William Shatner: Captain of the Starship

When William Shatner's career was on the skids.

By now everyone's heard about William Shatner's The Transformed Man -- that infamous 60's recording where he sings Mr. Tambourine Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -- but check out this other Shatner LP, an ultra-rare two-record set recorded live in 1978. It's a recording of an appearance at some kind of a Star Trek convention just before the first Star Trek movie came out (probably the lowest point in Shatner's career). Half of it consists of Shatner answering questions from the audience (where was the bathroom on the Enterprise?) and recalling inane stories from his career. On the other half, he performs dramatic poetry interpretations, including "Earthbound", "The Flight of Man" and a reading from H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds".

On the artwork for Transformed Man, Shatner appeared as Captain Kirk, in his full starfleet uniform. Here, however, licensing restrictions prevented Imperial House records from using any actual Trek material. Notice how Shatner is the captain of the "Starship", not the "Enterprise", and how his shirt, while similar to the one he wore on TV, lacks the official Star Trek insignia. If you look closely you might also notice that the space rifle he's wielding is actually an upside-down camera tripod -- talk about your low-budget photo shoots!

William Shatner: Captain of the Starship
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The Flight Of Man (Real Audio) And the Captains... and the Admirals... and even the Vulcans...

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Your Comments:

Scotty ( says:
CAPTAIN! What is this? I tried to beam you up, but I got this bloody album from Uranus instead? Please tell me it is a mistake Captain! Now if you excuse me, my engine room awaits for me. (03-23-2002)

spock ( says:
Kirk, your behaviour is not logical !!! (03-18-2002)

Marcus ( says:
Well he sounds like a tv preacher from outer space.. (03-18-2002)

Former Trekkie ( says:
Someday we'll all get lucky and they'll find William Shitner floating dead in his pool instead of some poor drunk bitch... (03-07-2002)

Dosifei ( says:
What's with the shouting? What is wrong with him? Jesus H. Christ! (03-06-2002)

Bob says:
I think Kirk needs to lie down and take some dilithium crystals. (02-14-2002)

'A FAN' (zaprart) says:
I'm an aging Trekie, but in a moderate sense.
I grew up with Kirk, and the crew of the
'Enterprise'- a time when quality actors got
quality roles, and when 'creativity' hit a zenith
in fronteirs. (01-11-2002)

Who ME? says:

I understand this isn't William Shatner's greatest moments. But give a guy a break when he tries to keep people entertain. Even through he is lost his views of what he really knows what talent he has to keep us the public entertain.
And do you need to be totaly graphic on the idea of Kirk and team raping people? Do you get sexual attraction to it? (12-29-2001)

mat ( says:
Man, I would love to be around in 2275 or whenever the fuck...... on the Uss. Daedulus. I'm there in my stupid red shirt, the last survivor of some terrible attack.
Kirk and the top boys are beamed aboard. Roughly tearing my flimsy uniform asunder, they rape me in the mouth and anus and then Kirk smashes my brains out with a steel rod.
Beaming back aboard they say "no survivors" and jet off, warp factor.
Just like in every episode of Star Trek. That they didn't want you to see. (12-05-2001)

Problum Child says:
Man, I don't know what kind of intergallactic space probe Shatner is holding, but I would like to smear some "Promise" on it and shove it into my wayward canal. That is all! (10-31-2001)

Dr. McCoy says:
Jim you need help. please releive yourself. (10-21-2001)

john doe says:
Note to Laszlo: I'm a moderate, but I immediately stop reading/listening/in general, pay any attention to anyone who uses the word "liberal" like it's a 4-letter word. Keep that in mind for your next rant. (07-07-2001)

John Doe says:
"For crying out loud, it's just a tv show!"
-William Shatner (07-07-2001)

Alexander Graham Kirk says:
Spock! Come here, I need you! (07-04-2001)

spock (space@finalfrontier) says:
Captain, what is this "stoop down session" that you speak of? Oh! Huh. Ouch! Hummm... That don't seem logical...still, a pleasing sensation none the less. (07-03-2001)

mc iedh says:
william shatner is a master of cheese, he's
at best a b-movie actor who lucked out with
the original star trek series, he really hasnt
done anything beyond the early 70's...

the short clip provided above was entirely too
painfully hear all the way through [and it;s only
a minute in length!] his delivery was remarkably
embarrassing to take in, whew!!!


stacie ( says:
I can't help it, i've had a crush on him, since i was very young. Darn that sci-fi upbringing. (05-17-2001)

Todd says:
Who's laughing now? (05-06-2001)

MB says:
They just don't make albums as cool as this anymore... (04-26-2000)

CANI BUY THIS ALBUM PLEASE PLEASE (im serious) (03-31-2000)

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