Parakeet Training Record

Train your parakeet the scientific way!

In the 60's, science had an answer for everything, and vinyl did much more than just supply you with the latest pop tunes. For a mere 98 cents, this 45rpm disc from Hartz Mountain claimed to be able to teach your parakeet to talk using a "scientific new method". The idea, it would seem, was to place your bird near the record player while a "carefully trained voice" recited over and over again a series of banal phrases. "Hello, baby", says the voice. "Hello, baby".

Whether this worked or not is anyone's guess (put me down for No), but judging from the wear on this particular disc, it would appear that somebody gave it a shot. It's actually hard to imagine how much easier using this record might have been compared to the "old fashioned" method it replaced. Considering that each side of the thing is only about 3 minutes long, a dedicated parakeet owner would have had to do an awful lot of record-flipping to generate any appreciable amount of listening time. Weigh that against the disadvantage to having your parakeet learn only those phrases carefully selected by the Hartz Mountain engineers, and -- wait, I keep forgetting. This was the 60's, and these are consumers we're talking about.

It's too bad that the parakeet training concept seems to have been a passing phenomenon. With today's multi-gigabyte MP3 players able to hold hours of sound, it might actually have a chance. Hello, baaaaaby...

Parakeet Training Record
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Introduction/Hello, Baby! (Real Audio) Teaching your parakeet to talk is fun! But the old method took too much time!
Good Morning (Real Audio) Good morning. Wanna eat? Good morning. Wanna eat!
Real Parakeet (Real Audio) If you ask me, the "real parakeet" sounds suspiciously like the announcer holding a handkerchief over his mouth.

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karen pratt says:
My bird Marogold is a real pain she's alwas biting and being a real pain! My mom said she might be a boy and thats why she's so evil and never gets along with my other bird chirp who of course is a boy my mom says we should return her what do you think? (02-08-2004)

Elizabeth ( says:
I love my bird. I taught her how to get on my finger by saying "up" and she does it very well. The only problem is she only goes on my finger OUTSIDE of the cage. I try to teacher her on the inside of the cage but she bites me. What should I do? (02-08-2004)

majid ( says:
please send information (02-06-2004)

StevenLK ( says:
i had 2 parakeets as a child and i lookd back at the pix and rememberd and got 1 because i found a book my dad bought for me when i got them but i read it over a thought wow i'd love to train one, and i tried going for a young male but i dint kno what it is. the beak looks like its "gettin" dark blue but i relly cant tell and it has black streaks on its head and it doesnt look like any has faded to yellow yet. so it seems young and the eye color and eye is both dark. if any can please send me some photos to my email of some young males what they look like. oh yeah, and it just jumped and walkd on my fingers and i notice it had feathers every where and around its eyes bald and awfully alot of foot scratching head and preening and then shakes little feathers out, i got mites and lice spray and did as instructed and it is still scratching, is it normal? like molting? and its now terrified of my hand!! sorry so much but im desprate my self to help my keet out. email is listed above THANKS FOR YOU HELP, and PLEASE EMAIL ME!! (02-06-2004)

COOL says:

RoscoeLaw says:
Oh, man. I have this one. It's a beaut, I tell ya. (02-02-2004)

Lela Whipple ( says:
my daughter bought herself a parakeet.she is only 5 yrs old.i tried to tame the parakeet so after i was trying to pet it in the cage it finally allowed me to . then i tried picking it up and it bit the crap out of me and it hurt like crazy. what can i do to tame it down without it biting me?please help me.. (02-01-2004)

Marina Torres (Jtorrflc56) says:
I want to know how to tell if both my parkeets are either both boys both girls or boy and girl (01-30-2004)

curtis ( says:
my parakeet will not come to me it is scared of me what can i do to make it come to me,and play (01-29-2004)

ramona ( says:
hi my bird dont even like me i want it to get use to me what should i do (01-28-2004)

Sarah ( says:
This is a good pag. But I want to know how you get the parakeet to hatch her eggs? (01-25-2004)

Vonnie Owen ( says:
Its best to teach a parakeet to talk if he is the only bird you have! And YOU talking with him one on one is best.Get him involved with your daily living at home. have set times for having him on your shoulder and talk to him repeating the phrase you have chosen to teach him. I have had 3 parakeets in my time ( not at the same time) and they all were great talkers. One lived to be a rare 13 years old and would talk back and forth with me. My latest one insists on sitting on my finger or my chest and talks into the telephone while I'm talking with someone. Some of their phrases are " You ole buzzard" "I love ya baby" "You're so pretty" "Whatcha doin" "Wanna bite" "getta drink" "Bad Boy" And much more. Including a long phrase. Always get a 6 week old baby and start right away getting him involved in the daily routine of the household.Do NOT ignore him .. parakeets are in need of companionship with us or they become depressed and can even die. Teaching him to talk by you talking is the best way as he hears it coming from you.He will even sit on your shoulder and watch your mouth. This is the way he is learning. Be good to him and show him love and attention and lots of talking from you and you will be rewarded by his talking back with you one day. It takes time! so be patient. (01-24-2004)

Emily says:
I'm 11 years old and love my parakeet...
its hand trained ( a tid bit ) it still trys to fly away when holding it
i'd love to have it to talk so i could interact with it (01-21-2004)

joel ( says:
i want to buy this, or any other highly recommended records/CDs that teach parakeets how to make noises, whistle, and maybe even talk.. please help (01-17-2004)

Romario ( says:
i recieved my 2 parakeet from my uncle i one of them is a little friendly the other one is really bad it bite me a lot i cant get them to talk. (01-16-2004)

meemee says:
I saw this science video at school once about elements and the periodic table, and at the end was a hilarious rap. It went something like;
'There's... Lithium and Sodium, Magnesium and Oxygen...'
I was hoping to find it here but typed in Science, educational, element and rap to no avail.
Does anyone know where I can find it? (01-14-2004)

Jason ( says:
Santa brought 2 new parakeets for my 6 year old daughter and we were wondering some ways to train it to sit on our fingers, talk, or just get them used to us. please email me with some suggestions. Thanks (01-09-2004)

Jessy Bryan Vazquez says:

krissy ( says:
i got my parakeet for my 13th birthday and she was only a month old when i got her she is really nice she doesnt talk but she does give kisses if anyone knows how to get parakeets to talk e mail me cause its harder than wut they say it is..... (01-07-2004)

lyn ( says:
hi there.
I would like to no how to train my rosella.
I have looked out for books but can't find any.
will some please let me know,were to get hold of one. (01-03-2004)

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