Themes From Hit TV Shows

Peter Pan records presents your favorite TV themes.

The music on this Peter Pan record is a lot like the cover art: bland, homogenous, and bearing only a mild resemblence to the original article. Millions of kids across the country must have been vaguely disappointed when they figured out that these low-budget arrangements of their favorite TV themes were decidedly not the original songs by the original artists. Who wouldn't have been at least slightly let down to discover that they'd just purchased a version of the Six Million Dollar Man theme that skips over the entire spoken-word introduction?

I have learned that there's usually a gem in every box of junk, and the prize on this one is probably the Hawaii Five-O theme, a tune which the "Pop Singers and Orchestra" take right over the top and back.

If only I had the two releases advertised on the back of the jacket -- Themes from Hit TV Shows Volume 1, and something called Disco Duck Dance Party -- my life would be (almost) complete. Thanks, Peter Pan, wherever you are!

Themes From Hit TV Shows
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Hawaii Five-O (MP3) One of the craziest renditions of the classic Ventures tune anywhere!
Sanford and Son (MP3) The Sanford and Son theme is so funky that even this cheezebox rendition is pretty good.
One Day at a Time (Real Audio) I didn't know One Day at a Time was a country song -- did you?

See Also: We're The Banana Splits, Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man, The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Your Comments:

interplanet_man ( says:
If you own the album and want to sell it, e-mail me that's a collector's item. I collect vinyle and would love to own that album! (03-31-2000)

THIS SITE REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (02-21-2000)


everyone says:

Kgorman ( says:
Looking for either Kung Fu or the Kung Fu the legend continues theme song in medi or wave format for my Aikido home page.Kevin (02-12-2000)

ian hill says:
THIS PAGE SUCKS (01-25-2000)

Gary Kraft ( says:
Looking for attachment to my e-mail address regarding theme song from Grizzly Adams "Maybe" by Tom Pace Thankyou (01-22-2000)

Jason ( says:
Im trying to find the theme song for the old tv show Cheers. If anyone can help, id really appreciate it. Thanks! (01-10-2000)


Cheryl ( says:
I am looking for the wedding son that was sang in the show "Eight is Enough" It was sang when the oldest boy got married and he also sang it. thanks (12-23-1999)

Nicole ( says:
Hi, I was wondering if anyone's knows or has the Theme song for the TV show Angel which is a spin-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thanks a lot (12-22-1999)

Guest says:
your websit sucks ass (12-13-1999)

Jacob ( says:
Does anyone know where I can find the All In The Family Theme the 1971 version.I've tried SoundAmerica except that is the 1978 version please help. (12-12-1999)

sire ( says:
I'm looking for the guy with long blond hairs who play in a band called ARROYO!!! Where are you birbaccion d'un birbaccione? (12-04-1999)

diana ( says:
I'm looking for "Providence" theme song.Please let me know who sings that song.Thanks. (11-29-1999)

Greg ( says:
I'm looking for the Hawaii Five-O Theme song for Trumpet. The music with all of the notes. (11-22-1999)

Soundman Doug says:
Great site. Those of you who want more music feel free to grab as much as you want from my Web Site. I have digitally remastered a bunch of old TV Themes as intro tunes for some of my live bands. They are all MP3 format 128Kbps or greater. They are at... (10-29-1999)

jhomo bennett ( says:
where can i find stuff on the old tv show Air Wolf (remember that heavily armed black helicopter) do u have its theme song? (10-27-1999)

Anthony ( says:
do you know where i can find the theme song to the now "Angel" show on the WB? (10-24-1999)

Russell S. ( says:
I would like to be able to download and save the Hawaii 5-0 theme from this site but don't know how. Could you please email me and let me know. I like to listen to them when I am not online sometimes i have Real Player G2 and can listen to it online. is the ultimate site to get themes they even have video on a lot of shows. Thannks again, Russell (10-20-1999)

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