Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog

...but were afraid to ask for! Classical Moog, classically bad.

Here it is: everything you always wanted to hear on the moog... but were afraid to ask for! This great disc of classical Moog music, "Semi-conducted" (get it?) by Andrew Kazdin and Thomas Z. Shepard, features works by Chabrier, Lecuona, Bizet, and an incredible 14 minute rendition of Ravel's Bolero that fills the entire second side of the record.

There's a lot of electronic computer technology in music today, but in the days of the Moog, electronic music really sounded artificial. That's exactly what makes records like this so frightening to the musical establishment... and such treasures to the rest of us. From tinny sounds that you can almost recognize from their analog counterparts to spacey flourishes that only exist in Moogspace, these tracks bring a thoroughly unique perspective to the tunes they cover.

Most Moog albums employ a number of traditional instruments (especially drums), but not this one: it is entirely synthesized on the Moog, right down to fake applause at the conclusion of Bolero. The liner notes go to some length to remind the listener of the massive creative effort that goes into producing an album like this. With only one sound at a time to work with, reproducing a complex score can involve up to 20 tracks per song, and countless hours of work. You really have to hand it to Kazdin and Shepard for putting that kind of work into a record that was most probably panned by every music critic of its day. Moog on!

Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog
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Your Comments:

John King ( says:
What is this albumn worth these days? (04-28-2003)

the wonderus buffal says:
that is I need ONE like yesterday......thanx (again) (04-15-2003)

buffullufacus the great ( says:
I NEED An MP3 like yesterday!!!!! please tell me where I can find on thanx (04-15-2003)

Dave Hilsheimer ( says:
Love the album. A true classic, in every sense of the word. Haven't had it since the late "70's and have been looking for the cd for eons. Glad to see there may be a source for it. (04-12-2003)

Alfredo Gomez ( says:
I have been playing this record for decades!
Its extremely good
Please, anyone has a CD?? (04-03-2003)

donaldc ( says:
This record is a masterpiece! Their chosen instruments and voicing fit the pieces perfectly. I have listened to my copy until the grooves are white. I searched for it in CD form all over the world (before internet) and all over the internet since. No CD exists, so I encoded it myself from vinyl, noise and all. (03-08-2003)

Steve Murphy ( says:
I just got Dan Carlson's CD, It's great, I have a good sound system and it really sounds good. Thanks
DAN....... (03-04-2003)

guilzebuth1584 says:
someone please tell me you can find some mp3 tracks somewhere (01-24-2003)

RYan ( says:
I just ran across this record at a thrift store today! :) (12-02-2002)

tom farney ( says:
i have the CD from dan...well worth it!!
Watch the bass, VERY powerful! (11-14-2002)

Dave ( says:
I love this album. My brother made me a tape of it and I wore it out. I would love to have a CD. (10-30-2002)

Roger ( says:
I would like to get a CD of this album. Does anyone know how? Thanks (10-18-2002)

D ( says:
I LOVE this album!!! When I was in grade school I went to a presentation of this in Dallas, TX at the "North Park Inn" (no longer there, it was torn down) We watched a huge screen presentation about the Moog and then after we got the album and it was signed to me. I listened to that so many times I can't even count, I still have it and eventually will make a cd so I can listen in the car. This is so cool that I came across this because I have looked for it over the years and never could find anything about it!!! Thanks to whoever started this!!! (10-12-2002)

Canadian Vinylist says:
I was feeling left out that my parents didn't own 'Switched-On Bach' or anything by Dick Hyman, but they did have this album... (08-29-2002)

Julian Scharneck ( says:
Hi everyone,

I'm from South Africa and would like to know if there is any place on this wonderfull world where I can buy Vynil from.
I want to throw away my CD player completely as long as I can buy any music on Vynil.

Any help is appreciated.
Regards.... (08-25-2002)

reminiscing says:
That moog is to music what the open pit fire is to the microwave oven. Some nostalgia eh. I owned it on 8-track (remember what they were?). It definitely HAD it's time. Still interesting as would be watching the use of a guillotine. (08-06-2002)

doak ( says:
WOW! I haven't heard this LP since the latter '70s. Now I've got to have a copy. I'll be looking for it on vinyl, but will take the gentleman up on his CDr offer if I get stymied.

doak (08-04-2002)

Clointy McFlofton says:
Give Kazdin some props. He produced some excellent classical music albums in the 1960s, including numerous ones of famous organist E. Power Biggs playing Bach. Stop snickering! (07-30-2002)

dan carlson ( says:
I'm burning a CD-R of an excellent copy of this LP and would be happy to sell copies to those that are interested. It'll have the cover art and everything! Just email me. (07-25-2002)

Debbie Lewis ( says:
Can some kind soul do me a copy of this......... (07-21-2002)

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