Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog

...but were afraid to ask for! Classical Moog, classically bad.

Here it is: everything you always wanted to hear on the moog... but were afraid to ask for! This great disc of classical Moog music, "Semi-conducted" (get it?) by Andrew Kazdin and Thomas Z. Shepard, features works by Chabrier, Lecuona, Bizet, and an incredible 14 minute rendition of Ravel's Bolero that fills the entire second side of the record.

There's a lot of electronic computer technology in music today, but in the days of the Moog, electronic music really sounded artificial. That's exactly what makes records like this so frightening to the musical establishment... and such treasures to the rest of us. From tinny sounds that you can almost recognize from their analog counterparts to spacey flourishes that only exist in Moogspace, these tracks bring a thoroughly unique perspective to the tunes they cover.

Most Moog albums employ a number of traditional instruments (especially drums), but not this one: it is entirely synthesized on the Moog, right down to fake applause at the conclusion of Bolero. The liner notes go to some length to remind the listener of the massive creative effort that goes into producing an album like this. With only one sound at a time to work with, reproducing a complex score can involve up to 20 tracks per song, and countless hours of work. You really have to hand it to Kazdin and Shepard for putting that kind of work into a record that was most probably panned by every music critic of its day. Moog on!

Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog
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Turd Ferguson says:
MOOG's rule, but they are only 1 instrument. A supporting instrument at that. This album is like someone releasing an album of songs played entirely on the snare drum. (11-25-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
I KNEW Bob Moog - and you SENATOR, are no BOB MOOG!

You young-uns gotta understand - Moog sythesizers were hot shit back in the sixties. (They STILL are... well, at least - lukewarm shit.) There was nothing like them. If you wanted music you had to blow, suck, pound or scratch something. The idea you could play music on something that plugged into the wall - was a new one. Novel and novelty. We don't have novelties anymore. No more real irony, either. Back before everybody in the world (including six-year-olds) was hip - we had this thing called IRONY. You see, not EVERYBODY got EVERYTHING, and sarcasism actually MEANT something. You could be sarcastic and SOME people wouldn't GET that you were being scarcastic. Nowadays, EVERYBODY'S in on the joke. Even BARNEY. So where do you go to be the new "outsiders"? Alabama, maybe. They don't get sarcasism down there, do they?

I'm going for NAIVE myself. Naive is the NEW IRONY. I'm sorry - did you say I'm REALLY intellegent? Why, thank you - you are SO kind. Did you say I should GET A LIFE? Your concern is so very touching! Let's do lunch sometime! Love you, too! Don't be a stranger! (11-11-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Joli ( says:
This isn't bad at all. No really, I like it, it's good! This is classically REFORMED music. A nice departure from the old school. By jove, it's even fraught with humor. A classic case of how laughter is good for the soul. (10-12-2004)

Rato ( says:
This fabulous album, totally remastered, is now available for download (only till August 28) at RATO RECORDS:

Bonnie says:
I was a bit dubious about buying this album which was in the one dollar discount bin. To my surprise, it was well worth getting. There is something charming about the early days of electronica. This album is soothing to listen to, not like the jumpy electronica of today, even though I enjoy that too. If you see it for $1.00 or more, grab it! (08-02-2004)

Joseph Olms ( says:
How do I get a copy of this on CD? This used to be a favorite album of mine but I lost it years ago and now here it is and I need a copy.


Joe (08-02-2004)

Joseph Olms ( says:
How do I get a copy of this on CD? This used to be a favorite album of mine but I lost it years ago and now here it is and I need a copy.


Joe (08-02-2004)

Peanut Head says:
I iss honord ta speak wid "normal folk" like GLW.

Hey, wassat stand fer: Goofy Lookin' Weirdo! Haw haw.... surre make lots o' sense dere, have lotsa nerve makin' fun of ME...

YA NEEDS TA CHILL....secret recipe: liqour, smokes an some JAMMY OSMINDT onna boom box dere, GLW...he iss DA BOMB, GLW....

If dat don work, go outta yer pit an git yerself a broad cuz yoo iss a cranky sumbitch.

bye.. (07-08-2004)

Jacques ( says:
Si ce disque est refait digitalement j'en achèterais plusieurs copies. Dans le temps j'avais un magasin de Hi Fi et c'était une démo gagnante. J'espère que plusieurs sauront me lire en français. (07-08-2004)

glw says:
hey there you pee nut head.
so i's off by a handfull of y's. besides that
i hasend asked for your sticky comments.
from my pit on the 24th floor it looks like there is a lot of mould growing out of your head so, take yourself to the dumpster.
non of us normal folks don't need your kind of garbage. (07-07-2004)

Peanut Head says:
You iss a liar, fRank...cuz da moog not even abailable till 1967 or so...early 60's you is full of shit....

dey prolley kicked ya outta yer neighberhud fer playin' dis all da least da seneor department smart an made ya get rid of all yer sterio shit....BUY JAMMY OSMINDTX..remember him? He was brudder to Donna & Mary OSMUNDT...

You live in a pit now, Frank? you git nekkid wid liqour and smokes like me?? PUT ON JAMMY OSUNDTM den ya can....oops, gotta go mommy is calling me...bye.... (06-30-2004)

Frank from the pit ( says:
In the early 60's I heard this record in a Home show and thought it was the greatest sound I'v heard. When I finaly bought the record I played it over and over for friend and the whole neighbourhood. In the late 90's whith all the new sterio equipment i.e C D's etc. and moving into a senior apartment had to get rid of a lot.
I have been looking around in Music stores to find a C D version of this album with no luck.
Any help out there???????
Thanks a lot.
Frank (06-30-2004)

Lord Cuckoo Face ( says:
Hello - i am a student in sydney, australia. i have been looking everywhere for fine moog examples like this and would love to recieve anything you might have in wma or mp3 format - thanx all! (06-24-2004)

marjie ( says:
yep, i picked this album up at a garage sale today, it's so amazing! I'm buying a moog soon. yep. (06-19-2004)

Ted says:
My parents owned this one, and it was a favorite of my brother's and mine. Rather than requesting it by it's wordy title, we just asked to hear "Wires and Plugs," referring to the artwork. (06-16-2004)

gerardo ( says:
I'd like to get this on CD...can someone please tell me where I can get 5th grade teacher brought it into class back in 1970! I asked her if I could have a copy and she made one on cassette. I used to put it under my sister's bed at night to scare her - cuz there's a really scary part to it. I was the only nerd who asked my teacher to have a copy. (06-16-2004)

lin ( says:
I have an original LP (M30383) and I just want to say - it makes me laugh, that's why I like it. (06-14-2004)

Dan in Chattanooga ( says:
I've been looking all over for this it available? I first came across this LP in the 70s when I worked in radio, and it has always been one of my favorites! (05-23-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Well, c'mon....not exactly everyting I wanted ta hear on the moog.

I wants ta hear somebody FART onna moog...who gonna do dat, huh?? Jimmy Osmend??? No shit, don't see dat happenin'....

I wanna hear dat sound when ya get yer nuts caught inna ....oops....gotta run. My mommy is calling me...bye... (04-23-2004)

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