Parakeet Training Record

Train your parakeet the scientific way!

In the 60's, science had an answer for everything, and vinyl did much more than just supply you with the latest pop tunes. For a mere 98 cents, this 45rpm disc from Hartz Mountain claimed to be able to teach your parakeet to talk using a "scientific new method". The idea, it would seem, was to place your bird near the record player while a "carefully trained voice" recited over and over again a series of banal phrases. "Hello, baby", says the voice. "Hello, baby".

Whether this worked or not is anyone's guess (put me down for No), but judging from the wear on this particular disc, it would appear that somebody gave it a shot. It's actually hard to imagine how much easier using this record might have been compared to the "old fashioned" method it replaced. Considering that each side of the thing is only about 3 minutes long, a dedicated parakeet owner would have had to do an awful lot of record-flipping to generate any appreciable amount of listening time. Weigh that against the disadvantage to having your parakeet learn only those phrases carefully selected by the Hartz Mountain engineers, and -- wait, I keep forgetting. This was the 60's, and these are consumers we're talking about.

It's too bad that the parakeet training concept seems to have been a passing phenomenon. With today's multi-gigabyte MP3 players able to hold hours of sound, it might actually have a chance. Hello, baaaaaby...

Parakeet Training Record
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Introduction/Hello, Baby! (Real Audio) Teaching your parakeet to talk is fun! But the old method took too much time!
Good Morning (Real Audio) Good morning. Wanna eat? Good morning. Wanna eat!
Real Parakeet (Real Audio) If you ask me, the "real parakeet" sounds suspiciously like the announcer holding a handkerchief over his mouth.

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Dave ( says:
I just got a parakeet today. He seems very scared and doesnt do anything but sit in the cage. He is very quiet and he won't eat or drink. Is this usual behavior for a parakeet in a new home?? (03-22-2007)

stacy ( says:
hi,my birds name is blueberrie he is fun! i want to show him that i can be better than before. i want to train him how to talk. i love my birds. i whistle to show him to whistle like me. im going to train him how to talk! and i think this website can help me. i love birds! (03-15-2007)

Kristina ( says:
My parakeet hates me! His name is Chevy and he is blue, I bought him nice toys and was very carefull with him. I fed him from my hand and i talk to him sweetly. I think hes a baby cuz he still has little tiny pinions on his head that havnt unfolded yet. He flys/runs away from me all the time. he fluffs up so he must be content but still...I want him to trust me. he even chirps too! but he doesnt like me....what do I do? (03-02-2007)

JCL says:
Hi, We have had Sam our male parakeet about three years and his first words was "pretty Bird" and "kiss, kiss, kiss,. He now has quite a vocablary however he may talk to his mirror or on on my leg if sitting or shoulder. But he always gets as close to my mouth as he can to listen to me say things. I repeat most words serveral times and in different tones.. He does talk so fast and words were cannot always understands but he does it several time an evening. He like his cage and everthing has to be just right, as he check it all out. He does fly to the floor and plays with a cats ball he rolls it quite far and then runs up and try's to roll it again (does this for aprx 15 minutes) I roll the ball and he goes after it and try's to I think roll it back.

His name is sam but we call him bird, he came to us very young and didn't do anything for quite afew months but now I always put the radio on for him b4 we go to work. I don't think he likes jazz but he pays attention to other music.

I think if a person wants interaction with a parakeet I would only have the one. Although he does talk and peck all his toys.
Until a bird is more than 6 months it's hard to tell male or female. Sam's seer is almost purple its so dark blue. Females are generally pink and then brown.
02-23-2007 7:30pm good luck and have patience.. (02-24-2007)

yetta ( says:
hi I just got my parakeets and I would like to know how to train them because they bite me and I would like to know how they can sit on my finger or something (02-12-2007)

yetta ( says:
hi i just got some parakeets and im new to them and i would like to train them i trfed downloading your files and they wont work some how and if you can please help to get to close to me because they bite me and fly away from me (02-12-2007)

EJ ( says:
My parakeet isn't making many chirping noises. What does it mean. I've had him for 3weeks now. (01-25-2007)

Karah Jeffers ( says:
This Website is working good for my bird, As well as me. I just started this so she can't talk very well yet.My Parakeet's name is Chiquita,She is 1 Year old But very small. She is green And very fisty!!! But I love her Sooooo Much!
I think this training record will work pretty good.Love,
KArah Jeffers (01-23-2007)

My friend and I used to listen to this record incessantly, in 33, 16, and 45 revolutions per minute. This explains many things about me.
"Hellllllllllllllloooooooooooo, baaaaaaaaaaaaaabeeeeeeeeeeeeee" (01-19-2007)

JIV11 ( says:
I've had my bird for a while now but he still bites and flys around the cage whenever i get near! I will never be able to buy stuff off the computer so I try to find free stuff! I'm new to parakeets. Some website should have a longer parakeet thing to train them to talk and not bite. it should be free to. HELP ME AND MY PARAKEET SO WE CAN HAVE A RELATIONSHIP! (11-19-2006)

curt ( says:
You are right! The "Real parakeet sound is human not bird. Ok We have two keets male/female and we taught them how to talk simply by the computer!!
First you have your keets in the room where your computer is then record what you want them to say on to your computer (I use windows media player) and I set it to repeat I then turn off all the lights and let the computer talk for me,repeating my words over and over again all night until morning. After 3 days Our keets started saying the word. FEED ME SYMORE! and DANCE WITH ME HENRY! (11-16-2006)

ann says:
My parakeet loves to sit on my shoulder when I'm on the computer. I often bring-up on line, images of other birds and he seems to recognize these this possible? (11-14-2006)

Jennifer ( says:
Um I got my parakeet 1 day ago. She bites, and doesnt make a sound not even a chirp, squeek or anything the only time she makes a noise is when she doesnt want to be touched. I want to teach her to say somthing. I want her to be hand trained. But when I hold her I wear a glove or somthing but Im thinking she wont know my hands if i keep on holding her with a glove... Can that happen? I also can't get her to eat or drink! For some reason she will not eat! What do I do to get her to freakin EAT!?!? (11-12-2006)

Bri ( says:
I wanna know how many times do i play those records for my parakeet to talk??? (10-15-2006)

Roni says:
My parakeets are eating and chirping fine, but 4 the past month and a half theyre not hand trained or talking. Hope this record helps! (10-02-2006)

Gary says:
I've found that when you keep more than one parakeet or other types of birds together, it is much more difficult to train them to talk. (09-26-2006)

Adam Lamberes says:
how do you teach parakeets to stop biting (09-16-2006)

keets all my life says:
I had one of those records as a kid and remember playing it over and over, bird never learned from it, he learned from my parents and picked up things like darn dirty bird, wanna beer??? my last keet talked a blue streak, I spoke to him daily and repeted the same thing over and over until he got it and then went on to another word or phrase, he said hello, hello baby, where's the beef, ut oh, pretty bird, called my son and husband by name, shook his head yes and no

all the record is good for is a collectors item, wonder if a bird ever learned from it. (09-07-2006)

cay says:
muhammed, if you get up early, and put your birds close to a window, where they can hear other birds, they shoud start to chirp like nuts. my bird took about 2 days to start hopping around the cage so i wouldn't worry if they dont move right away. (08-28-2006)

MizzK008 ( says:
I got a white parakeet about a week ago, and s/he hasn't developed color above his/her beak so i dont know if it is a male or female. And i have no idea how old it is, can somebody help me!!? (08-28-2006)

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