Themes From Hit TV Shows

Peter Pan records presents your favorite TV themes.

The music on this Peter Pan record is a lot like the cover art: bland, homogenous, and bearing only a mild resemblence to the original article. Millions of kids across the country must have been vaguely disappointed when they figured out that these low-budget arrangements of their favorite TV themes were decidedly not the original songs by the original artists. Who wouldn't have been at least slightly let down to discover that they'd just purchased a version of the Six Million Dollar Man theme that skips over the entire spoken-word introduction?

I have learned that there's usually a gem in every box of junk, and the prize on this one is probably the Hawaii Five-O theme, a tune which the "Pop Singers and Orchestra" take right over the top and back.

If only I had the two releases advertised on the back of the jacket -- Themes from Hit TV Shows Volume 1, and something called Disco Duck Dance Party -- my life would be (almost) complete. Thanks, Peter Pan, wherever you are!

Themes From Hit TV Shows
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Hawaii Five-O (MP3) One of the craziest renditions of the classic Ventures tune anywhere!
Sanford and Son (MP3) The Sanford and Son theme is so funky that even this cheezebox rendition is pretty good.
One Day at a Time (Real Audio) I didn't know One Day at a Time was a country song -- did you?

See Also: We're The Banana Splits, Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man, The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Your Comments:

Mariann Vandiver says:
I am looking for the words to the banana splits theme song. can anyone help me? (04-24-2002)

Danny Bonaduce says:
See? I did it! I kicked Barry Williams ass, aka Greg Brady. It was I who had an affair with Mrs. Brady. Not Sissy boy Brady. I had to settle a score after all these years. When I got her pregnant the result was Cindy...."the youngest one in curls". I won't even go into the "Susan Dey" incident. For that I would have to kick Barry's ass again. He needs more time to recover in his old age. (03-31-2002)

Jason Thompson ( says:
Haha..I have I guess what is the second volume of this stuff, featuring the theme to S.W.A.T., Welcome Back Kotter, Laverne and SHirley, Chico and the Man, and more. Got it as a kid at a Kmart for a buck one day, along with the Soul Patrol's disco something or other ripoff album on Pickwick, that featured a really lame version of "Love To Love You Baby"..I still have that album as well.

When I got into high school and had my own band, me and my one friend would listen to the other version of this album I had and imagined that the band playing the songs were all drunk on scotch or something as they stumbled through the theme to Good Times (complete with sleazy, funky organ solo) and got paid in bottles of Cold Duck. Damn, why can't they still put out crap like this on CDs for a buck? Good times for all! (03-29-2002)

Michael Hansen ( says:

Michael Hansen ( says:

Michael Hansen ( says:
It seems that Peter Pan records, especally in the late 70's/early 80's, made a good sale putting out products to children. There seems to be a lot of 'kitich'/'hokey' material. I saw some covers of soundtracks ("Star wars/Close Encounters..." which I just found) and even the 'series' if "Irwing (I think I am not sure) the Disco Duck" which has the duck narriating between songs, and unknown persons covering hit rock songs of the day, such as Queen "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions". Remember when you were a kid and your parents wouldnt let you listen to rock music? The only way you could was to hear like the "Chipmunks" covering the songs? (Such as the early 80's albums "Chipmunk Punk" and "Chipmunk Rock" which contains Chipmunks covering songs by such luminaries of the day at the time: Cars, The Knack (3 songs), Tom Petty (you need to hear "Refugee"), Blondie, Billy Joel, Queen, Kim Carnes, Rick Springfield, ABBA, Pat Benatar, Juice Nweton, Devo, and somebody else I cant think of) If you want to hear the funniest covers of rock songs, listen to the "Irwing the Disco Duck" Peter Pan record albums. Also they did there version of the soundtrack to "Grease" which I saw once when I was in the 2nd grade. I can only imagine what "Themes From Hit TV Shows". You wont believe it!!! (03-27-2002)

Denny ( says:
I actually had Disco Duck. It was a terrible Donald Duck impersonation and he sang "macho macho duck" (03-26-2002)

Danny Brien says:
Truly a masterpiece of audio delights. One can hardly stop strutting up and down the paisley linoleum. (03-14-2002)

gfgh (fghf) says:
fffffffffffffffffffffffffff (09-26-2001)

Diego says:
Gotta love the artwork on this masterpiece. And to all the stupid fucks who think this website is dedicated to themes from tv shows, learn to read. (09-21-2001)

Abid ( says:
hey u know wht ??? u all are ---------- couse u ............... mp3 downloads.... hahahahahaha lol@mp3site like that hahahaha . (09-14-2001)

no sir wont do it says:
look at the glorious mullet that whats his nuts is sporting from little house on the prairie! damn that is a tennesee waterfall if ever i did see one. (07-26-2001)

Jen says:
I had this record...and to the person who says they had the sequel album, I coveted that one. Didn't that one have 3's Company? I wasn't allowed to watch 3's Company and just being able to listen to the theme song every day would have been a thrill. But it wasn't to be. Years after I bought this record and became a teenager who made "zany" mix tapes, I put the Hawaii 5-O theme from this album on just about every damn tape I made. (07-25-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
This album has an anal theme. Think about it. Hawaii Five O theme sounds like a cheesey 70s porn soundtrack minus the background orgasms. I can see it now: Hawaii Five Hole! All of the people on here look like the result of a biohazardous explosion. Really: Archie and Meathead.. while both looking like they are being kissed by their wives on the cheek, they both look like they are about to kiss each other. The Waltons look as stupid as they always did... but it looks like they're all getting each other in the bum behind the huge sign. It looks like Red Foxx is being penetrated anally and doesn't enjoy it (whereas his son loves it). Ugh. And let's not even talk about the "One Day at a Time" ripoff. White gals can't sing a soul song! And since when were there 2 red-headed Charlie's Angels? I saw this record in a store one time... and I wish I would have bought it for its high camp appeal. (06-14-2001)

Barry ( says:
...i really love the artwork on this thing;Redd Foxx looks more like an aged Muhomad Ali, and that's the GAYEST six milloin dollar man I've ever seen! (09-05-2000)

Ty says:
Where can I find the theme music to Wild Wild West? (08-24-2000)

Barbara Morrison ( says:
they right this page does suck (08-20-2000)

nioe says:
This site is useless I thought it said "Themes From HIT Tv Shows" Not 5 old peices of shit Fuck you (06-20-2000)

badaxe1 ( says:
Iv been on this f'in site for 2hours trying to download sanford&son file I know its not my PC it must be your A-hole fix IT. (05-23-2000)

Elmos Woods says:
I must have had the sequel album. I'll never forget begging my mother to buy it for me; I thought I struck paydirt--on one LP, MASH, Kojak, Welcome Back Kotter, Baretta. And you bet yer sweet bippy, I felt like one ripped-off youngster when I started playing it! In fact, Peter Pan was a repeat offender for me as I got rooked into begging for the Batman album, thinking that I was going to get the "da-da-da-da" theme song and almost weeping as I had to endure the immortal "Here Comes the Batmobile." You know you're doomed when the lyrics include "so-and-so AND HIS FRIENDS." Thank you for impinging upon my childhood and subsequent growth, Peter Pan. (04-17-2000)

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