Themes From Hit TV Shows

Peter Pan records presents your favorite TV themes.

The music on this Peter Pan record is a lot like the cover art: bland, homogenous, and bearing only a mild resemblence to the original article. Millions of kids across the country must have been vaguely disappointed when they figured out that these low-budget arrangements of their favorite TV themes were decidedly not the original songs by the original artists. Who wouldn't have been at least slightly let down to discover that they'd just purchased a version of the Six Million Dollar Man theme that skips over the entire spoken-word introduction?

I have learned that there's usually a gem in every box of junk, and the prize on this one is probably the Hawaii Five-O theme, a tune which the "Pop Singers and Orchestra" take right over the top and back.

If only I had the two releases advertised on the back of the jacket -- Themes from Hit TV Shows Volume 1, and something called Disco Duck Dance Party -- my life would be (almost) complete. Thanks, Peter Pan, wherever you are!

Themes From Hit TV Shows
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Hawaii Five-O (MP3) One of the craziest renditions of the classic Ventures tune anywhere!
Sanford and Son (MP3) The Sanford and Son theme is so funky that even this cheezebox rendition is pretty good.
One Day at a Time (Real Audio) I didn't know One Day at a Time was a country song -- did you?

See Also: We're The Banana Splits, Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man, The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Your Comments:

Elisa ( says:
If anyone out there knows the theme song to a show that was on in the 90's called "Brooklyn Bridge" I would very much appreciate it. I believe it was written by Art Garfunkel. But my husband(he is the one who wants it) can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance. (03-19-2004)

Cpl. Maxwell Q. Klinger ( says:
Try here;

or here; (03-18-2004)

killer44 ( says:
i need to find the words to mash the theme song (03-18-2004)

cazz ( says:
i would like the lyrics to the theme song in pippi longstocking if you know them could you please e-mail me them. thanks (03-14-2004)

cazz says:
i would like the words to the theme song in pippi longstocking (03-14-2004)

Alvin ( says:
I whant my tv show that stars me Alvin right away! (03-10-2004)

Jerald Hunter ( says:
Does anyone out there know the words to the theme song for the Jamie Foxx show. there are to the first one was for the first few seasons then the second song was for the later of the seasons if you do could you email them to me.

Jerald (03-03-2004)

Michelle ( says:
Can you tell me if you can buy the song from Grizzly Adams "Maybe" By Thom Pace.

Thanks (02-24-2004)

Brian says:
Re: Glasgow Kiss no Soundtreack has been released for Glasgow Kiss but it's composer Adrian Johnston also did another soundtrack for the BBC Drama 'Perfect Strangers' which is excellent and is available on CD (02-20-2004)

Scott says:
plez send the NOTES for TRUMPET to the Theme of MASH (02-20-2004)

ingrid ( says:
I want the words to the show Good Times. (02-07-2004)

Andy ( says:
Hey my name is Andy and I am looking for full house episodes taped on DVD and I will pay a lot of money for it!
send me if anyone knows anything (02-03-2004)

annie says:
anyone know the name of the theme song to Glasgow Kiss? (01-25-2004)

Todd South ( says:

I was indeed disppointed by it. CURSE YOU PETER PAN!!!

:) (01-23-2004)

sam ( says:
i need the theme song for the ABC tv "The Practice". i'ts kinda like a trance song, it's kinda slow but it's got a good beat. please let me know if u know what im talking about (01-19-2004)

Mr. Ed says:
Yes, that was really me singing the opening theme song to my show. I learned my singing ability from Donny and Marie. Marie would pinch my testicles in order for me to hit the "high" notes. Gawd I loved that. Wilbur refused to do that for me. After all I done for him, and he wouldn't put my nuts in his hand. Gawd, it is enough to make a horse cry. Well, anyway, I am now 112 years old, and living on a stud farm. I want to thank all of those who voted for me in the California Governors race. I lost to Arnold by only a mere 1 million votes. I promise I will do better next time, if only wilber would but my nuts in his hand. I have to go, there is a philly in the next stall that I want to bang. (01-02-2004)

Craig ( says:
Does anybody remember a TV show which Elvis's 'Guitar Man' was the theme ?
Seem to remember it was set in Mexico with a georgeos girl on the run from bad guys. Think there was a motorbike in their too. It was a comedy as well I think.

Cheers (12-07-2003)


Kevin Finn ( says:
Most themes these days are the same. Fans of all ages are looking for the more obscure themes like these:-

RCMP.....................1950's Mounties series
Ranch Party..............Tex Ritter sing-along series
Seaway...................drama series based around the St Lawrence seaway
Pony Express.............old western series starring Grant Williams
Radisson (aka Tomahawk) adventure series based on the life of Pierre Esprit Radisson & filmed in Canada (CBC?)
Time Express.............CBS time travelling series series starring Vincent Price
McClain's Law............1981 cop series starring James Arness
Court Martial (aka Counsellors At War) ..military courtroom series starring Bradford Dillman & Peter Graves
Hotel De Paree...........western series starring Earl Holliman
Jefferson Drum...........western series
The Americans............western series
The Californians.........western series
Sword Of Freedom.........historical adventure with Edmund Purdom
The Four Just Men........crime series with Jack Hawkins, Dan Dailey, Richard Conte
Court Martial............wartime legal series with Bradford Dillman & Peter Graves
Zero One.................airport security series with Nigel Patrick & Bill Smith
Redcap...................military police series with John Thaw
Boyd drama series with Michael Dennison
Sergeant Cork............Victorian police series starring John Barrie
Police Surgeon...........crime series with Ian Hendry
Foreign Intrigue.........crime series with Gerald Mohr
Charlie Chan.............detective series with J Carroll Naish
Paris Precinct...........French police series with Louis Jourdan & Claude Dauphin
The Man Who Never Was....spy series set in Europe starring Robert Lansing
Glasgow Kiss.............drama series set in Glasgow in Scotland
Pippi Longstocking movie theme (1970's)...children's movie
Tugboat Annie............seafaring comedy about barge captain with Minerva Urecal
Charlotte's Web..........theme from the cartoon Charlotte's Web
Gary Rhodes..............British cookery series 1997
Every Second Counts......British gameshow starring Paul Daniels
Man Of The World.........crime investigation series starring Craig Stevens
Man With a photographer adventure series starring Charles Bronson
Hey Jeannie..............sitcom starring Jeannie Carson
Soldiers Of Fortune......adventure series starring John Russell & Chick Chandler
El C.I.D.................British comedy crime adventure starring Alfred Molina
The Arabian Knights......cartoon theme and voiceover intro (from the Banana Splits show
The Three Musketeers.....another cartoon from the Banana Splits show with intro if possible
Tour De France...........theme from the UK Channel 4 series following the Tour De France
You Should Be So Lucky...UK children's game show
Bodyguards...............government people protect high action series
Wild Weather.............nature program(me)
Steve Leonard's Extreme Animals..wildlife program(me)
Whirligig................old children's program(me)
The Gay Cavalier.........1960's children's historical adventures series
Richard The Lionheart....1960's children's historical adventures series
Tintin...................cartoon adventure series by the BBC
The Henderson Kids.......Australian family drama

I'm also still looking for Naked City ending theme including the ending monologue "There are eight Million stories in the Naked City this has been one of them." and the intro to "The Untouchables with voiceover and sound effects.

If anyone can help with these please let me know.Thanks in advance. (10-31-2003)

Papibear says:
Oh. My. God.

I used to OWN THIS!!!!

And yes, it was definitely cheesy. But hey, I was, what, 9, 10 years old, something like that. It was okay by me back then. Today I'd be pickier.

Never thought I'd ever see that album cover again. My God.

And when did they throw a mustache on the Six Million Dollar Man? Was that second season? He looks like Magnum. (09-30-2003)

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