From the creative world of Stan Kenton comes the music of Hair.

Hair. Hair. HAIR. I've seen dozens of "Hair" cover albums in my time, but none of them screamed "buy me" louder than this Stan Kenton release. The beautiful woman, the five pink cigarettes, the HAIR... how could I resist? There are some records that are worth the price just for the cover art and this is definitely one of them.

But Jazz man Stan Kenton and his huge ensamble do a pretty good job with the music anyway. This isn't a hip album by any means but Kenton is no Lawrence Welk either. I like his bouncy hyped-up tempos, his straight-laced singers, and the fact that he chooses a wide variety of Hair songs for his album instead of just the few hits that everyone else covers.

"Aquarius" and "Good Morning Starshine" are here, but Kenton chose a number of more obscure songs, equally good, to round out the album. These are great fun, so eBay yourself a copy and give 'em a listen. And don't trust anyone over 30.

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Aquarius (MP3) A great jazz version of this awesome tune!
Good Morning Starshine (MP3) I call this one "attack of the killer brass section".
I Got Life Has anyone seen my liver?
Hare Krishna (MP3) Peace. Flowers. Love. Happiness. It's so fine.

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Your Comments:

MIMP says:
Stan Kenton is an amazing musician, but this is just disappointing (06-06-2007)

Nick Vargas says:
Amazing album!!! why wasn't the cd ever released
...or has it? can anyone help me on this one? you don't have to be a musician to understand this album - you just have to love music (and have the ability to keep an open mind). the album is amazing as was the music of Stan Kenton. I am a jazz musician (alto sax)- I was 17 years old when this album was released. totally amazing!!! (04-26-2007)

quetzal says:
What was the model's name? Who is she, and where is she now? Does anyone know? (Just curious! She was beautiful, that's for sure.) (08-09-2006)

Dave ( says:
Man, this was a groovy album when I bought it for myself around 1969. Sounds pretty stupid now. Of course, my pictures from 1969 LOOK pretty stupid, too. This is a L-O-N-G way from Intermission Riff. (06-16-2006)

C. Terentius Rufus says:
Kenton at his worst. "Hair" was a stoopid musical about phoney "hippies" for the "straight" folks. It sucked then, it sucks now. (08-21-2005)

Chet Baker says:
This LP is a prime example of the pandering to the lowest common denominator jazz musicians had to stoop to in the Sixities to stay alive. (12-03-2004)

H Turd Ferguson says:
I'm coming out with a follow-up album to this. "Turd Ferguson and the Ferguson singers Present..BACK HAIR" available in Hi-Fidelity Stereophonic 33rpm albums and bootleg 8-tracks at a Interstate rest stop near you. "What ever your bag is man, you'll dig Turd Ferguson and his far-out singers singing the back sides of the 'Hair' album on this all new Stereophonic release "Back Hair". (11-25-2004)

Gary Hood ( says:
Have been searching in vain forever for a CD version of this album. Have had the vinyl since it first came out and the grooves look like bald tires . . .Anybody know if there is a CD? (11-22-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
The thing I remember most about Hair was - they were naked! Leave it to those hippies to be getting their FREAK on! I wonder if Stan Kenton made everybody strip down before they stacked up their horn parts? Nawwww!

Anyway, as a kid - the idea that one could be NAKED with a group of left-of-center hippie babes - in front of an audience of scandalized blue-haired out-of-towners - was a siren song for me. I even went so far as to audition for our community's youth theater production. I was the only one who took my clothes off though, and as embarrassing as you might think that was - I still felt, well - freed somehow...

See ya at Hedonism II! (11-11-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Joli ( says:
Liver cleanses are the next best thing to colon cleanses. I have not seen your liver lately but if you want your liver back take dandelion root & milk thistle. It's just the thing for an "at large"/AWOL liver. Do the colon cleanse first, before the liver cleanse, otherwise your colon will be overloaded with liver toxins on top of your normal, run-of-the-mill toxic colon plaque. I did a liver cleanse, thank God, before previewing this album. I dare say it's what saved me. (10-12-2004)

Joli ( says:
BTW, the lady in the album cover reminds of RuPaul. She looks more masculine than feminine. RuPaul should do his own Hair Album. Let's not & say he did. (10-12-2004)

Joli ( says:
Hold still so I can fire a blow torch at the hair of the lady on this album cover & not miss. I'm sorry, but these 'songs' if you will, should be part of a record burning, history in the making kind of thing. Mr. Speaker, I object. This album makes me want to PROTEST. If this album were a vampire, I'd be the garlic, the cross & the metal stake. (10-12-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
James Shott lookin' fer a Cd o' dis shit? You wanna suggestion?.....BUY JIMMY OSMUND fer pete's sake, man.....HE DA FUKKIN' BOMB, babies!!!

An dat Diana Dudas is fulla shit too, huh? I couldn't even gets past a coupla paragraphs widdout barfin' up a big hairball.....she is stoopid...

Dis chick onna cover surrrree likes her smoke...hey, mebbe dats a picher of Diana Dumass dere, huh?? Mebbe she was even married ta Jimmy Osmunt, but I don tink so cuz Jimmy not even dat fukkin' stoopid or blind....

Jimmy likes da splifs too, but once he and Donna Osmunt Mommy is calling me...I have ta go...bye... (04-27-2004)

monica says:
looking 4 jobs (04-27-2004)

James Shott ( says:
I love Kenton. But this album is good to me because of the trumpet solos, one by Bud Brisbois, and two by Jack Sheldon, Colored Spade and Sodomy (this is a scream!!!)

My copy is warped, so I looking for another, or a tape, or, better yet, a CD.

Any suggestions? (04-14-2004)

missy says:
why cant anybody's hair just be normal instead of looking like a total rats nest!!!


M. Meier ( says:
Man, this kenton Recording needs to be re-released in a hurry! Bud Brisbois is screaming his ass off on the album! That chick on the cover is pretty sexy too! (02-15-2004)

jods ( says:
my haire is curly and i have been straightning my hare and it has made my haire look dry and horrible but now i am back curly it is a lot better (01-15-2004)

Christine ( says:
Since Aquarias is one of the best songs ever! GOOD JOB! (01-02-2004)

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