William Shatner: Captain of the Starship

When William Shatner's career was on the skids.

By now everyone's heard about William Shatner's The Transformed Man -- that infamous 60's recording where he sings Mr. Tambourine Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -- but check out this other Shatner LP, an ultra-rare two-record set recorded live in 1978. It's a recording of an appearance at some kind of a Star Trek convention just before the first Star Trek movie came out (probably the lowest point in Shatner's career). Half of it consists of Shatner answering questions from the audience (where was the bathroom on the Enterprise?) and recalling inane stories from his career. On the other half, he performs dramatic poetry interpretations, including "Earthbound", "The Flight of Man" and a reading from H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds".

On the artwork for Transformed Man, Shatner appeared as Captain Kirk, in his full starfleet uniform. Here, however, licensing restrictions prevented Imperial House records from using any actual Trek material. Notice how Shatner is the captain of the "Starship", not the "Enterprise", and how his shirt, while similar to the one he wore on TV, lacks the official Star Trek insignia. If you look closely you might also notice that the space rifle he's wielding is actually an upside-down camera tripod -- talk about your low-budget photo shoots!

William Shatner: Captain of the Starship
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The Flight Of Man (Real Audio) And the Captains... and the Admirals... and even the Vulcans...

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Your Comments:

Frank A says:
I thought that was some kind of kinky triple dildo on the album cover. (08-06-2004)

Shatfan ( says:
Bill is the cooles man of the world!!
Thank you for all Billyboy. (07-22-2004)

George W. Bush says:
Get OFF the internet, Peanut Head.....NOW!!!

What a bloody MORON!!! (05-26-2004)

nicholas igbinovia ( says:
i like him and is a very good actor (05-24-2004)

Scatalogicus The Great says:
I'll take a giant space poop on all of ya! (05-16-2004)

tragnahlia says:
i am really a klingon sent from the planet quorb to exterminate captain kirk and dr. spock. (05-15-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Hoo-boy, but dat Klingon Fartzman sounds like one o' my lost cuzins....but he sounds kinda fukkin stoopid...

Ya should buy some Shibiblets Lotion from da pharmacy fer yer klingons...they be real hard ta wipe off...

Jimmy Osmind once had dat problem...we got dat lotion and he wanted ta rub it all over Mommy is calling me...I haveta go...bye... (04-29-2004)

Klingon Fartzman says:
Yo da Shat got his ass ripped up by my big Klingon Dik! Vulcans ain't got no diks wit dem pointy ears on. I eats Vulcan pussy everyday!! De fucks like o Hore! (04-29-2004)

mr spock says:
captain kirk blew me. it was logical for him to do that because i was horny and t'pring was fucking stann. (04-17-2004)

A Makeup Has-Been says:
As someone who lived of Spock Ears for a decade in the '70's, I have no shame nor pride! God bless Mr. Shatner. He was tone-deaf, sure, but every entertaining! He is a recovering egomaniac--but at heart, a real good guy. So be nice...and bless us every one, just like that Christmas story. (04-14-2004)

bazzzz says:
Y'mean he's actually a real person? - shit, I thought he was made fro cardboard .... (04-07-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
He's holdin' a tripod?

Thought he was holdin' three big black dildoes searchin' for "The Final Frontier".

Bill's da bomb, baby......just thinkin' of him and dat fukkin' doctor cavort on Reeses 9 makes Mommy's calling me....bye (03-24-2004)

trecker says:
i like everything about willam shatner and christina and i would do anything to meet him (03-21-2004)

christina (goyankees36@aol) says:
i love how shatners character and if his character was real he would be a great rolemodle and i like how he never gave up hes one of my favorite acters and i hope hes really like his character! (03-21-2004)

Adam says:
Sounds like very VERY bad Jack Kerouac (03-13-2004)

homer sexual says:
i always loved the star trek episodes where shatner's shirt used to get ripped and he would show off his bod. although i must say that if he did it these days i wouldn't want to watch. (02-13-2004)

Capt. Jerk says:
At least my Raygun is Bigger than yours! I fucks all dem Space Bitches in da ass! I fucked yo sistah & muddah last night! Dey liked it. (02-12-2004)

Leptir says:
William Shatner would look so beautiful in a frat house with hot guys jizzing all over his face. Lick it up, Bill, yeah, you know you like it... (02-12-2004)

Da Shat says:
FzzzBnnn!!! (02-02-2004)

villain great barr says:
william was the essence of timing as in he took loads of it to say anything but you have to admire his treatment for klingons,sorry i mean of the klingons (01-21-2004)

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