DOWN CRUCIFIX?!?!? Kinda creepy, with those beaming brothers (they look like brothers to YOU?) all dressed in black....Very unsettling.... (02-06-2005)

Carmen ( says:
Dear friends:
I would like to receive the lyric of the song JESUS IS A SOUL MAN. I have been looking for it for long time, please help me to find it.

Carmen Maestre
writting from Venezuela. (11-23-2004)

Uhhh, well....... says:
No God? Yeeeaaaah, just keep telling yourself that all the way to the end. Which could be today for all you know. No God? That's your conclusion due to the witnessing of idiots here which seems to me that you are a mirror image of. Just remember when you read, there is a devil. And if you want to worship him, go right ahead. See what you get in return in the end, which could be as I said, today. (11-14-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
Reading the comments (or maybe more like - the ejaculations) on this board in particular - has confirmed my belief that THERE IS NO GOD! Cuz if there were - he (she or it) would have unleashed some sort of thunderbolt on these bright young lads, leaving them in a smoking pile of ash - LONG AGO. (In fact, all the blue states would be history, too!)

But nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

So, if there's no God then there's no Son of God. Sego and company did all this fine devotional music for nothing. Think of it! All the people put to DEATH in the name of Jesus, Alla, Budda, Your Name Here - died for NOTHING! All the people opressed and repressed by Christians over the years - where oppressed and repressed for NOTHING! I feel so EMPTY now!

Oh, well...

There's always Satan Worship!

Thank GOD for that! (11-11-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Joli ( says:
Loved the intro to this song (the intro was hip) but then when the singers started singing, something got RADICALLY lost in the translation. Oh, they say, that He is a square. They say that, He is nowhere. But Jesus is a soul man & I'm sure sold on Him. But the Gospel according to Huey Lewis states "It's Hip To Be Square." Yet, Jesus had long hair, therefore Jesus was NOT square. And it's Huey that is nowhere.


0 says:
You clever sonbitch you. Just when I think you have topped yourself. Just when I think you have made my sides split beyond repair. Bam! You come back and double me up with your hirlarious creativity! You are one funny genius! Move over Hemmingway. Move over Eddie Murphy. Make room for the man whose head/top is not made of carrots, but of Peanuts. The one. The only. Peanut Head. Loud Aplause.

After you scrub your mom's prickly ass, please come back to you pc and type up some more of that extraordinary commentary. Because your comedic genius will end this war. (05-05-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Hey "O"...

I tinks ya got some kinda bum rash, cuz shure is ONE CRANKY MOFO....

Yeah...tellin' me ta gits a life and den YOU be writin' dis nice big soliloquy and all dat....

blah blah fukkin is so serious wid all yer shit ya gonna BLOW UP....

PUT ON DA JIMMY OSMINDT and chill, pal....mebbe a bit o' Jimmy, some booze & smokes and dat big anal rash ya got will go away den you be nice to all the peeples readin' dis stuff...

Mebbe you got dem Mommy is calling me...I have ta go...bye... (05-01-2004)

0 says:
This fella prenut head is so funny. It's almost impossible to believe he has no life or friends. I mean with that wit? With that sense of humor? With that clever combination of intelligence, comedy, timing, delivery, ability to type like a Negro German but so much free time on his hands? Wow! Where have you been hiding yourself you comedy genius? Move over Comedy Central, Peanut Head is taking over! This boy puts the "F" in funny! The only downside is, his mommy really IS calling him. But I wish the old bag would leave him alone. We love to laugh at him (with him) here. If his mommy makes him get out and get a job, then where would we be? Although this comedy genius comes and goes from time to time, sometimes reappearing with a new name, a new personality, and a new mission, we can be assured that this clever and funny boy will be back to make our sides split! Peanut Head, ever tried stand up? I know that "sit down" and even kneel down is your style, but please consider coming out of the closet, moving out of mommy's house and trying this stand up thing. I really do think that you would put every comedian on earth out of business! And that clever name, oh that name! Ho ho he he ha ha haw haw! (05-01-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Hey "GOD"...

first of all, ya gives me shit and all dat, but YUR taken da lord God's name in vain.....hypercrite!!!

an number two....what da hell is a Blasphemes?? God so mighty and powerful, but can't spell fer shit?....

I'm tellin' ya, pardner...but on da JIMMY OSMINDT an git nekkid....c'mon over an bring some liquor, smokes and da holy book.. here is my address:

Mr. P. Nut Head
666 Delusionalthinkshesgodwhatanarsehole Lane
Bumfuk, Montana

C'mon and bring da fire Mommy is calling me...I haveta go...bye.... (05-01-2004)

God says:
Sinners Repent! All your Blasphemes shall earn you an eternity of Sorrow! (04-30-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Ok Pokey...bring dat dik on over ta my house so's we can get nekkid an looks at is my address..

Mr. P. Nut Head
34 Pokeyssmallpekker Lane
Bumfuck, Idaho

Bring some liquour and smokes...I'll put on da Jimmy Osmind LPs ....oops...gotta Mommy is calling me...bye... (04-29-2004)

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