Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog

...but were afraid to ask for! Classical Moog, classically bad.

Here it is: everything you always wanted to hear on the moog... but were afraid to ask for! This great disc of classical Moog music, "Semi-conducted" (get it?) by Andrew Kazdin and Thomas Z. Shepard, features works by Chabrier, Lecuona, Bizet, and an incredible 14 minute rendition of Ravel's Bolero that fills the entire second side of the record.

There's a lot of electronic computer technology in music today, but in the days of the Moog, electronic music really sounded artificial. That's exactly what makes records like this so frightening to the musical establishment... and such treasures to the rest of us. From tinny sounds that you can almost recognize from their analog counterparts to spacey flourishes that only exist in Moogspace, these tracks bring a thoroughly unique perspective to the tunes they cover.

Most Moog albums employ a number of traditional instruments (especially drums), but not this one: it is entirely synthesized on the Moog, right down to fake applause at the conclusion of Bolero. The liner notes go to some length to remind the listener of the massive creative effort that goes into producing an album like this. With only one sound at a time to work with, reproducing a complex score can involve up to 20 tracks per song, and countless hours of work. You really have to hand it to Kazdin and Shepard for putting that kind of work into a record that was most probably panned by every music critic of its day. Moog on!

Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog
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Les Toredors from Carmen (Real Audio) You can just see Felix Unger spinning in his grave!

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Your Comments:

Brandi ( says:
I remember my dad playing these songs for me when I was little, and I would LOVE to get a copy of this album on CD. Does ANYone have a clue where I could find it? I can't even find any of these songs online...
Thanks for your help! (07-20-2002)

Steve Dyer ( says:
I really love this recording and have a treasured copy in vinyl but would love a CD if anyone knows if they have ever been made??????? Where can I get one?????????? (07-20-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

George Fuller ( says:
Would like to find a good recording of Everything you always wanted to hear on the Moog. Please send me info on anyone who might be willing to part with either an old vinyl or a new CD. Thanks (07-11-2002)

Werewolf ( says:
OMG!!! I've got this album! Hey, I thought it was pretty good at the time I bought! LMAO! (07-06-2002)

Brian Phillips says:
OK, so I'm a Moog Junkie, but I rather liked this record. They at least picked good music to emulate. The "arrangements" are quite nice. (06-28-2002)

Lance Christiansen ( says:
Does anyone know how I can go about buying this record or the sound tracks. (06-14-2002)

Rocketboy_X says:
Techicnally, it's freakin astounding. How can you listen to this track and not realize how much work was involved to get such a jaunty, layered feel with crap technology. On the bad side, it sucks. You really have to be a Moog Junkie to enjoy it... (06-01-2002)

Thomas ( says:
Yah, alright. Let me tell you this I had this album from the early '70's. Y'all can't realy think about what it represented so early in electronic music.
I would still consider it synthesized > but it was right at the fore-front of what eventually is called digitalized and look where that's going.. you don't know where that's going?... well, you can write here in 30 years and tell us OK? You'll remember then, .... (04-29-2002)

Schraff ( says:
Ladles and Jellyspoons, I give you...KRAFTWERK'S RETARDED COUSIN! (03-29-2002)

Jabba (hutville) says:
Is this the part they exclude from "A Clockwork Orange" ? (03-21-2002)

marcus sponthon ( says:
Hm...Iīm glad that Bizet is dead now so he dosenīt need to escape by the skin of one's teeth. This was horrible !!!! (03-18-2002)

Danny Brien says:
Quite a jaunty little number. It's what the Moog was invented for. You can almost picture the artist in full splendour with a pair of Bell-bottoms and large brown tinted glasses. With sideburns bushier than Mungo Jerrys. (03-14-2002)

Dosifei ( says:
Bizet is doing cartwheels in his grave. Oh the humanity. At least Les Pechers des Perles is safe. (03-04-2002)

Andrew Grantham ( says:
Oh, I forgot to mention... I suffered from night terrors (horrific night-time half-waking episodes of complete horror, etc.) from age 4 until age 14... roughtly the amount of time that this LP was in the house. Coincidence? You decide. (02-12-2002)

Andrew Grantham ( says:
I grew up with this album in the house. Imagine being 3 years old and hearing this music in its entirety for years. The cover disturbed me so much, I actually threw it into the fireplace and watched it burn when I was in my teens.

A few months later, my sister and her friend found this LP at a flea market, and they had contimplated buying it and placing the cover neatly next to the fireplace. I would have lost it! :)

Believe it or not, though, I really like it now, and I collect Moog music. What the #$@#, right? (02-12-2002)

fjp ( says:

What's with all the negative feedback???

I've got this record myself, and although it has some dodgy parts, it has more than it's fair share of genius, so BE NICE!!!!!

And don't forget to visit the only ONLINE MOOG RADIO STATION at WWW.MOOGWORLD.COM
I provided some of the content which is why I'm supplying the plug...
fjp (01-28-2002)

Charlie Mount ( says:
Anyone know where I can get it on CD? I've had the album since the early 1980s, and used several tracks in my comedy magic act for 15 years (all off the same two or three cassette recordings I made). Needless to say my recordings are awfully scratched sounding, and I'd love to get in on CD. (By the way, audiences loved the music when it came up in the show.) (11-05-2001)

A Clockwork Banana says:
Sounds like somebody overloaded the dishwasher, to me! (10-15-2001)

mark ( says:
hey all - i do a web cast radio show, sundays, 6-9pm. my show is called Moog Power. I play electronic pop, electronic rock, and electronic whatever of all styles and decades, but this sunday i'm going all out with nothing but moog/synth classics. you can hear the show at

i've posted here (again) to spread the word, and not annoying. thanks - tune in every sunday!
oh yeah and if you want to see my playlists before you take me seriously, shoot me an e-mail


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