Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog

...but were afraid to ask for! Classical Moog, classically bad.

Here it is: everything you always wanted to hear on the moog... but were afraid to ask for! This great disc of classical Moog music, "Semi-conducted" (get it?) by Andrew Kazdin and Thomas Z. Shepard, features works by Chabrier, Lecuona, Bizet, and an incredible 14 minute rendition of Ravel's Bolero that fills the entire second side of the record.

There's a lot of electronic computer technology in music today, but in the days of the Moog, electronic music really sounded artificial. That's exactly what makes records like this so frightening to the musical establishment... and such treasures to the rest of us. From tinny sounds that you can almost recognize from their analog counterparts to spacey flourishes that only exist in Moogspace, these tracks bring a thoroughly unique perspective to the tunes they cover.

Most Moog albums employ a number of traditional instruments (especially drums), but not this one: it is entirely synthesized on the Moog, right down to fake applause at the conclusion of Bolero. The liner notes go to some length to remind the listener of the massive creative effort that goes into producing an album like this. With only one sound at a time to work with, reproducing a complex score can involve up to 20 tracks per song, and countless hours of work. You really have to hand it to Kazdin and Shepard for putting that kind of work into a record that was most probably panned by every music critic of its day. Moog on!

Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog
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Les Toredors from Carmen (Real Audio) You can just see Felix Unger spinning in his grave!

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danb says:
this is great! (and I mean it) (09-13-2001)

Indigo Shift ( says:
Jesus Christ. You know, this is what Charlie Manson hears in his head 24/7. That's why he cut the swastika in his let this crap out! (08-14-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

Groganmaster says:
Actually this would be very good music to accompany someone going insane....
I find it quite funny though (07-25-2001)

Brandi ( says:
Woof-- Main Street Electrical Parade flashback! (07-25-2001)

Steven D. ( says:
Wow .. I haven't even heard it yet, but it sounds like it would sound like shit .... I mean really .. have you ever listened to shit ? it sounds pretty interesting .. especially when you flush it down the potty. I mean WOW! its SUM shit yo. Its worse than the sound of 1 pussy clapping to the nails being bitten off of a cute little puppy that just got his balls chopped off. (07-17-2001)

Roman Pativ says:
Sick and wrong. (07-03-2001)

Michael L. gill ( says:
This album was the first classical piece thatI throughly enjoy. I own it on vinyl, in perfict condition with very few pops, but would like to have a high quality cd copy of it to play with mobil devices. listening,I have come to appreciate other classical genry. I belive classical station should play this piece from time to time to aquire a fresh infusion of listeners and possibly future revenue enhansement. (07-01-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Sounds a lot like a midi file that was recorded onto a tape that had a bad drag! (06-14-2001)

clif ( says:
I have been searching for this album & other ones like it on CD for years. I've loved it to death since i first heard it as a kid! Could anyone give me advice about where to purchase such albums on CD in Australia or where there are online resources for obtaining mp3 files with this sort of thing? I really enjoy the whole moog genre for exactly the 'raw & artificial' type of sound that it generates but find it difficult to get hold of good stuff. Today's electronica just isn't the same. (08-14-2000)

daniel ( says:
I am interested in aquiring a copy of everything you always wanted to hear on the moog "but were afraid to ask for" if this is possible please contact me at 7/27/2000 (07-28-2000)

ryan ( says:
This was the first music I can remember hearing as a kid. I haven't heard it in atleast 15 years, but it still pops into my head often. Anyone selling the CD or MP3s? (07-22-2000)

Mike Supakul ( says:
I lost my brother's this LP. in 1971, now year 2000, When I play golf with him, he still mention and upset at me about that LP. I would like to have a coppy of CD or MP3 . can someone help me ,I'll pay for your troubles. I love this album..and by the way,I can get him off my back........ (07-01-2000)

tomf ( says:
realized i had this, bought it on purpose with hard earned money when new, then the dog knocked it down and a big gouge across espana/carmen (couldn't have been bolero, which i never listen to) there access to CD of this? (06-19-2000)

JAViER says:
man! I bought this last week by mistake!! I'm so proud to own this now. (wipes tears of joy) (01-18-2000)

Michael.K says:
Wait a minute. Felix Unger is dead?!? (11-23-1999)

Porthos says:
I'm having flashbacks to the Main Street Electrical Parade. (Or was it 'Nam? (11-20-1999)

chris says:
a brilliant album, second only to "plastic cow goes mooooog" in the moog genre. love your web page. (03-24-1999)

Tom ( says:
This reminds me of a classic moog album I found called Switched on Santa. Cover has Santa sitting at the helm of a Moog. All your favorite Christmas songs on Moog. (02-26-1999)

Joe McCormick ( says:
I got it! Some of you know I've been waiting for a near mint copy of this album.... and now I have it. I will begin remastering soon for CD duplication. I lost a couple of your email addresses in a tragic shaving accident, so if you are still interested in a copy and I haven't already emailed you, please send me another note. I promise not to surf and shave at the same time again! =) (12-12-1998)

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