Themes From Hit TV Shows

Peter Pan records presents your favorite TV themes.

The music on this Peter Pan record is a lot like the cover art: bland, homogenous, and bearing only a mild resemblence to the original article. Millions of kids across the country must have been vaguely disappointed when they figured out that these low-budget arrangements of their favorite TV themes were decidedly not the original songs by the original artists. Who wouldn't have been at least slightly let down to discover that they'd just purchased a version of the Six Million Dollar Man theme that skips over the entire spoken-word introduction?

I have learned that there's usually a gem in every box of junk, and the prize on this one is probably the Hawaii Five-O theme, a tune which the "Pop Singers and Orchestra" take right over the top and back.

If only I had the two releases advertised on the back of the jacket -- Themes from Hit TV Shows Volume 1, and something called Disco Duck Dance Party -- my life would be (almost) complete. Thanks, Peter Pan, wherever you are!

Themes From Hit TV Shows
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Hawaii Five-O (MP3) One of the craziest renditions of the classic Ventures tune anywhere!
Sanford and Son (MP3) The Sanford and Son theme is so funky that even this cheezebox rendition is pretty good.
One Day at a Time (Real Audio) I didn't know One Day at a Time was a country song -- did you?

See Also: We're The Banana Splits, Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man, The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Your Comments:

bent4toons says:
I found this a couple weeks ago at my local thrift store, and I wholeheartedly agree with all your comments. (08-30-2004)

Denise ( says:
this is bothering me so much the song hold my hand by hootie and the blowfish was it ever a theme song cause it sounds like something i always heard and i cant place it please help (08-29-2004)

JAKE ( says:
I'm looking for the theme song to providence please any help wpuld be great (08-16-2004)

me says:
Rich, I need you to hold my cock while I pee in your mother's mouth in my trailor. (08-05-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
Gosh, William.

WHY DON'T YOU TRY A DVD STORE?? Don't have one in your trailer park?

If you'd like, I'll come with you and hold your hand so that you don't wet yourself.

Rich (08-05-2004)

william ( says:
where can i get all the seasons of the show that was on abc called full house? (08-05-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
No, Ray. where?? (06-16-2004)

raymond penman ( says:
Hi everybody. Does anybody know where l can dowload the theme tune for the BBC quiz Mastermind? (06-16-2004)

MAD GURL says:
Why cant you get a better web site so we can actually play games like Lizzie,Ravin,and Proud Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A NEW WEB SITE !!!!!!!!!!!!! (06-16-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
Sorry Felton, I have had a bad day. I got fired Wal*mart for stealing tampons outta the tampon bin. Now I have to make do with grandmas discared Depends. (05-31-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
Hmmmm....I don't know Felton.

Why don't you try a frikkin' record shop???

Want me to come and hold your hand too?? (05-31-2004)

Felton ( says:
Can you tell me where I can get songs that an actor might have song on a sitcom, such as The Love Boat or The Jamie Foxx Show? (05-30-2004)

Connie ( says:
I need the words to the Theme song of the old TV show called Brooklyn Bridge (05-14-2004)

vidcamnut ( says:
going thru a buch of old crap, i found a bunch of old disneys on peter pan records,chipmonks,h.r. pufinstuff,haunted house themes ( thats pretty cool, actually) and even black beauty on pickwic albums... should see what old ass toys i found! (04-26-2004)

Pippi ( says:
I booboo on the spelling of the email addy.
Someday I'll learn to type! :) (04-13-2004)

Pippi ( says:
You can find the melody & some lyrics to the Pippi songs at The site is in German, but if you type and enter "erfaims tochter" in the search box, and then when the result comes up, you click "translate this page" and you will get a "rough idea" of it. It a start. :) (04-13-2004)

pie ( says:
can someone send me the lyrics to the theme song of pippi longstockings? (04-05-2004)

Daniela ( says:
anyone know the lyrics to the song put a smile on your dile from the tv kids show in australia called in the box? (04-03-2004)

roger (later dudes) says:
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wakey wakey the world moves on , not only 4 the good, sometimes the bad , ref new testament,get real , times are apparenly in our face.. no deals....all is real, am i an extreemist ??? no . dont c myself that way ,i think .. kev. we r doomed , it is a matter of time , not attitude , we r fucked , lets av a good 1. reptiles next ... no i think insects......will rule. come the millenia.. yours.onthat/// (04-01-2004)

t.white ( says:
does any body know where i could get the sheet music to the theme for the 80's tv show hart to hart (03-27-2004)

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