Themes From Hit TV Shows

Peter Pan records presents your favorite TV themes.

The music on this Peter Pan record is a lot like the cover art: bland, homogenous, and bearing only a mild resemblence to the original article. Millions of kids across the country must have been vaguely disappointed when they figured out that these low-budget arrangements of their favorite TV themes were decidedly not the original songs by the original artists. Who wouldn't have been at least slightly let down to discover that they'd just purchased a version of the Six Million Dollar Man theme that skips over the entire spoken-word introduction?

I have learned that there's usually a gem in every box of junk, and the prize on this one is probably the Hawaii Five-O theme, a tune which the "Pop Singers and Orchestra" take right over the top and back.

If only I had the two releases advertised on the back of the jacket -- Themes from Hit TV Shows Volume 1, and something called Disco Duck Dance Party -- my life would be (almost) complete. Thanks, Peter Pan, wherever you are!

Themes From Hit TV Shows
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Hawaii Five-O (MP3) One of the craziest renditions of the classic Ventures tune anywhere!
Sanford and Son (MP3) The Sanford and Son theme is so funky that even this cheezebox rendition is pretty good.
One Day at a Time (Real Audio) I didn't know One Day at a Time was a country song -- did you?

See Also: We're The Banana Splits, Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man, The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Your Comments:

Dorotea ( says:
How do you get the songs? It took me over an hour to even download this page!!! (11-25-1998)

mr. bojingles ( says:
was afraid to listen to these,being a collector of over 4,000 lp's., i favor demento material,but this one really set me back.give a listen to leonard nimoy's music from outer space on dot dlp25794,and little jimmy osmond's version of "my girl"on his killer joe lp, will peel the flesh right off your ear drums!write me at,.....seasure! (11-21-1998)

Bob Mooney ( says:
what the hell kind of themes web page doesn't have any theme's on it?? (11-04-1998)

sh#tdi@k says:
If you're down with muthafuckin' tv themes, i've got 2 goddamn words for ya......SUCK IT!!!!!!! (10-22-1998)

Zif says:
Go to (10-17-1998)

Noah says:
I didnt like this site at all. (10-11-1998)

Guest says:
Why don't you have any themes to listen to. (10-11-1998)

Mr. Ed says:
A company called "tee vee toons" has 8 volumes of original tv themes out. These are complete with liner notes, dates the show aired, song composers, trivia bits etc. Check out their website for a complete listing at"". (09-25-1998)

mark danson ( says:
A 1968 James Bond 7" has come into my posession. Apparently it had something to do with a cadbury's (British Chocolate company) competition. Any ideas on anything to do with it? - Email ME, thanks.... Mark (09-06-1998)

jaedius servo ( says:
ok 2 things i need the theme sont to SHAFT and you need to improve the site a little. = hail and fare well jaedius servo....the only roman on the web (09-03-1998)

Brian Washington ( says:
Mike, just remembered the name of the other composer of "Charlie's Angels" was Jack Elliot. (08-28-1998)

Brian Washington ( says:
MOJO, you can find the theme of "The Streets of San Francisco" on the album "Television's Greatest Hits - Vol.3 (70's and 80's)". The theme was composed by Pat Williams, but the music does not include the voiceover announcement ("The Streets of San Francisco", a Quinn Martin production...). (08-27-1998)

MOJO says:
Title and Artist will also do for the Theme of Streets of San Francisco!! (08-27-1998)

MOJO says:
Looking for the theme from the Streets of San Francisco does anyone know where to find it???????????? (08-27-1998)

Brian Washington ( says:
Mike, there was no exact title for "Charlie's Angles"...just the main theme. And I think there were two people that composed of them named Allyn Ferguson...can't remember the other one yet. But I'll let you know later (08-26-1998)

mike says:
does anybody know the title and artist of charlie angels theme (08-25-1998)

Brian Washington ( says:
I'm an avid children's music listener, and have been collecting Peter Pan records for almost 14 years. I knew what to expect when I first purchased this album, and to me, I think it's really cool! Personally, it's better than the first album (#8185), with some exceptions ("Kojak", "MASH", "The Rockford Files"). Peter Pan has also done albums based on several TV programs under the division Power Records such as "Space:1999", "Kojak", "The Six Million Dollar Man", "Planet of the Apes" and a forgotten one (at least to most people) called "Gemini Man" (#8190, released in 1976). This is a really cool website! Thanks! (08-24-1998)

Mike ( says:
Loved the site! I would be eternally grateful if you have access to the theme music from "My Three Sons"....if so, please e-mail i come across other wavs, i'll e-mail them to you....(the requested wav is a to be a gift to a good friend who loved the show) Thanks! (08-18-1998)

Debi Jenkins ( says:
Hi, I'm the Classic TV Guide at The Mining Co. I came across your site. If anyone loves Classic TV, visit my site. Everything from TV Theme Song links to Chat, Trivia, and much more. I'm always looking for pages like this Theme Song page to add to my net links section. Come visit! (08-17-1998)

lovebutton says:
hey dude groovy pagge man stay cool (08-13-1998)

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