Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man

Fake Happy Days for your turntable!

"Fonzie for President!" "Fonzie, Won't You Please Be Mine?" "Do The Fonz!" Those are just three of the song titles on this crass 1976 release from London records designed to cash in at the expense of consumers in love with Happy Days -- as long as they weren't too particular about the authenticity of their music. He's Our Man, ostensibly by "The Heyettes", is basically a one-joke album extended to 11 songs filled with every imaginable reference to the television show. Of course, none of it is performed by, authorized by, or even remotely connected with anyone from the actual show. Whether they thought people would be fooled, or just didn't care, isn't particularly clear, but I figure anything was possible in 1976.

"The Fonz Song" appears to have been the biggest hit here. If after listening to this you really want to hear "Do The Fonz" or "Arnold's Theme", then all I can tell you is, "Sit On It".

Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man
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The Fonz Song Aaaaaaaaaaaay!

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Homer ( says:
look away marge! burns!! (11-13-2003)

Jeff Nichols ( says:
Hey, El Nappo!!! I'm interested in your cd trade. I tried to email you, but your address doesn't work from my end. Please email me!!! (10-11-2003)

Scott Fergusson says:
Is it just me, or does this "Fonz" sound a lot like the Jerky Boys' "Frank Rizzo"? What the Aaaaaaaaaaaay?! (08-26-2003)

kara banta (angel swt 18) says:
hi my name is kara I am 19 year old and I am in
school in bryan high now I am 12 grade now all mose college Aaayyyy you fonzie
kara (07-02-2003)

DJ Napp ( says:
In case anyone is interested, I have this on CD-R along with a Spanish-version soundtrack to "Grease" (yes you heard me right, "You're the one that I want", "Hopelessly Devoted" -- all the songs in Spanish). Drop me a line if you'd like to propose a trade. (06-24-2003)

Big Ragu says:
Mad dad bought this same 45 for me and my brother. I was about 9 and I thought the Fonz was cool, I even had his poster. Then I saw Henry Winkler in an interview, this guy was a nerd! Although I haven't heard this song in about 20 years I still remember some lyrics:
"Who knows how to peel out...
Who's bike's the best no doubt...
FONZ, He's our man...
FONZ. Yes he can!
He's got the way and he knows what to say cuz..
Heeee's the Fonz! [AAAayyyy!]
I can't believe I remember , uhg. (06-13-2003)

Outi ( says:
My way just seems to lead in here every time I try to find the lyrics for the song Cruisin' With the Fonz. I sure some of you could either e-mail the lyrics to me or post 'em on this page..! I'd be very grateful! (06-08-2003)

me says:
I know!! (05-30-2003)

tatch ( says:
abuse! (05-14-2003)

Martin ( says:
I have about 15 genuine Fonzie for President buttons from 1976, with the thumbs-up gesture. Anyone interested in buying one? Write me if so -- I'll be reasonable. (04-18-2003)

jason says:
ha ha haaaaa the motorcycle sounds like a blender.....

and "fonzie" sounds more like potsie on glue (03-26-2003)

JOE ( says:
The Fonz is a role model to those of us who can relate to the hardships he faces as a child and how he became the idol of the kids of Jefferson High because of his attitude and personality of never backing down to anyone. "Treat every woman with tenderness, kindness, and respect." -Fonzie
This quote amongst many others are why Fonzarelli has made a positive impact on chilren as well as young adults as myself. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (03-26-2003)

Pete says:
This must be what you listen to when you go to Hell. But in 1975 Fonzy was in...all the "hip" kids in 5th grade would greet each other going "Aaayyyyy"

Potsy doesn't have such a bad life


Potsie says:
Screw Fonzie. *I* was the one who sang all the time on the show. I ought to have a recording career, istead of having to scrounge in the dumpster behind the KFC to survive. *sniff* I never even got to travel through time like in the cartoon either. Life is so unfair...

Oh well. At least I can take comfort in the fact Im STILL not as bad off as that porr Joanie since Chachi dumped her for Willie Ames... (02-12-2003)

Rod Schoonover says:
Sigmund Freud, in his visionary treatises on the energies present in the human brain, wrote of the ego, the superego and the id. The superego acts as a template for one's inner self, who we'd like to be, while the id is a representation of our inner urges. The ego acts as arbiter between the two, like a much-too-happy traffic cop on a summer's day.

Arthur Fonzarelli represents our id run amok, spitting at the ego as it walks on the freshly mopped floor of the superego. Just as the id is comprised of two components, so is this beast known as The Fonz. Dressed in his leather jacket and his unbridled appetite for the xx chromosome, Eros, the sexual life energy courses through every cubic centimeter of his bloodforce. At Eros' side is mighty Tanatos, the energy of anger and death, who drives Arthur to shadow fisticuffs or in regal battle with the Malachi brothers.

Twin pillars of animal lust and rage drive this man, goading him, driving him, forcing him to keep the visage of the beloved Richie out of his head. Perhaps if Arthur scores with another cheerleader or another set of triplets, no one will figure him out. But the madness, the voices of self-hatred never go away, do they Arthur? Do you hear them call your name as you wait for the Sandman in the room above the garage? Can you hear them? Do you hear them calling your name? Alas, sweet Arthur, suspended like a fetus in a milky womb, you are but a little lamb, vulnerable to the laughter, to the finger of recognition, to the exposing of your soul! Wake up Mr. Fonzarelli, you must now wake up! Their approach is nigh!!! (02-12-2003)

EFSB says:
This is so pants it's awesome. (02-04-2003)

nighthawk says:
Fonzie rules. Fonzie is the paragon of cool. Wouldn't we all love to be able to hit stuff and make it work right. (01-10-2003)

The Baron says:
A Fonzie Album, Aaaaaaaaaaay! (01-01-2003)

John Michaelson says:
I lovethe site, I love (hate) the music but the Danny Bonaduce comment ruled the entire day. Rock on, Danny! (12-29-2002)

Joey (Fonziefreak61090) says:
I love the Fonz he is the best! I have seen any episode. There is nothing I like better than Happy Days or Fonzie I know everything about him. (12-16-2002)

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