William Shatner: Captain of the Starship

When William Shatner's career was on the skids.

By now everyone's heard about William Shatner's The Transformed Man -- that infamous 60's recording where he sings Mr. Tambourine Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -- but check out this other Shatner LP, an ultra-rare two-record set recorded live in 1978. It's a recording of an appearance at some kind of a Star Trek convention just before the first Star Trek movie came out (probably the lowest point in Shatner's career). Half of it consists of Shatner answering questions from the audience (where was the bathroom on the Enterprise?) and recalling inane stories from his career. On the other half, he performs dramatic poetry interpretations, including "Earthbound", "The Flight of Man" and a reading from H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds".

On the artwork for Transformed Man, Shatner appeared as Captain Kirk, in his full starfleet uniform. Here, however, licensing restrictions prevented Imperial House records from using any actual Trek material. Notice how Shatner is the captain of the "Starship", not the "Enterprise", and how his shirt, while similar to the one he wore on TV, lacks the official Star Trek insignia. If you look closely you might also notice that the space rifle he's wielding is actually an upside-down camera tripod -- talk about your low-budget photo shoots!

William Shatner: Captain of the Starship
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The Flight Of Man (Real Audio) And the Captains... and the Admirals... and even the Vulcans...

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Your Comments:

Harry Mudd ( says:
Peter Rydyn is not british he is a klingon.

Mcoy check him (07-20-2009)

Mr.Scott ( says:
Yes his music was cheesy and embarrassing. But Captain Kirk was the man. I love the orig star trek and never watched any other. (07-20-2009)

Toby Jugg says:
Captain Kirk probably killed Shatner's wife, when she threatened to expose his old Star Trek wardobe, and show the world the the corset he wore after the first series when he porked out. Shatner knows Kirk killed his wife, but if he tells anyone they'll put him in a mental institution as a schitzophrenic, so he keeps quiet and hopes Kirk doesn't kill again. (11-09-2008)

dave says:
Damn, I wonder if he had been on a crash diet, he looks positively skinny in that picture (09-26-2008)

haywood jablomy says:
Shat's best album has to be "Has-Been." (07-17-2008)

who shat? says:
This album is alright. The levels vary quite a bit so finding a decent audio level at which to keep it is difficult. Flight of MAn is excellent, IMO..the rest is pretty much disposable.

Thanks DJ Napp for the transcribed liner notes, appreciated.
And whoever said he sucked as a singer should really check out the musical Hamlet from Free Enterprise :p (05-05-2008)

Michael ( says:
why is he holding that camera tripod upside down? is that a triple barrel camera tripod? (03-09-2008)

Duane (!) says:
Did the enterprise play a little SPOCK'N'ROLL in their lifts? (05-27-2007)

Bills Babe ( says:
Well say what you want about the Shat. He may be a jerk in 'real' life but there has always been something about that SOB that even now when he is 76 I would like nothing better then to sit on his lap minus my panties and give him my best and listen to him moan and holler. (04-15-2007)

steve says:
he looks alot like harvey keitel when he was younger on this album cover lol (03-16-2007)

That's Mr. Kaempfert to you says:
you actually paid a whole 10 dollars for it? (02-19-2007)

Matt B ( says:
Is it possible that Bill could top himself with this?
No...not even with his small screen revival on Boston Legal...not even with a new sexy gameshow...not even after throwing his wife in the pool. This was it. This was the top.

To bad you're an ass in real life. We could have been friends. (11-25-2006)

Troy says:
I....can' he made....another..album! SPOCK!!!!

ps This site Rocks Frank! Live Long and Prosper! (09-15-2006)

Sheyla Mendes ( says:
Gostaria de dizer que estou Fascinada pelo William Shatner e por todos os trabalhos dele em star Trek. Ressalto ainda que foi de fato uma pena a lenda morrer de forma tão ilogica no Generation, O Captain Kirk merecia de fato uma morte significativa depois de ter salvo tantas vezes a terra e a galaxia. Não me conformo com o roteiro e matar a lenda da forma que foi feito realmente foi doloroso para todos os fãs do James Tiberius Kirk. Mas amamos você Shatner e depois de ler seus livros compreendemos o quanto a Paramount é mesmo uma produtora horrivél de perspectivas comerciais.
Um Super Abraço.
Espero que a acadêmia haja honestamente e lhe faça uma homenagem por tudo que você já fez.

Sheyla Mendes.


P.S: Você permanece sedutor. (05-24-2006)

shadowbelief ( says:
Lets face it everyone there is never gonna be another Capt kirk played as boldly and with such character as Bill shatner played it He made KIRK a legend as well as himself. (04-09-2006)

r.olson ( says:
hi my name is r .olson i just wanted to say" happy b-day to bill shatner"
even if its late; we here in canada are proud of you bill.
we of the star trek club u.s.s. bondar ncc-74669
here in nanaimo b.c.
are proud to see you still going strong
after your late freinds have joind the enterprise ncc-1701 up in the heavens ;
please save startrek even in the memory of your freinds even g.r.would agree with canada
we pray that you hav more grate stories for us
singed r.olson
your bigest 1 fan.


Andy Mentzer ( says:
Thanks Jim!...Oh sorry,.Bill. Whatever. You've helped me find where all the lint from my dryer was going. For that, you can have 5 more minutes in your straight jacket. Madness takes no holiday. (03-13-2006)

Rhonda Williams ( says:
William Shatner, as Captain Kirk, was the bold American who led us mentally into space. His has been a very tough act to follow. But he should give up on singing, where vocally he is in the Iron Age. I suggest musical training on an instrument, even at 74. No! He can't be 74! What a handsome, sexy guy he was in his day. (01-19-2006)

helmet de bunt'jer ( says:
What should I say that was not said? Great. Amazing. Wireless. Wireless? Yes, indeed. Mr. Shatner apologizes either Mr. Einstein's treatment of beloved fingerformed adjustments of times (!) than neither this I-do-not-understand-that-at-all. God, what I am allowed to pray? Nothing, I believe, and this is it: There's nothing to say about Mr. Kirk, instead he is Mr. Roland Kirk. I'll be seeing you ... (09-26-2005)

ward alpen ( says:
Captian We Need your help !! the bay meadows race track is to be torn down for development can you stop the wrecking ball from crushing the pony,s to death, we have had seabiscut and other great horses at this historic Race track, the oldest track in the country! next to tanforan in san bruno california, thank you and for your great litigation,on your show!!!....... (09-23-2005)

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