Jesus Is A Soul Man

When Christians attempt to be 'hip'

I don't buy a lot of Christian records, but this one from the Sego Brothers & Naomi had just the right hook to catch my interest: Jesus is a Soul Man. Get it? I love the way bible-belt Christians will co-opt almost any aspect of secular culture to get their word out. One day Jesus is a Soul Man, and the next thing you know, there are Christian heavy metal bands playing at your local football stadium. Watch out!

This is pretty much a one-joke record (unless you count the subjoke included in the title song, I'm sure SOULed on him). I suppose the idea was to get the kids interested enough to listen to the more serious Jesus tales later on the album.

Interestingly enough, Jesus Is A Soul Man comes to us from Nashville-based Spar Records, the same recording geniuses behind The Now Generation. I guess when you're hip, you're hip!

Jesus Is A Soul Man
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Jesus Is A Soul Man (Real Audio) Oh they say that he is a square...

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Mike ( says:
Come on Frank. You must have manipulated their heads in photoshop. Some are obviously too small, and others too large. (11-27-1997)

tucko ( says:
This record makes me HOT! Fills me fulla lovin. But it doesn't quite send me over the edge like my Jimmy Swaggart and Jim and Tammy albums.MMM (11-19-1997)

PeaBody Holmes ( says:
Pass the Peas like we used to do! Ain't no party like a peapod party cuz a peapod party's. . .something something Burt Ward. Check the style people, I got the flow like Lemmy with a runny nose. No doubt about it, I got it goin' on like Hammer, baby! Keep on truckin' and watch out for the Peas! (11-12-1997)

Chris Barnham says:
Jesus Saves......but Bob Marley scores from the rebound. (11-01-1997)

Blake W. says:
I must admit that I collect christian records like this strictly for the covers. I was planning on wall papering my bathroom with a bunch of the more extreme looking ones. The absolute funniest christian record I have is Little Marcy singing "When Mr. Satan Knocks At My Hearts Door." Little Marcy is a PUPPET. Her voice belongs to Big Marcy who is a grown woman singing in a high squeeky little girl voice!!! It must be heard to be believed. (09-17-1997)

Lea Ann says:
This is both a hoot AND a holler! (08-25-1997)

cam ( says:
This is so horrible, yet so FUNNY! BY THE WAY, CHRISTIAN "METAL" bands DO exist and are quite prolific. of course, there was stryper but nowadays its hardcore! check out strongarm or disciple, or just about any band on tooth and nail records and see just how silly christians playing music can get (08-23-1997)

Roy ( says:
This is SHEER BRILLIANCE! Is there any way I can save this and send it to loved ones across the country? Someone PLEASE, I beg you, tell me how I can do this! Thanks a million! (06-27-1997)

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