Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man

Fake Happy Days for your turntable!

"Fonzie for President!" "Fonzie, Won't You Please Be Mine?" "Do The Fonz!" Those are just three of the song titles on this crass 1976 release from London records designed to cash in at the expense of consumers in love with Happy Days -- as long as they weren't too particular about the authenticity of their music. He's Our Man, ostensibly by "The Heyettes", is basically a one-joke album extended to 11 songs filled with every imaginable reference to the television show. Of course, none of it is performed by, authorized by, or even remotely connected with anyone from the actual show. Whether they thought people would be fooled, or just didn't care, isn't particularly clear, but I figure anything was possible in 1976.

"The Fonz Song" appears to have been the biggest hit here. If after listening to this you really want to hear "Do The Fonz" or "Arnold's Theme", then all I can tell you is, "Sit On It".

Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man
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The Fonz Song Aaaaaaaaaaaay!

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billy ( says:
i got to laugh at fonzie from 2fast2furious, sit on it fonzie , or when he called the other racers fonzie and fabio! that was funny!! could you put some games or somthing that have to do with fonzie? see im bored here in this class and we can play games on the computer!!! (11-09-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Joli ( says:
Not a 50's fan. Too bubblegummy. Too bee-boppy. Too superficial. I would love nothing more to "86" songs like this for all time & all Eternity. (10-12-2004)

Bobo ( says:
I remember owning this turd of an album! I was 10 when this came out and I was a Fonzie fan. Even as a kid I knew this record was a frickin' rip-off! I mean the guy who is supposed to be Fonzie sounds nothing like Henry Winkler. Not even remotely. He sounds like some rube from New Jersey. If I recall there was even an "appearence" by the Sweathogs on this album. Not only do they not fit in but I think it was the same guy doing the voices.
I wish I still had this record because it would definately be considered Outsider music. It's so bad it is good. Those were the days. (08-23-2004)

murky says:
yea, true. At least it's funny. Hard to stomach
but friggin' hilarious.
cool web site. Wish there were more bad records
on it though. (08-21-2004)

Ralph Malf (none of yer fucken business) says:
I used to like Joanie but I don't think I care for her anymore. She looks kinda like a high maintenance yenta. Chachi (or Chi Chi as I once saw him misidentified somewhere) is a putz and a yutz. (08-19-2004)

captcomet says:
found this album today at a fleamarket putting it in search led me to this sight. (07-25-2004)

J Yeltsin says:
AAAAYYYYY Sit on it!!!! (07-25-2004)

okoronkwo david (dr_david123) says:
please i want to be a your friend.and i do like to football so please can you help me in such a problem. please can you help me in knowing your name (07-15-2004)

Peanut Head says:
sure RALF...sign me up fer a WHOLE bunch of dis krap....

Fonzie is NOT da man....please call MR. JAMMY OSMUNDT fer dat!...he IS DA bomb, RALF!!

Mebbe DJ Napster have sum o' dis, cuz JAMMY really groovin'...specially on de one he done wid Bob MARLEY called, "I NOT a homo from PROVO"...a freakin' CLASSIK Ralf!!! BUY IT NOW...when it comes, put it on da stereo...some smokes & liquour...den git nekkid wid a lava lamp Mommy...I have ta go..bye... (05-16-2004)

Ralf ( says:
I got this on CD from DJ Napp. His address is still current if anyone else is interested in getting a copy. (05-16-2004)

mini fonz ( says:
i am cool. my name is mini fonz, a direct decendant of the fonz. (05-06-2004)

Lucifer ( says:
AAAYYYYYY! Fonzie absolutly rules! looking for "The fonz song" on a cd or .wav file. e-mail for any info you might have. KaZaA, etc. not an option (05-04-2004)

Bea (cracknellclaire-julia@Hotmail) says:
Where can I find the lyrics to this song please? (02-27-2004)

Hailey says:
funny story, when my sister and her boyfriend moved in together, they both brought all their records and the thing that blew them away, was they both had this record! (02-07-2004)

Dren ( says:
This guy used to give me wedgies & swirlees before he stated to produce the new Hollywood Squares!
(Dawk!) (02-02-2004)

Andrei da weird dude says:
Aaaaaayyy! This is just like the scooby doo theme - utterly psychedelic. (02-01-2004)

Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
This is why record executives should be dragged into the streets and bullwhipped. (01-03-2004)

JJjackson says:
I only have one word.....S T U P I D !!!! (12-18-2003)

It was September 5th, 1976, the first day of Kindergarten for my identical twin brother & I @ Webster Elementary in Wauwatosa Wisconsin, a first tier suburb of Milwaukee. Fonzie was our God & Wonder Woman was our Goddess. My loving parents had purchased leather-looking, vinyl/pleather jackets. I had a dark blue jacket & my brother had a dark brown jacket. So the jackets were not quite black AND not quite leather. That didn't stop us from trying to win friends by imitating the Fonz ("AAAAAYYYY" & etc.), to show everybody how "Cool" we were. This didn't last too long, because some older kids came over to us while we were waiting for our mom to pick us up & called my brother & I "Rubber Fonzies" . This made us cry. We cried all the way home (5 minute ride) until we suddenly realized that the Fonz would think that crying was "uncool". From that day on, I've never shed a tear. Okay, that last line isn't exactly true, but the rest of it actually happened.
Also, when our family would go on vacation, we'd meet other kids @ the Holiday Inn swimming pools across the nation & they, upon finding out we were from Milwaukee, would inevitably ask us if we knew the Fonz. We always said we did, & even got to take a ride on the back of his motorcycle in Arnold's Parking lot. The sad truth is that Arnold's has never existed. It was, however, inspired by "Leon's" on 27th & Oklahoma, on the south side.
My girlfriend bumped into the Fonz as he was leaving some restaurant in L.A. a few years back. She literally bumped into him, said not a word to him, & walked away (No autograph, no nothing). I said to her, "You met the FONZ! The COOLEST Man on the planet in 1975" & added that if it were me that bumped into him, I would have a least asked him if he "Sold Out & moved to LA. like those bitches, Laverne & Shirley". Apparently he does live there now, & (gasp!) has become a "Hollywood Square". By the way, I had the Fonzie's Favorites LP & the "Impersonator Track" make the album worth it by itself, but the Fonzarelli Slide makes me "stick my thumbs out like I'm hitching a ride" & want to "get on my motorcycle & glide"! (11-18-2003)

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