Ray Bloch Singers: Hits of '69

Another low-budget label cashes in on psychedelia.

Ambassador Records' Hits of '69 with the Ray Bloch Singers is another low-budget ripoff LP that has to leave you wondering what the record executives of the time were thinking. On the outside, we have every attempt to mimic the psychedelic style of groups like Vanilla Fudge or the Greatful Dead. On the inside, we get ten tracks worth of elevator music with that stylistic alternation between deep-male voices and high-female voices that seemed to be all the rage in the "adult contemorary" genre of the time.

Ray Bloch and Ed Sullivan I can't imagine who bought this record. Any teenager with an ounce of hipness wouldn't have been able to stomach eight seconds of the Ray Bloch singers or the sappy tunes they picked for this album (Worst That Can Happen, This Magic Moment, Both Sides Now). Yet their parents, for whom the music was apparently intended, certainly weren't about to buy an album with cover art like this. (Maybe the album didn't sell very well at all, and that's why it ended up in the thrift store record bin where I found it).

In any case, I enjoyed both the album cover and the disc, but my taste in music isn't generally something that represents a good investment on the part of record companies. I suppose I should be thankful that there are enough boneheaded albums like this to keep me entertained. Thanks, Ambassador!

Ray Bloch Singers: Hits of '69
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Spinning Wheel (Real Audio) What goes up...
Everyday People (Real Audio) Different folks... different strokes. Makes perfect sense.

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Your Comments:

J says:
I bought this record and it is awful. But, somehow I get a sick kick out of that awfulness. I will drive around with this sh** on my iPod and look at the other drivers like, "You know what I'm listening to? Huh?," and smile with twisted glee. (07-02-2012)

Drew says:
Try not to confuse this Ray's singers with those of Ray Conniff's....I guess if Conniff rejected them, they went to Bloch.... (08-15-2010)

hel yah! says:
I have the ray bloch singers doing Hair.
one of my first records (09-17-2007)

maddmaxx says:
I remember the Sunday night Ed Sullivan Show and I can't say I ever heard this group of "singers". Good thing too! It may have turned me off music for the rest of my life.....Yes, Please make it stop!!!!!! (02-14-2006)

HANNIBAL ( says:
All the singers on this album are singing out of key.... it sounds like it was recorded by some drunk friends at a carnival (07-20-2005)

George Steele (hey@hey_you,com) says:
Zombies bad! (07-06-2005)

Adrian says:
Merciful Minerva!
This version of "Spinning Wheel" sounds like it's being performed by the zombies from a George Romero flick. Run!!!! Run!!!!!!!!!!!! (07-03-2005)

Maalox ( says:
Dear GOD make it STOP (04-20-2005)

Robert says:
Jerold Jemmott, should he be the bassist, kicks ass! He drives utter schmaltz into something worth relishing. Great drummer, too. Beyond that, lifeless. (02-28-2005)

K Mychiques ( says:
Wow baby (01-26-2005)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
I wonder if Ray was any relation Ernst Bloch - who was Hilter's personal doctor? They DO kinda look alike. Did Ray spend anytime in Argentina? Mhhhh...Curiouser and curiouser... (11-11-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

Joli ( says:
These guys should have dubbed themselves the Ray Bloch-head singers. No pun intended. The voices of these singers in Spinning Wheel sound just like voice chips on robots beginning to malfunction. I guess the executive producers were thinking this very dynamic might enhance the psychedelic effect of the album. I gotta hand it to them... they succeeded. (10-13-2004)

Spazzmatazz (Spazzmatazz@yada.yada) says:
Sly Stone should have horsewhipped them.
With a live horse... (09-14-2004)

It's another sound without the fabulous Leslie, but very good for those years! special for us now!
the great beggining !
Hammond is still the best!
best regard (08-24-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
What's your point there, "mawn-DIK"?

2. who gives a shit? (06-20-2004)

mawnck says:
You do realize that Ambassador Records is a subsidiary of Peter Pan, right? (06-19-2004)

Fred Lispschiftz ( says:
Hey- What I've heard is quite awesome!!! Is there much more in which to obtain???? Anyone out there who'se "in the know", would be appreciated. Thanks!

FL (04-19-2004)

Phil Greenaway says:
Spinning Wheel isnt bad. I've heard better versions though. (04-10-2004)

60's Heart says:
The best part of this cut is the bass playing. Seems all the music of that time was centered on the Fender Bass and greats like James Jamerson (MoTown), Chuck Rainey (Aretha Franklin, Rascals, etc.) and the greatest of them all, Jerold Jemmott (King Curtis). But the cut just sucks, bland beyond belief. My eight track won't even play it. (03-11-2004)

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