Jesus Is A Soul Man

When Christians attempt to be 'hip'

I don't buy a lot of Christian records, but this one from the Sego Brothers & Naomi had just the right hook to catch my interest: Jesus is a Soul Man. Get it? I love the way bible-belt Christians will co-opt almost any aspect of secular culture to get their word out. One day Jesus is a Soul Man, and the next thing you know, there are Christian heavy metal bands playing at your local football stadium. Watch out!

This is pretty much a one-joke record (unless you count the subjoke included in the title song, I'm sure SOULed on him). I suppose the idea was to get the kids interested enough to listen to the more serious Jesus tales later on the album.

Interestingly enough, Jesus Is A Soul Man comes to us from Nashville-based Spar Records, the same recording geniuses behind The Now Generation. I guess when you're hip, you're hip!

Jesus Is A Soul Man
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Jesus Is A Soul Man (Real Audio) Oh they say that he is a square...

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Brother Blupp says:
Each one o' them Sega-pathic brothers had their way with Naomi. In fact her uncle and brother is the first and third'un behind her. (03-05-2003)

Pete says:
This is so good I want to kiss my own ass! (03-05-2003)

Rather Curious says:
So what does this record say to you when you play it backwards? ;)
Does it attmept to convert you to something against your will subliminally?
Does it send other "lifestyle" messages to you?
"Clean your room."
"Think pure thoughts."
"Obey your parents."
"Obey the Government."
"Brush your teeth." (02-13-2003)

Jesus H. Christ ( says:
Whoever made this record with my name in it is going directly to hell. Orders from the man upstairs. (02-11-2003)

White teeth America says:
Hey Kate, bloody Kate. Leave the bloody "U" out of your bloody words. We do have Humor. We just spell it right! (02-05-2003)

O. B. Wann ( says:
By the Gods that's one scary album cover!!! Could 5 people have any fewer chromosomes in common with the human race and not have flipper-feet? (02-04-2003)

kate says:
look, you damned bible thumpers, get a bloody sense of humour, eh? it's called JESUS IS A SOUL MAN! that's like a Buns of Steel video hosted by The Kool Aid Man. (02-04-2003)

Bigg Sexy ( says:
Apparently "Someone Who Cares About (Me)" doesn't care enough to leave their will I ever thank them for getting me on the right path...sigh. (01-15-2003)

Someone who cares about you says:
Warning. Those of you who are foolish enough to mock the things you clearly do not understand had better be careful! Satan and the demonic is NOT a joke. Neither is the Mercy of God. I warn you to turn from your black and depraved thinking and open your minds to the love that Christ has for you. Open your heart to the reality of His mercy and ask Christ into your life. Your eyes will be opened to the reality of your foolish thinking and you will find real peace and a meaning for living. (01-13-2003)

Beelzebobo ( says:
Jesus is Lord and anyone who doesn't beleive so deserves to die a painful horrid death. The heretics on this site are filthy, nasty and deserving of eternal damnation. Oh yeah, Jesus has a huge schlong.


David ( says:
Jesus deals with souls daily. I hope you will give your soul to Jesus today. Only Jesus can save your soul from hell.
I have known Naomi for over 30yrs. Her singing has been good for me. Maybe you should checkout more of her recordings.
May Jesus love shine on your soul today. (12-08-2002)

Jesus is the King of Kings! And who so does not believe in him, shell be condemmed for eternity in hell together with satan! Amen Greater is he that is in me! (12-02-2002)

Music Director says:
Like David Joseph, I feel the need to conversate, too - except that in this case, it's to give the devil his due. The title track is a cover of an actual hit - the one and only one - by Lawrence Reynolds, released on Warner Brothers(!) By the way, it sucked. Must've been bought by the same folks who purchased The Ballad of the Green Beret.

Were all Jesus acts in the 70's required to be terminally nerdy?

There - I feel much better now that I've conversated! (11-26-2002)

Jesus says:
So there really are records that are played at the unknown speed of 16rpm (11-25-2002)

John says:
Very eerie keyboard and whiny vocals. No wonder I was terrified of Jesus freaks. (11-06-2002)

EMAJUDDIN (emajmd@yahoo>com) says:
It is very nice. (10-15-2002)

Sean ( says:

Peter Shilton ( says:
I don't like Jesus any more. He done my mum! (08-05-2002)

Chris Waddle ( says:
Jesus is a big fat black man. He is one sexy dood man! (08-05-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

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