Way Out West

Far out rock-and-roll with sex symbol Mae West!

"Come on up and Rock with me," coos old-time sex star Mae West on the cover of this Tower Records release. Way Out West is one of the quintessential "non-musician celebrity makes an album" records, with West stumbling through a series of rock tunes including Day Tripper, You Turn Me On, Nervous, Boom-Boom and my personal favorite, Twist and Shout. And when they said "Way Out", they meant it: Mae West appears here completely in character, applying liberal amounts of her usual schtick to all of these songs, often forgoing the real lyrics in favor of the purrs and slogans for which she is famous. I say that's far out.

Mae West aside, Way Out West is a suprisingly solid rock album. The band, identified in the liner notes as "Somebody's Chyldren", delivers exceptional covers with an authentic garage-rock feel, mixed down with a wide stereo separation reminiscent of early Beatles releases. The stark contrast between that sound and Mae West's persona only makes the result all the more ridiculous.

Album liner notes were never known for their modesty, but producer David Mallet must have had his gall meter turned up to the max when he wrote, "It is singularly appropriate that Mae West should be recording an album of rock 'n roll hits". Goes to show you how far men will stoop for a little cleavage.

Way Out West
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Twist And Shout (MP3) Well shake it up, baaaaa-by!
Day Tripper Some parts of the generation gap were better left unfilled.
You Turn Me On Is this what fake orgasms sounded like in the 30's?

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Your Comments:

John Starrett ( says:
Stands side by side with Leonard Nimoy' Beatles and MacArthur Park. (02-21-2002)

Joseph says:
Purchased this Diamond on the weekend. I love this material! Full of Unpretenious drivel. A must have ! Especially if you are 60's Garage/Punk dude like my self....

Cheers! (01-21-2002)

Pat says:
The party album of all time! (12-31-2001)

memnoque says:
oh... my... god..? (09-22-2001)

Jeff ( says:
Oh please, anyone who can oblige me with a tape of tyhis album please contact me. I'll be too glad to reimburse you for costs.

Pity she never recorded "Shaft." "He's a bad mother--OHHHHH...." (08-20-2001)

Oscar is Grouched says:
Is it me or does "You Turn Me On" rift sound like the Sesame Street Theme? (07-25-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Remind me to never to "come on up and rock with" her. This is horrible shit. The only decent cover version I've ever heard of "Day Tripper" was by a now long-defunct group named "Corn Bread". This is pre-kareoke. (06-17-2001)

bublbut ( says:
what would this album be worth in near mint condition (08-02-2000)

robert says:
ouch! an old friend of mine actually PRODUCED this album!!! ian whitcomb! by the way, he told me that she truly enjoyed making the album. very nice lady, from what he told me. he's also the author of "you turn me on" as well as many great books on music. (04-28-2000)

Dave ( says:
Oh, c'mon. Let's stop blasting this lady, shall we? Fact: West was NOT a "non-musician celebrity." She had been a well-known blues singer for decades, long before she even made films. She sang in nearly all of her films, plus dozens of nightclub performances in later years---and if you get past the image, she actually had quite a good blues/rock voice. On this album, only "Twist and Shout", which is pitched much too high for her range, is a total misfire: the rest of the songs are well-done, and in a few cases ("When a Man Loves a Woman", "Day Tripper", "Shakin' All Over") are among the best versions ever recorded. The spirited backing band does her justice, and they do the songs justice, too. It's true that the photo on the album cover is heavily retouched, but I've seen films and photos of the way she REALLY looked during this era (late 1960s), and trust me, she was quite an eyeful, still very attractive in her 70s, still youthful and spirited, and still playing the classic Mae West persona for all it was worth. And she was the ONLY star of her generation who not only opened her mind to the current rock sounds, but who openly said that she thoroughly enjoyed the new music, and the young people who created it. (10-27-1999)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
I'll bet the sound her brassiere made when she un hooked it was simply thunderous! Good God. My friend Brad had a phrase for glands that size: Womdigious Bidoobidoobas. Hey, two in the hand is almost woth one in the bush! (09-28-1999)

Wild`Bill says:
Discovered this LP via Rhino's "Golden Throats" CD...Always wanted to hear more of this LP. (08-16-1999)

SueBri says:
So someone buy her a jar of honey already!!!! (06-18-1999)

dr. buzzard says:
who is supposed to find this octogenerian on the cover attractive? if use sex to sell a record, shouldnt you use a body that doesn't look like rigor mortis has set in? my granpappy used to get off on the cover, but i can imagine who else would. and should the drip on the right have at least one drum on his drum kit? (03-25-1999)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Heck, screw her voice, I would buy the album cause I am a boob man. The just don't make album covers like this anymore. Now if you would just please excuse me, my viagra is going flat and my asylum awaits for me...... (02-15-1999)

Kevin ( says:
My favorite part of the liner notes is; "When she sings these emotional lyrics, they take on deep and feelingful meaning." (02-15-1999)

Dan Shepard ( says:
Yep this lp is a classic. My favorite cut is When A Man Loves A Woman. She belts it out like she's had one too many Long Island iced teas. My rottweiler runs out of the living room whenever he hears her shrieking the first line of the song. Apparently this lp paved the way for some producer to cast her in Sextette ten years later, absolutely the worst rock and roll film ever made (Elvis movies aside). (02-14-1999)

Emmett (epepper@vt.edu_tag) says:
This is hysterical! Especially "You Turn Me On" The others had a high cringe factor and are maybe too funny! (is it possible?) BTW, what's the deal with You Turn Me On being 2 minutes and 60 seconds? Isn't there an easier way to write that? P.S. - to e-mail me, take off the "_tag portion of my address (02-06-1999)

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