Jesus Is A Soul Man

When Christians attempt to be 'hip'

I don't buy a lot of Christian records, but this one from the Sego Brothers & Naomi had just the right hook to catch my interest: Jesus is a Soul Man. Get it? I love the way bible-belt Christians will co-opt almost any aspect of secular culture to get their word out. One day Jesus is a Soul Man, and the next thing you know, there are Christian heavy metal bands playing at your local football stadium. Watch out!

This is pretty much a one-joke record (unless you count the subjoke included in the title song, I'm sure SOULed on him). I suppose the idea was to get the kids interested enough to listen to the more serious Jesus tales later on the album.

Interestingly enough, Jesus Is A Soul Man comes to us from Nashville-based Spar Records, the same recording geniuses behind The Now Generation. I guess when you're hip, you're hip!

Jesus Is A Soul Man
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Jesus Is A Soul Man (Real Audio) Oh they say that he is a square...

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disgruntled brother says:
This confirms what I have said for many years now: Jesus is BLACK!!! Just as black as Chick Willis. Right on! (02-20-1999)

a real parakeet says:
THe reason I became a born again Parrot. 'nuff said. (02-20-1999)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
I moan for Naomi too. Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (12-20-1998)

Maynard Glick/SOYBOMB ( says:
There is a religious DILBERT like site that confronts the paradoxes of modern religion. It appears to me that when people go out to socialize all there looking for is good food and atmosphere. Is it too obvious? people get rich selling boiled noodles and spicy spaghetti sauce. G-D BLESS. (12-11-1998)

Merle Woodin ( says:
First heard Jesus was a soul man by a patient in a mental hospital, a patient played it for us, and it was really cool. I was there doing a music ministry thing through the volunteer program. He told me Hank Williams did that song. It has been two years since I heard him play it, and I could never find it through any of Hanks songs, or under Luke the Drifter, so I put it on by the song title, and got it first time around. Does anybody have the lyrics sheet with the chords? I believe I have most of the words, but a few of them are sketchy. (12-10-1998)

Mike says:
People sure do have a short memory (or maybe everybody's 15 years old who visits here?). "Jesus Is A Soul Man" was a pop top-40 record in the early '70s by Lawrence Reynolds on Warner Bros. records. This is the same song, probably just a cover version of a then-current hit. Why all the conspiracy thories about this? (12-01-1998)

KF Burris says:
Jesus is a Soul man is brought back the sweet sounds of early attempts by many Christian artist to get hip. It may sound sort of goofy, but so does alot of the other music of it's time. The message of Jesus transcends all cultures and time. (11-29-1998)

Justin says:
Besides singing about god and stuff, do they sing any songs about hate or destrustion? (11-22-1998)

Proud mom and Friend of Jesus says:
Hello Frank.... I think it is sad when you have to tear someone else down to try to get a laugh! I am sure that Naomi laughs at this picture too! I would love to get into your old family pictures especially of your mother or older relatives. I am sure there are a few there that we could all get a laugh from. By the way... Jesus is the creator of your soul and He died for you so you could live with Him forever if you choose to... John 3:16 (11-22-1998)

Darold ( says:
The guy on the right looks like Link Wray. Does he play guitar on this? (11-13-1998)

LoreNZo Van Der Lingen ( says:
Beautiful! Truly breath-taking in it's sheer awfulness! Of course, as Martian Art has already pointed out, Naomi DOES have a big inverted crucifix on her dress. And, to add further fuel to the fire, 'Naomi' spelt backwards is 'Imoan' - coincidence??? I think not! (Now, if only I could find Little Marcy's ode to Soul Brother # 1, I WOULD be in heaven...) Great site, by the way... (10-25-1998)

Mark says:
I work at a free-format radio station that among other things collects old records. We have everything from Mr. Rogers to Jack Van Impe with a stop in between for a couple Jello Biafra records. I absolutely agree with the guy who said Little Marcy's "Mr. Satan" song is the most twisted thing ever. What's funniest about it is the last line where she says "When Mr. Satan knocks at my heart's door I just say no no no!". Anybody realize what the word "say" sounds like backwards. Pretty much exactly like "yes". We routinely put it on our DJ turntables and manually spin it through the phrase until after the word "say" and run it backwards: "I just say...yes!" And to think, we've been accusing Led Zeppelin all these years of backwards satan worshipping messages... (10-23-1998)

Pru ( says:
I am a christian. I love Jesus with all my heart! I collect dolls and old gospel albums. I am particularly interested in Little Marcy. So please don't use her album covers for the bathroom wall. E-mail me and I will gladly buy them from you!!! p.s. I've been looking for her and her albums for quite sometime now! (10-04-1998)

Lokahiboy says:
Christian records... the olde standby in the wierd genre... I have several of the records mentioned in the comments here, Marcy being a prize cornerstone of my collection. I also collect defrocked preacher albums (Swaggart, Bakker, etc..) Christian childrens albums are prizes and make the teletubbies look intellectual. (10-03-1998)

Titus Groan says:
You gotta love those Southern Gospel albums...recorded on such labels as Word, Canaan, Heartwarming, and Sing...their covers depicting clean cut guys in suits and ties, and plump ladies with mile high Marge Simpson 'dos (Naomi Sego, "Sister Vestal" of the Happy Goodmans). One thing I will never figure out about Southern Gospel...why oh why do the singers ALWAYS feel obligated to HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD the last note at the end of the song---even after the music stops, they're still hoooollllllllding that last note until they run out of breath! But you're right about Christian albums trying to cash in on trends. One of the oddest Christian records I ever heard (played during Bible class at a Christian school) was "Flight F-I-N-A-L: A Dramatic Comparison to Death." It depicts the ascent to heaven as a literal 707 ride nonstop to the pearly gates, with Jesus as the pilot (He begins His in-flight announcement with "This is thy Captain speaking") and the happy passengers singing hymns. Another album dramatized the end times as a football game between God and the forces of evil. And popular Christian artist Carman had a record called "The Champion," about Jesus and Satan in the boxing ring...YEARS before "South Park" came up with the same idea! (09-23-1998)

Nancy(Prayer Warrior) says:
What else would you call Him??? That is exactly what he was and still is today. This is one soul that He saved and I cannot EVER thank Him enough! (08-22-1998)

Martian Art says:
Have you noticed that there's an upside down cross on dear Naomi's dress? (07-14-1998)

amber ( says:
hey, jesus IS a soul man! he's the coolest guy i've ever met. yes, this is funny. poor naomi, oh, poor,poor naomi. peace :) (05-18-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Say, isn't the marijuana growing in the background on the album cover. What a photo! They had to be smokin' something when that photo was taken. WOW! That Naomi, what a FOX! I just trashed all of my Minny Pearl albums, give me some ole' Naomi! A real "Fly Buster" for sure. Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-23-1998)

Hunter Brewer says:
I find your sense of humor entertaining. As a Christian, I understand what it is that is so funny. We seem to have disregarded altogether God's comandment of "do not take the Lord's name in vain" which in reality means God's name is sacred and should be kept holy. I hate that some peoples only perception of 'quote un quote' Christians is Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert. I would suggest, however, that before you revile Christian music that you listen first. Remember, hypocrisy is a two way mirror. Anyway, gettin off my soapbox the album cover is funny. (03-14-1998)

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