Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man

Fake Happy Days for your turntable!

"Fonzie for President!" "Fonzie, Won't You Please Be Mine?" "Do The Fonz!" Those are just three of the song titles on this crass 1976 release from London records designed to cash in at the expense of consumers in love with Happy Days -- as long as they weren't too particular about the authenticity of their music. He's Our Man, ostensibly by "The Heyettes", is basically a one-joke album extended to 11 songs filled with every imaginable reference to the television show. Of course, none of it is performed by, authorized by, or even remotely connected with anyone from the actual show. Whether they thought people would be fooled, or just didn't care, isn't particularly clear, but I figure anything was possible in 1976.

"The Fonz Song" appears to have been the biggest hit here. If after listening to this you really want to hear "Do The Fonz" or "Arnold's Theme", then all I can tell you is, "Sit On It".

Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man
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The Fonz Song Aaaaaaaaaaaay!

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The Lone Beatnick ( says:
I have this record. i've had it for a while (it was given to me by... god, I don't even remember). This album, dispite how it sucks, is hillarious in its horribleness. This record, however, is a classic if you listen to it while you're high!

-tlb (06-14-2001)

mc iedh says:
i know my folks liked happy days and the fonz was
equated with coolness in a 50's sort of way, but
watching the reruns on TVland leaves me rather
unimpressed...the fonz just seems like more of a
bossy dork then anything else, i dunno, he really
doesnt do it for me, and no i won't sit on it ;^] (05-21-2001)

Mister13 says:
I listened to this song several times, The music is tight the singers are in tune and its got a playful attitude thats cute. Although if I hear this song one more time I will have to put a gun in my mouth. (06-13-2000)

potsie says:
There is another Fonzie album that I know of. It has a picture of Henry Winkler as the Fonz on the cover. Like the other records, it doesn't have any of the casts' voices on it. But the interesting thing is the song called the Fonzie slide. The song has a section of diolouge where Fonzie visits Vinnie and the Sweathogs from Welcome Back Kotter. If you ever hear it you will never be the same. (12-03-1999)

Jamie Bradburn says:
Oh my god...I'm having flashbacks to grade 7 or so. Every class in the school had to put on a play or skit each year, and the grade 8 class did their take on "Happy Days". The only thing I remember about it was that the Fonz was introduced with some squealing girls singing something like "no, no, no" and something about him not being a nerd...seems to be this track (the really scary thing is that this skit would have been put on around '87 or '88 - amazing somebody would have hung on to a record like that in those times). (10-30-1999)

Fulton Masters ( says:
I am a huge Fozie fan, also Potsie and Ralph too. When I was growing up I always got beat up because I am such a nerd. (10-26-1999)

Burt Thurnhueller says:
"Do The Fonz"? That's a bit risque, isn't it? I don't even wanna think about what that song sounds like... (04-29-1999)

Kaiser Sosa says:
CRAP CRAP (03-18-1999)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Not as good as my Lenny and the Squeegtones album, for which I treasure deeply. Although, I had a Fonzie Party the other day. No body showed up except for the cops. They said I had to be stoned or something to even think of having a Fonzie Party. I give this album two thumbs down!!! Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me... (02-15-1999)

Dan Shepard ( says:
God, just when I thought records couldn't get any worse someone goes and releases another Fonzie tribute lp. I own something called "Introducing the Fonz Party" by the Fonzettes. It's on an independent label out of Minnesota (I think), also from 1976. It is the perfect bedside companion to He's Our Man. This atrocious lp features memorable ditties such as Fonda You Fonzie, The Fonzie Stomp, Letter To The Fonz, and Funky Fonzie (a disco instrumental with 50's style horns). The Fonzettes are an anonymous girl vocal group who have trouble singing on key and the vocal tracks are sometimes sped up to compensate for this. The liner notes implore you to have your own Fonz party and speak of the Fonzamania sweeping the nation. I was pretty blasted on cheap beer the last time I listened to this lp but it's nice to know that there are other Fonzie exploitation lps out there. (02-14-1999)

Richie Cunningham says:
Hey...the Fonz is really upset because the Sound Clip wasn't working on his song. I tried to calm him down but you know how he gets sometimes. If I were you I'd get it fixed...pronto! (02-13-1999)

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