Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man

Fake Happy Days for your turntable!

"Fonzie for President!" "Fonzie, Won't You Please Be Mine?" "Do The Fonz!" Those are just three of the song titles on this crass 1976 release from London records designed to cash in at the expense of consumers in love with Happy Days -- as long as they weren't too particular about the authenticity of their music. He's Our Man, ostensibly by "The Heyettes", is basically a one-joke album extended to 11 songs filled with every imaginable reference to the television show. Of course, none of it is performed by, authorized by, or even remotely connected with anyone from the actual show. Whether they thought people would be fooled, or just didn't care, isn't particularly clear, but I figure anything was possible in 1976.

"The Fonz Song" appears to have been the biggest hit here. If after listening to this you really want to hear "Do The Fonz" or "Arnold's Theme", then all I can tell you is, "Sit On It".

Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man
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The Fonz Song Aaaaaaaaaaaay!

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Mumm-Ra ( says:
This site is good! (11-17-2002)

LDT ( says:
My God!
My friend Robert had this piece of pooh and we'd listen to it and laugh our 11 year old asses off at HOW BAD it was.

Then we'd play pong. (08-31-2002)

Mr. Tooth Decay says:
Give them enemas!!! (08-21-2002)

bob says:
Roman red is right (08-17-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
Damn them...damn them all! This is surely one of the signs of the Apocalypse. We're all going to hell. The publisher of this album will be waiting there for us. (08-08-2002)

sahar ( says:
send a good story for me short story (07-26-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN ! (07-16-2002)

Lee (l_eutsey@hotmail) says:
thank you for having this page. I had the album in the 3rd grade. wonderful recollections (05-23-2002)

Danny Bonaduce says:
Now that I kicked Barry "Greggy" Williams ass, I would like to make it known to all, that Potsie's butt in next on my list. By the way, I made love to Mrs. Brady while listening to this album. I always wanted to make love to my TV mom...Ummm, TV in this case meaning TELEVISION, not Transvestite. Although.......anyway, I am training to kick some Potsie Booty. COME ON GET HAPPY! (03-31-2002)

Fonchi, retarded child of Fonz ( says:
Ever heard of "the FOnzie Slide"? I think this is what Potsie is referring to. I am writing a show about Fonzie, called "I Am Fonzie". Feel free to write me with memories of Fonz. Send them "Memories of Fonz"- (03-23-2002)

Matsalka ( says:
What does Fonzy like ?? Cool !!! (03-11-2002)

Uncle Fonz says:
And you went down on it C monkey. (02-16-2002)

Dead C Monkey (Dead C says:
When I Was A Kid My Uncle Would Dress Like Fonzie And We Would Play "Sit On It". (02-07-2002)

Timothy Schoonover ( says:
I have a song titles "Cruisin' with the Fonz" by a group called R.B Zipper (1976 Alaska 2004) But differs a lot from the Pratt & Mcclain. written by Bruce Woolley,Rodney Thompson, and A. Finkelman. Lyrics are comical: "Hey look everybody, here comes the fonz. Hes tough good looking and his hair is just right, he love to cruise on his motorbike, he'll show you things, you wouldn't learn in school, He's the Fonz, he's super cool :) (12-29-2001)

Gasper ( says:
FONZY RULES!!!!! I love him, my dad looks like him, he's my idol. FONZY LIVes forever to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10-17-2001)

Heino says:
Wow, Ron Burns is my hero... Well The Lone Beatnick is even ... (08-29-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

Roman Bread says:
Roman Pativ, you fucking pussy, why don't you and the lone eatnick fuck each others ass & shut the fuck up! (08-06-2001)

moogyboy ( says:
Potsie's right! That lp was one of the ones I grew up with (my brothers had a copy of it). It was called something like "Fonzie's Favorites" on Juke Box Records, and was mostly a compilation of fifties hits ("Splish Splash," "Rock Around The Clock," "Tears On My Pillow," etc.). The included non-50s goodies were: 1) the "Happy Days" theme (the real thing!); 2) "The Fonzarelli Slide," a bizarre concoction fusing The Fonz, Welcome Back Kotter, Laverne & Shirley (just a pinch), and disco; 3) the very same "Fonz Song" heard above, and 4) "Impressionist's Track" which is basically our Fonzie impersonator spouting his catch-phrases over a tape loop of the instrumental break from the "Happy Days" theme. Weird! Were these also on the London lp? If not, then "Fonzie's Favorites" is worth finding for the rest of the story!

The cover (suitable for framing) even had a built-in fold-out stand.

I think this might have been one of those TV-advertised albums so popular back then, although how many actually gave you bonuses like these?

Interesting parenthetical story: about ten years ago, this same brother who owned that lp back in the '70s visited a Hills department store and found a dozen unopened, mint copies of "Fonzie's Favorites" for $0.99 apiece, and bought every last one. Twilight zone... (07-17-2001)

Roman Pativ says:
The weird thing to me about the Fonzie mania was that Henry Winkler was totally miscast in the role. I mean, get real. The guy looks like a whimpy, fagotty ass actor-boy. He was probably running around in tights doing Shakespeare before he got that Happy Days role. In the Italian neighborhood where I grew up someone like The Fonz wudda got beat on a regular basis. (06-29-2001)

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