Parakeet Training Record

Train your parakeet the scientific way!

In the 60's, science had an answer for everything, and vinyl did much more than just supply you with the latest pop tunes. For a mere 98 cents, this 45rpm disc from Hartz Mountain claimed to be able to teach your parakeet to talk using a "scientific new method". The idea, it would seem, was to place your bird near the record player while a "carefully trained voice" recited over and over again a series of banal phrases. "Hello, baby", says the voice. "Hello, baby".

Whether this worked or not is anyone's guess (put me down for No), but judging from the wear on this particular disc, it would appear that somebody gave it a shot. It's actually hard to imagine how much easier using this record might have been compared to the "old fashioned" method it replaced. Considering that each side of the thing is only about 3 minutes long, a dedicated parakeet owner would have had to do an awful lot of record-flipping to generate any appreciable amount of listening time. Weigh that against the disadvantage to having your parakeet learn only those phrases carefully selected by the Hartz Mountain engineers, and -- wait, I keep forgetting. This was the 60's, and these are consumers we're talking about.

It's too bad that the parakeet training concept seems to have been a passing phenomenon. With today's multi-gigabyte MP3 players able to hold hours of sound, it might actually have a chance. Hello, baaaaaby...

Parakeet Training Record
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Introduction/Hello, Baby! (Real Audio) Teaching your parakeet to talk is fun! But the old method took too much time!
Good Morning (Real Audio) Good morning. Wanna eat? Good morning. Wanna eat!
Real Parakeet (Real Audio) If you ask me, the "real parakeet" sounds suspiciously like the announcer holding a handkerchief over his mouth.

Your Comments:

Martin says:
Bad news! This type of "teach your bird to speak" recording is still on sale. Though now on CD, so you can repeat one segment until the bird picks it up. Though it did not work with my cockatiel. Advice to anyone with a bird that bites -don't put your fingers near it's beak. That's how I stopped my bird from donig it to me! (08-30-1999)

dunkinbell says:
i have a record that my uncle found for parakeets -- its is fron like the sixties and all it says is "hi ya beatiful." it doesnt would so i dont think this will work! (08-30-1999)

Kimberly ( says:
i just baught a baby parakeet 2 days ago but the problem is is that he is a biter does anyone have any "real" suggestions of how to break him of that habbit?????? (08-30-1999)

Lazy says:
I taught my toddler how to speak by playing this record over and over (08-19-1999)

I love all animals says:
To the guy ( Dave) who put his parakeet in his pythons cage; I would love to do that to you. You are a sick and disturbed person. Get yourself some help. To " Droopy Drawers", you need some serious help too. Don't you have anthing more productive to do other than offend people? Get a job and make yourself a decent human being. I am a Veterinary Technician that has dedicated my life to helping all animals. People like you repulse me! (08-18-1999)

dave says:
I put my parakeet in my pythons cage. It was awesome site to see, I think you all can figure the rest. (08-17-1999)

Mike Hunt says:
Wanker... Wanker... Wanker... (07-29-1999)

Bekah Ritter says:
hye. My name is Bekah I agree that parakeets are one of the best gifts ever. I got one for Christmas. He is a real cutie. I named him Blueberry. But with the help of my dad. He is one of the best gifts I ever got. He is my favorite bird. I want to get him another bird.[that is a girl]. But he seems to be in love with the girl in the mirror and toy. He cherps and sings to them every day. I think that his songs are lovely. (07-14-1999)

Guest says:
Hi. what kind of parakeet has stripes on their back.[ black and white]. i love my parakeet. i got him for Chistmas. his name is blueberry. he is in love with the girl in the mirror and his toy. he can't fly yet or he can't come out of the cage yet but he really trys. he never bit me once. a parakeet is one of the best presents. i will never give him up. (07-14-1999)

SueBri says:
I want a copy now! This just what I need for our 17 year old.! (06-18-1999)

I used to be a real parakeet until I got stuffed by Chick Willis. Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (06-12-1999)

yusef islam says:
does anyone else remember an album out at about the same which allegedly taught blind parakeets how to see, or am i daft? (03-25-1999)

a real parakeet says:
I'm parakeet who learned to type using a similar vinyl record system, and I know a guy when I hear one. (02-20-1999)

ed Kaz ( says:
Yes, I have the 78 too. BFD. Everyone has the 78. It's really nothing to be proud of. They made 23 million of them. Warning: Do not play this record in front of your Sea Monkeys. Don't ask why, just take my word for it. (02-09-1999)

Dj Flint ( says:
I have this one, as well as a few other parakeet records. They makes for good scratching and mixing in. "Wanna kiss" (02-07-1999)

Mike ( says:
I've got the '78 version too... Wanna buy it? Check out my site(s) too at (01-20-1999)


Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Just a comment about the previous comment. Yes, my parents did a bad job raising me. Especially since I been raised by nuns in a greek orphanage. Also, how the hell can I put my "put" in my mouth. Is that something that Monica Lowensky should know? Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me..... (12-20-1998)

Guest says:
You know, people make these sites as a service to others and most of you have the audacity to ridicule and say whatever is on your minds that would totally hurt an individual. Can you say: "My parents did a bad job in raising me!"? Come on kids! Grow up! I would be ashamed to have children such as you. Think before you act. Think about the consequences before you put your put in your mouth! (12-14-1998)

Beverly Ann Scott ( says:
I'm having a Birthday for my bird, and if any one wishes to "DJ' the party, I think my bird would just love to have the "Parakeet Training Record" played as part of the music for the party. Also if you have Leslie Gore's record, "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To' will also be great for the party! Let's boogie-down! (11-14-1998)

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