Jesus Is A Soul Man

When Christians attempt to be 'hip'

I don't buy a lot of Christian records, but this one from the Sego Brothers & Naomi had just the right hook to catch my interest: Jesus is a Soul Man. Get it? I love the way bible-belt Christians will co-opt almost any aspect of secular culture to get their word out. One day Jesus is a Soul Man, and the next thing you know, there are Christian heavy metal bands playing at your local football stadium. Watch out!

This is pretty much a one-joke record (unless you count the subjoke included in the title song, I'm sure SOULed on him). I suppose the idea was to get the kids interested enough to listen to the more serious Jesus tales later on the album.

Interestingly enough, Jesus Is A Soul Man comes to us from Nashville-based Spar Records, the same recording geniuses behind The Now Generation. I guess when you're hip, you're hip!

Jesus Is A Soul Man
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Jesus Is A Soul Man (Real Audio) Oh they say that he is a square...

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Pokey says:
Look at my dick! (04-29-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Hey "0"...fer sum crazee reason I tink yer makin' fun of me!!...dat's not nice...even Jimmy Osmint was nice to me...I got all his Lp's...he da bomb..

i'm not tryin' ta kill ya or anyting like dat...i'm not eve tryin' ta be funny, so you must have one sick sense o' humour, pal...

Get yer hed out from outta yer ass AND BUY A JIMMY OSMIND CD fer crissakes!! Get nekkid, pop on some Jimmy shit and see if I'm wrong!!

I LUV ta gets nekkid wid my Jimmy Osmind Mommy is calling me...I haveta go...bye....

oh, and does my Mommy call "YOU" ta dig the shibiblets from outta yer underwear?....I don tink so....bye... (04-29-2004)

YOU says:
Peanut Head, what does your mommy want when she calls you? Please don't tell me it's the same thing she wants when she calls me. Now that's sick! (04-29-2004)

0 says:
Me? Job? No. I wish I could type slower for you. Once more. I was offering YOU a job. Because you are a riot! You are the funniest Son-Bitch since Carrot Top, but not near the class. I laugh for days after I read your posts. And that name. Oh that clever name! ooh hoo hee hoo ho ha heh heh. Stop. Oh please peanut head. Stop. You are killing us. (04-29-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Hey "0"...

tanks fer da offer, but Iz workin' fer Jimmy Osmint....he da bomb, babe...

Is YOO lookin' fer a job too, cuz ya doesn't sound too bright so mebbe ya doesn't have much edge-a-ma-kation dere.....oops...I have to Mommy is calling me....bye... (04-27-2004)

0 says:
peanut head you are so funny. i can't stop lauging. oh stop. please stop. post your resume here. i will hire you for tours just so people can laugh at your wit and funny name. clever and so funny. (04-26-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Wow!! Dis album iss da BOMB, babies!!

Da fukkin' SMEGMA brothers wid dat hottie Nomee.

Ah, shit...I listened to dis stuff and had a chubb fer all day long. I hates da say dis, but dis is almost better dan all my Jimmy Osmint el pees combined!!! No shit, da dat fukkin' good.

Put on dem X-ray glasses and take anudder look at Nomee....she gots dem bra and panties and oh the steam just oozes offa Mommy is calling me....I have ta go....bye... (04-23-2004)

. says:
To the ignorant, disturbed piece of flem who is destined for hell. Whom is "him"????
Is that your daddy? Because you and I both know that since you were concieved in a back alley in the poorest section of your shit hole town by your whore mother and only JESUS knows who, that you can't possibly know who your father is. And as far as your "betting" goes, you better leave that to someone who has more intellingence than you , ie. anyone. But go ahead and use your purse snatched money for lotto tickets. Who knows? Maybe you will get lucky. Just like you did the day your local library allowed you to use their internet service when you weren't out stealing and smoking crack. Don't blame Christ because you are a peice of dog shit. That is your fault. The world hates you. And when you die, no one will even bother to remember what a stinking pile of shit you were* (03-03-2004)

John says:
Truly awful. I guess tub thumpers think the lyric is clever. It wouldn't be quite so bad with a better arrangement, which isn't saying much. (02-28-2004)

Dr. Zuess Hayes says:
They feed him the same crap you eat. Shit!

I bet you are so wedged in the closet that they couldn't pull you out with an Elephant and some Industrial Strength KY Jelly.

You know you want it. You sound as latent as they come Fiberdick. (02-26-2004)

. says:

Did your mommy feed you this rather unaballenced diet daily?

Or do you take this diet up your ass daily just like your daddy?


Hay-Zeuss says:
".", you and Jesus may cheerfully go eat a bowl of high-fiber dick for all I care. (02-24-2004)

. says:
You should repent now for calling your dead granny "God". (02-19-2004)

. says:
It is a sin to refer to your mother as "Jesus". (02-19-2004)

God Is a Lesbian! says:
I am certian Jesus was a lesbian!
Sinners Repent! (02-16-2004)

LaLa Chicks ( says:
Local Long Beach lesbian artists Anne Engel and Laurie Morvan have teamed up to for the LaLa Chicks, creating a whole new dynamic with the balls of a band. Joined by percussionist Angie Tabor and bassist Lisa Grubs, this foursome will play your favorite covers and originals, as heard on their original CD's. Sure to be a full house, come mix and mingle! (02-16-2004)

Jesus Christ Superstar says:
You Stuck me on a Cross,
Then stuck me with your Spear,
I came back and now you need to run in fear!
Judgement day is a commin'!
And I know who you are!
Hey Ceasar! Leave them Kids Alone!
J.C. (02-13-2004)

Jerry Mummble says:
What are the lyrics to Jesus is a soulman??? The real lyrics? Thanks, Jerry (02-12-2004)

. says:
Hey assface,
I'll tell you what, I think your name "This Record"
is the stupest name I have ever heard.

And your mother is not a soul man! (02-09-2004)

Penis is a Soul Man! says:
This record Sucks CocK!!!!! (02-08-2004)

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